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Lindsey  CO🌲 lyrics as captions 🌲mountains 🌲22

Make my wish come true,
all I want for Christmas is you ❄

Long live the heart, long live the soul
that knows what it wants

The Heart 🎶 Needtobreathe
#cantwell #alaskalove

kick up the soul -- America's Sweetheart 🎶 Elle King
Speedy trip down Hurricane Ridge with @giddygrapefruit @olympicnationalpark #pnw #upperleft #flowers

for things that crop up colorful in spite of all the clouds -- Back O're Oregon 🎶 @_weathermachine
driving around in @olympicnationalpark #pnw #upperleft #flowers

Maybe your soul is fire 🎶 @elliotroot
few days ago @mountrainiernps #pnw #upperleft #nightphotography

I wanna drive fast, on top the 105
past these mountains with my friends singing songs and leave this
old life behind
Another state 🎶 @tigersinthesky
@mountrainiernps #paradise #pnw #upperleft #reflectiongram

I want to wake up in another state
without this big ol' weight
on top my back
and, stay for a while .
Another state 🎶 @tigersinthesky
@olympicnationalpark #kalaloch #pnw #upperleft #goldenhour

You've got to see -
that you can live your life walking in a straight line,
but it's more than just A to B
Sad to see the snow go this weekend! #horsetoothd #ontrail
A to B 🎶 @matthires

I won't give up, no I won't give in
'Til I reach the end and then I'll start again

Channeling Shakira's optimism - currently sunburnt to a crisp after skiing yesterday. But hey - any weekend with mountains, friends, good food & Zootopia is a good weekend.
Try everything 🎶 @Shakira
#Patagonia #skiing #steamboatsprings #zootopia

One of these slow weeks when you don't know where the time will go .
Had a blast skiing @steamboatresort with @gabri_ers + @luke_hyce
I can breathe again 🎶 Baywood
#chairliftselfie #skiing #steamboatsprings

It's like I've seen
the light but you
have never known .
Jubel 🎶 klingande at @zionnps
#zionnationalpark #campvibes #goldenhour

Here with a full heart and opening eyes,
I see the headlights turn into sunrise
We'll build a real love to heal the deep hurt,
and we will step out to greet the brand new earth .
New Earth 🎶 @zerbin
#leocarillo #campvibes #rei