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It may not be Wednesday but I feel like saying I love this woman. She has the biggest heart and is always thinking of others. We didn't have the best morning due to me forgetting my ID and us being a few minutes late for an appointment. She finally got in and had a lot of technical difficulties that pretty much gave us both a frustrating start to our weekend.
Eventually we took Timmy on a long walk to Ralph's to see if "Ralph's boy" was working -which he was not so we got lunch @Panera and sat outside enjoying the warm breeze, shade of trees and little birdies. Btw I'm in love with Panera and their French onion soup and turkey cranberry flatbread ♡. Got a couple scratchers (won $98!) on the way home, donated to a poor family and enjoyed the best conversations with Abbie.
Sometimes it makes me sad to see how deserving she is of all the happiness in the world and is dealt difficult life cards. But those types of cards are what brings us closer. In fact the sad things that have happened have set us on course to be in eachothers lives in the first place. We are cousins even though we aren't blood related and I know I am a better person because of the small influences she made in my life growing up and even now. Love you Abbietina ♡.

It's so hard to take pics when your dancing!!! Loved seeing @muse and @30secondstomars last night! The last time I saw 30 seconds to mars was at the concord pavilion and they were with Linkin Park. Jared leto briefly addressed the crowd about that last concert with them and it was so quiet u could hear everyone breathing it was wierd. Im glad we made it finally after crazy things happening on the road and waiting in line forever to park. Thankfully we had VIP so we got in faster but still took forever. I dont think anything could have brought my joy down because i have waited so long to see Muse and they were way better than I could have imagined. I am looking forward to doing this again ♡ @mattbellamy

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I was so happy that one of my sweetest friends came to visit from Florida last week. We did farmers market with the whole crew, sang songs at buffalos, had 5 of us in abbies bathroom getting ready for the night and she was able to stay a little longer because of Hurricane Irma. On the extra time we had we took Timmy to the @AvilaValleyBarn and she showed him how to feed the goats, and I got my favorite pie!!! We had a great time although I wish I had more and wasn't up all night working on homework because we would habe been able to do a lot more amazing things. Xoxoxo

So before I dive in and explain how amazing this little button to box experience this was, I want to warn you, sugar, carbs and really yummy things were consumed in the making of this post 😘

So @Amazon has this new dash button called Suprise Sweets and I ordered my @amazondashbuttons, waited two days for its prime arrival, and opened the easiest little box ever. Swipe the pics to see how cute and easy the instal was. So I read the couple sentence about Wi-Fi connecting-easy peasy...pushed the button and got an email that within the next couple days I would be receiving my surprise sweets box!!! .

I have to admit I was a little bit worried about liking what Amazon would curate for me but I had to let that go and I'm not dissapointed! I ate half the @the_crispery crispycake before I could make my boomerang video of the box opening ha. Very yummy there are also amazingly delicious @bigpicturefarms goat milk caramels, a rum cake and @greyghostbakery chocolate chip cookies!!! .
The great thing is there is no subscription for this so I can take all month to eat it or it all tonight and when I want another box all I do is push the button and in a couple days a different box arrives! I can order 1 every day if I wanted or 1 every 76.5 days hahaha.

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The past 12 days have been so quick I haven't had time much to post. Family in town , then more family in town and friends coming to stay with me overlapping with family..and school started I already feel like giving up but I won't. (P.s. if u r amazing at Excel solver function with linear programming models please reach out and teach me haha)

Enjoy your holiday ♡

So you all know I'm a busy mom, full-time student and try to keep myself fit and healthy and I love how easy it is to add this snack to my routine! It fits in my bag for on the go munching and fits into my macros as well!! My favorite part is the chicken or beef pieces and my son loves the dried berries so we are a perfect pair!

I took it to Disneyland for easy and guilt free snacking and took to Tahoe for energy to keep me going on the trails and chasing a toddler around the lake ;) Visit @dickstevensjerky to get a few bags because you can't just eat one.

Photocred: @abbiefisher0202
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The most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. Seeing my son grow and be more independent everyday makes me happy but also reminds me how far we have come.
2 years ago today I had been in labor for days waiting for this little man and tomorrow he turns 2 officially. I've been really trying to not post pics of him publicly but it's so hard when he is my whole heart and life. Thank u to everyone who came over yesterday to celebrate my sweet baby boy's birthday ♡

#birthday #birthdayboy #son #mybaby #toddler #momlife #growingup #chamonix #france #sunset #love #family #birth #littleman #smart #photography

Because of not having a phone or laptop for a couple weeks I was very disconnected and I have only a couple pics from my trip taken from friends phones and these two are of the amazing @ridegg bike that saw over 100 miles of trails in the last week. . And the radiation green paint on the bike matches the tahoe moss!!!
Got back from Tahoe after an amazing time with friends and their families and I have to admit I felt like i missed half of myself. I love being with people in real life but I also like being able to share it with my friends online and show all the beautiful places and people I meet and I couldn't do it all. My therapist will probably tell me it's because I'm addicted to social media but I really feel I've made some amazing friends on here that I am so greatful for and I missed.

Also reflecting on how thankful I am for friends in my life who made memories on the trails, kayaking in the lake and hiking to waterfalls (with babies!) with me.
Oh and there was a bear around the corner from the cabin, and a casino night for the ladies... all was exciting!!
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#Firenze...so much to say but mostly it's a beautiful city with amazing art and very relaxed people. It was warm but not as hot as Rome was and the drive was not too bad through the country with lots of acres of sunflowers. I love taking pictures that are real nd show the moment in and sometimes the best moments I had was people watching and just sitting and listening to the life of Firenze . .
Lucky to have met up with some friends and had dinner in their apartment overlooking #PonteVecchio the staircase pic was in their building and it is really interesting!

And sharing a #sacher cake was divine. The night walks around the Duomo where amazing and the David... (pics on my computer incase u haven't been following every detail of my life...its in the shop thanks to a almost 2 year old sticking a pen in the charging port and dropping it). .
There is a sleepy 5am pic of me at a cafe and the mopeds are everywhere in Italy it's crazy. I rarely see them back in my tiny hometown.

#piazzadellasignoria #tuscany
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So i wanted to post different pictures but my laptop is permanently broken so phone pics will have to do for now even though my sd card has some amazing ones...sigh. .

First pic is the #trevifountain which was so crowded to and difficult to take a picture through the crowd. It was pretty but I didn't stay here long and continued on down the block.
Next up is the #Pantheon and I think it's one of the most amazing buildings in existence. Again lots of people but I feel the pic is real and not made to look perfect and isolated like I've seen on some pages with the people photoshopped out or they wake up at 3am to get there before the crowds lol. .
Next pic is #Palazzonavono which is where we actually started our walk from. So we took a taxi from our hotel and it dropped us off in a no car zone because taxis are exempt from a lot of those restrictions there. Definstely the smartest thing I did was take taxis in the bigger towns because not only is there no parking, but a taxi is cheap, gives goos advice on stuff to see and is so much quicker.
Next pic is in The #Roman #Forum after I saw the #colosseum we walked around there in 100+ heat yikes... .
The green door is the key hole which is so cool but the cool pic is on my sd card so hopefully I rememebr to post it but from the #romekeyhole u can see across a path arched with greenery over to the #thevatican #stpetersbasillica miles away across town.
The last pic is a #park in #Rome. They are so different from the ones we have back home and so many kids and families of all ages where there. It was so cool to see books left on a outdoor library, scooters and bikes left for park use only and games and toys that no one stole. Back home these wouldn't last a day. Just such a great time for my little man. I think it was over in #Trastervere area behind a OVS of incase u where trying to make a note to visit it with your family.

It's national cousins day and I am so so so lucky to have gotten to spend the day shopping, walking, eating and laughing with my youngest baby cousin ♡ tonight I get to workout with my main ladies and my other cousin. Im so glad Lex, took some time out of her busy schedule dancing all over the world to see me.Somedays I don't know why life is being so good to me lately (minus the part that my son broke my laptop today)

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