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Deeply saddened to hear the news about the mosque in Christchurch. Evil takes many forms , however actions like the one we saw today don’t just spontaneously happen. It starts with division. Small thoughts like; “Why would ‘we’ sacrifice ‘our’ safety for ‘them.’” .
A ‘we vs. them’ ideology has certainly caused more murders than any. It starts as a small seed, then the division begins to sprout inside a dark place in our hearts. A better world starts in each of us by removing these sprouts of division. .
Atrocities like the one we saw today will continue until we activity love people despite our differences. We don’t have to agree, but we can have compassion for each other despite our differences. Link arms, dialogue, care for one another. Be the light you want to see in the world. .
You might know the story - A man was on the side of the road, helpless, naked and broken. The ‘religious’ walked right by because it was not culturally acceptable to reach out and help that man. Then someone who had compassion took the man in, clothed him, and saved his life....Who does Christ call you to be? Love despite differences and actively stand with the Muslim community today. If you’re looking for actionable steps check out @preemptivelove , they posted a great article about how to help during this time of grieving. @nations is another incredible resource.

A temporary floating ice island, somewhere in Baffin Bay. If you’re looking to see these beauties I’d highly recommend the west coast of Greenland in August, it’s a great opportunity for good weather and calm, smooth water. 👍

A few months ago I had the opportunity to spend a couple days taking photos for @toyotausa . I think I may have overdosed on sweet tea and BBQ but, hey....when in Texas! They posted a little video from the trip on their IGTV, check it out if you get a chance. #ad #letsgoplaces

The waiting game. Although I highly prefer surfing and sharing an experience like this with someone, sometimes a solo session can be good for the soul.

Living in the time of technology where we can fly little helicopters and chase clouds...for fun. 🚁

Mike Patey‘s short backcountry take-off during a stunt we did last year with a group of skydivers. His hand built, turbine charged plane has some get up and go! Weird sound at the end is my feet trying to keep up.🏃‍♂️🎥

New episode of Stoked just released! It’s a pilot series that I directed and produced for @outsidetv featuring @chefadamglick . For this one we had a long time friend of mine @chasguldemond join us for smoked oyster and venison overlooking the Hood Canal. Big shout out to @josh_allred for tackling these with me. Where should we go next? I’m getting hungry 😋 (link to full episode in profile.)

For all the road warriors out there. Vroom vroom! 🚐🏍🏎🛴

I wouldn’t suggest standing where Trevor is. But I knew that if he slipped and had to go over the waterfall it would be no big deal for him.

A perfect skipping rock would go a long way right now.

Good gear can change everything out here. The elements can go from unbearable to completely enjoyable within minutes. I’ve often found that days like this one, where it's pouring rain, can still be super fun if you have the proper equipment to keep you warm and dry. So if you’re looking for some new gear this season I’d sincerely recommend @backcountry - they have everything from rain jackets, @yakimaracks rooftop tents, @patagonia fly-fishing gear and lightweight camera tripods.....all with free 2 day shipping on orders over $50! If you’re looking to refresh your kit this season use my code ZAK (all caps) for 15% off your first purchase! Have fun out there, stay safe, stay warm, stay dry, and stay stoked!
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Happy Birthday, my sweet sunshine! To walk through this crazy life hand-in-hand with you truly inspires me to be a better person in every way. I can’t believe we get to build a life together, it is the absolute best! ❤️

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