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Zak  If you can't handle me at my Zach Galifianakis, you don't deserve me at my Zac Efron.

She's very good at yard work.

I definitely didn't buy stormtrooper glasses. Nope.

The ocean is terrifying and we should not go in it.

Definitely need a villain lair with these.

Bringing SA to ATL *just gritas, only gritas, solo gritas* @jaspertheshittyghost

Sliding into those DMs.

Skills that don't pay any bills.

The most trendy. We made it.

We made it. This was such a fuckin ordeal.

Merc's Lager. Non-artisanal and Super American. I didn't want this beer. I needed it.

Drinking it slow is bad. Drinking it fast is worse.

The Dark One cometh. PREPARE. #EASTER #FEASTER

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