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Zane Hijazi  snapchat u/n: zanehijazi

a couple of colorful personalities wearing colorful clothes to match our refreshingly colorful cans of Two Hats beer. Say that ten times fast and whether you can or can’t, be sure to double tap and grab some @twohatsbeer today #ad

Give us your lunch money. Please.

holy shit i’m so alone

eat your heart out Todd

mahalo nerds i’ll be out shreddin some gnar

idfk just like it it’s Hidaya

Congrats to @daviddobrik for making it to his 420th vlog without killing any of us and congrats to all of you for still sticking around because idk why or how but it means the world! Make sure to check out his video🎥

do u think i’m cute yes or no

My hair has a wedgie

the floor is a sense of style

when FaceTime says “connecting..”

Scott posted an old picture of him and Todd for Todd’s birthday, so I thought why not add to the nostalgia and post the first picture the three of us ever took together. Happy birthday Todd💕

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