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So i wanted to post different pictures but my laptop is permanently broken so phone pics will have to do for now even though my sd card has some amazing ones...sigh. .

First pic is the #trevifountain which was so crowded to and difficult to take a picture through the crowd. It was pretty but I didn't stay here long and continued on down the block.
Next up is the #Pantheon and I think it's one of the most amazing buildings in existence. Again lots of people but I feel the pic is real and not made to look perfect and isolated like I've seen on some pages with the people photoshopped out or they wake up at 3am to get there before the crowds lol. .
Next pic is #Palazzonavono which is where we actually started our walk from. So we took a taxi from our hotel and it dropped us off in a no car zone because taxis are exempt from a lot of those restrictions there. Definstely the smartest thing I did was take taxis in the bigger towns because not only is there no parking, but a taxi is cheap, gives goos advice on stuff to see and is so much quicker.
Next pic is in The #Roman #Forum after I saw the #colosseum we walked around there in 100+ heat yikes... .
The green door is the key hole which is so cool but the cool pic is on my sd card so hopefully I rememebr to post it but from the #romekeyhole u can see across a path arched with greenery over to the #thevatican #stpetersbasillica miles away across town.
The last pic is a #park in #Rome. They are so different from the ones we have back home and so many kids and families of all ages where there. It was so cool to see books left on a outdoor library, scooters and bikes left for park use only and games and toys that no one stole. Back home these wouldn't last a day. Just such a great time for my little man. I think it was over in #Trastervere area behind a OVS of incase u where trying to make a note to visit it with your family.

It's national cousins day and I am so so so lucky to have gotten to spend the day shopping, walking, eating and laughing with my youngest baby cousin ♡ tonight I get to workout with my main ladies and my other cousin. Im so glad Lex, took some time out of her busy schedule dancing all over the world to see me.Somedays I don't know why life is being so good to me lately (minus the part that my son broke my laptop today)

I visited so many places recently i can't decide how to organize my pics...i guess by town and category might be easiest to digest...
Some of my favorite eats and drinks in Rome:
I had no idea how big prosecco was going to be herre but every day the concierge brought me 2 bottles and also at many nicer restaurants they usually start with a complimentary glass with your prima items. I also ate #pizza and #gelato everyday which is easy to do when every place has it. . And btw the best place to drink seems to always be in a bubble bath ;) Also I love how the roads often tell you how many meters you are from a cappuccino place. The coffees here are divine and some of the best I've ever had! (If u want black normal coffee just order Americano) .

I also tasted a lot of new wines and surprisingly I wasn't too impressed with Italian reds besides the Chianti varieties. I'm spoiled living in wine country on the central coast of California and haven't found anything better than Justin Isocles. I had the best veggies also as u can see in the pics, they where covered in amazing olive oil and truffle oil at an amazing restraunt just across from the Roman forum. .
Eating wasn't hard but finding restaurants that weren't too gimmicky and more authentic that could accommodate a wild near 2 year old (often in a stroller) was a little bit of a hunt . . *A tip for families that worked for me was look for places with outdoor seating that already had a table or two open and just go sit down. Don't wait for them to seat you because Italians are so laid back and don't usually suggest it if you are just standing especially because a lot of people just stand and eat or drink to avoid cover charges. Also ask for a check promptly because they also assume you want to sit and relax for hours and it can be rude to present your bill before you ask for it sorts "italian-standoff" -style lol!!!
And don't forget to try the lemonacello it's super gimmicky the one in my pic, but a lot of restaurants make their own and are really really strong and very Italian ♡

One of my favorite looks of my trip. This was a fun day in Roma and I definitely felt confident and fit right into the bright vibes of the city.
Side note...i can't believe I've eaten gelato and pizza pretty much everyday for 2 weeks! When in Rome right? .

I have so many pics I could share and haven't decided if I want to spam u all with lots of of random art, buildings and sceneries a ton of selfies or of my amazing food and wine...any preference??

The colosseum was more than I had imagined. Worth getting there before they open to enjoy the colors illuminate her arches. Another tip* Definitely the best for the money was a private tour because you skip the crowded lines and with a baby I even got to use the elevator ;) the Roman forum however is outdoor no elevator and a lot of stairs in the sun but the guide was amazing and we carried timmy in his stroller like an emperorer might have been carried around 2700 years ago
Seeing the Paletine hill where the richest Romans used to live and where the chariot races, the gladiators , slaves and criminals where killed was so impactful. One of the weirdest facts I learned was there was so much blood on the arena floor daily that after the animals and body's where removed into mass graves, they just covered the floor in sand. .
Had dinner across the river and I may have also had gelato and a few glasses of amazing wine and lemonacello. Looking forward to driving to Firenze tomorrow. Ciao!

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My first day in Italy could have been a disaster but I made the most of it. It took 3 hours to get out of the airport which is crazy. It was 110 degrees and Timmy was not into it after flying for a whole day. But my hotel is amazing and the front desk gave me a beautiful room and the lovely bistro downstairs gave Timmy free warm milk frothy style out of the espresso machine. .
Walked about 10km and saw the Pantheon, the Vatican, a ton of Roman ruines, the Spanish steps, Castle Saint Angelo, had fettuccini in Piazza Novona, and saw Trevi fountains what a crazy day but so fun. I'm loving all the Italians too so nice and eager to help a mom out. The waiters at the restraunt where entertaining Tim with breadsticks and hiding his toys for him to find and also the Prosecco in my room is amazing. I seriously can't stop thanking them everyone is so freaking nice. .

O and this pic is my pistachio and vanilla gelato ♡

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I got so many responses from this story post I decided to add to my page. Thanks for so many messages and kindness. Happy 4th everyone ♡♡♡

Lunch can be more than just eating. It can be about making memories, sharing moments with the most important people and having a good laugh while trying new things ;)
Found this little bistro in Paso a bit ago and couldn't resist this whole grain salad with chicken, figs, dried fruit, nuts and lettuce. So amazing! I will definitely be remembering this gem. So good!!!

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things:

Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—

Of cabbages—and kings—

And why the sea is boiling hot—

And whether pigs have wings." —Through the Looking-Glass .
I woke up thinking of the manipulative Walrus with a tear in his eye coaxing the poor baby oysters into his belly. I think I've gone mad. Besides that, I'm also the happiest to be done with school for a bit, to laugh and play with my sunshine and to explore the deeper connections I have with those in my life that sometimes think I'm an absentee. I want to be a YES-woman this summer and try many amazing things and not be manipulated by my fears.

This week has brought me a lot of joy. Seeing old friends, trying new things, hearing great news about others lives (new houses, sobriety, new baby's, birthdays, & fit goals) all of which add light to my soul. .

I can't believe I'm in finals week and have so many opportunities for travel and family time over the coming months and can still take a few moments to live in the present. Living in the present is difficult and shutting my phone off here and there is really helping me see what's happening now. .

The world isn't waiting for us to catch up through notifications. Thanks to my "#instafam " for being kind, patient and encouraging everday ♡ .
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What a fun night with some amazing people. Dinner @Taste2900 , swing dancing @MadonnaInn1958 , impromptu concert going @sloBrew to see @la_witch and even got some group squats in at the Wells Fargo ATM ♡ so much fun and a little bit of crazy but I love these moments.
Going back 16 years with these 3 gems in the pic wow! HAPPY (Almost) Bday to Jessa ♡♡♡ .
#bietbday #celebration #happybirthday #happy #friends #girls #ladies #dinner #dancing #concert #drinks #madonnainn #california #food #love #picoftheday #us #swingers #swing #dance #life #party

Sometimes writing a letter can bring out a smile and a happy memory, and a few seconds later your crying because life isn't perfect. I have a man to write a letter to for father's day who chose to be that figure to me when he didn't orgically have to be. (pen from @vivapaso)
If you don't have a father around or your father isn't "the world's greatest", or the only father you know is through your faith, you're not alone. Take the time today to sit and write a letter to whomever the title, 'Father' is synonymous with in your life. Even if you intend on immediately shredding it or keeping it in a box in your closet for years, write it
Write the moments that have shaped your life. This list might not be all good happy things but it's real and honest. I wrote my letter today to a man I call Papa. He is my half-sister's, father's adoptive mother's second husband but yep, he is my Father figure
Some things I wrote are how he went to my dance recitals even though he self -proclaimed, "finds ballet more boring then watching paint dry". He taught me to drive and dig out the vehicle when its stuck on the Pismo Dunes and to be nice and help tow out Valley people who try to do stupid things. He always knows the best jokes and the best places for a burger and diet Coke
Some sad stuff too like how he hugged me and without words supported me through death and sadness. He fixes my brokenness one nail at a time. .

Great things. He waited forever for me to have my son so he could be there to see his fresh beautiful face. He sits and talks with me about my life and his stories when I need a friend. And because he doesn't know how to text or turn on a computer so he probably won't see this that's why I wrote him the letter.
Happy father's day to all of you amazing father's out there. And if you aren't an amazing father but have the opportunity to change things, it's never too late to make a difference. ♡

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