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Im fighting within myself. Everything im trying to accomplish its not working. I dont want anything handed to me on a platter. I want to earn it. However, im in tears everynight, im drinking, smoking and in tears and frustration i made a hole in my wall... By posting this... You can either go against me or understand my frustration and. How hard im battling within myself.
I just want to find someone for me who will love me, protect me, guide me and be with me my whole life . i need a job badly. Im working so hard yet. Im so far... Why? This isnt fair.

I cant be without my mommy either. Its been 10 yrs since she passed. My mind , my spirit , my hopes and goals... Im fighting and fighting yet, frustration is in my head. The gurudwara is the place where i take a step back,Β  breathe and make friends. But im looking for more than friends. Plz god help me

I want my bestfriend from india back.. I miss him so very much.. I feel lonely and want to hug him and tell him how much i missed him while away. .πŸ™πŸ™

Gurudwara ready. Why do people love my smile so much?πŸ’• 4pm till 10pm sewa

There isnt a day i don't miss you mommy... Also, never a day i dont think about you vic. You were my everything. A person i could tell everything too... Thank u for showing me the gurudwara... My sewa is in honour of you. I love you both

I have saved 55.00 in coins πŸ˜‰


I'm working hard on everything I've got... I'm giving it all I have within myself... I'm striving for success. It's taking time.. but eventually, i hope my hard work pays off... tears, sweat and blood mean nothing until I've achieved something. ☺ .. don't let anyone tell you for what you want. The only person who will stop u... is u... believe me... i know How it is... my friends, my family and god are on myside. All I have to do is try and keep trying...even if I fail.. atleast, i tried and busted my ass doing it. That should mean something... I've cried a lot,
I've been angry within myself, I've been feeling denied...I was against the world... now I realize, i denied my own opportunities... nobody else did it.. now it's time I get my ass back up and start fighting harder... I can't sit on the sideline anymore.. and feel sorry for myself.. this is not me... I'm going back to the gym. I'm working harder again, in my workouts, I'm getting mentally and physically healthy. Enough is enough... I'm Dipika and I'm a fighter not a quitter. Learn from my story.... love dipika 😊 god bless everyone



Great movie

You win in everything in life... Translation...

Plz plz becareful


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