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Santiago Gio Sevilla 

My poses are far from perfect but yoga has made me understand that mass isn’t everything. There should d a good balance of flexibility and strength.#
Meanwhile, the beach has always been my sactuary. It rejuvenates me. I at most calm there.
#beach #sea #fitness #strength #flexibility #fitnessmotivation #fit

I was in awe looking at the clouds below us, the vast sea between island and how there is still a huge world out there beyond the horizon. I realized how small I am, I was humbled

You will only begin to realize how small you are compared to the whole of God’s creation. Stay humble.

#travel #cebu #trekking #trail #osmeñapeak

I don’t party a lot. But when I do, I make sure everybody will have a great time. 😏👮

You are my psychedelic drug.
You are my Ambrosia.
You are my kind of high.
Yes you, you got me chained and lock in your inescapable carnal nature.
Bang! Bang!

Bang bang into the room!
👮 Put your hands on your head, knees on the ground! You’re under arrest!
Happy Halloween!
Office Halloween Party



I don’t care, I’m rough. I don’t care, I’m tough
#vscopluys #vscoplusys #forumsession

His songs are peaceful ang soulful, now that he has loved, truly loved. And broke his heart. And still found courage and hope.

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