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Zan Charisse  I make sure to live in the moment, psychic, witchy woman, healing foods,TM meditation,crystals, actor.iPhone only, NYC

Isn't life beautiful?!

Rhubarb and I are deciding which flowers to buy

A real joy...scented geranium from Union Square Greemarket

In the car with Rhubarb. He's clearly not impressed with The City today

Danny DeVito is awesome in this, but then... he's a Scorpio so... duh

#nationalpuppyday Rhubarb is playing with labradorite. He's strengthening his natural energies from within.

Good morning 💕

The March equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator. I'm opening up the windows of my mind and letting fresh thoughts in. Happy Spring, Happy New Year

Adding color to a grey morning

The simple things waiting to become absolutely brilliant

So, for all of my life and nearly all of my Dads, we never knew his roots. He was adopted and well, it's a long story. Just before his passing, my daughter @jaspre got a DNA test to him and my son, @remington administered it. Turns out he was mainly English Irish which would explain my life long love of St Patrick's Day and the 5 o'clock hour :)
Happy St Patrick's Day sending love and green light to all💚🍀

Found this in a shopping bag, yeah, that's how I saved my publicity stuff. I really am proud of this even though I just ripped it out of the New York Times years ago. This is an Albert "Al" Hirschfeld who was an American caricaturist best known for his black and white portraits of celebrities and Broadway stars. That's me with the crazy hair in front:)

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