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Zak Noyle  Currently in Hawaii📍

Pipeline barrel. || @livehayn || shot w/ @spl_waterhousing +Canon1DXMarkii+50mmLens. #WalkLightly #ZakNoyle


A group of personal injury lawyers and lawmakers are misleading the public and some legislators in an effort to make money off of Hawaii's tax payers from frivolous lawsuits against lifeguards. Each day, the men and women of Ocean Safety lay their lives on the line to save complete strangers no matter the conditions, the risk involved, or the level of danger.
Please call or email Scott Nishimoto 808-586-8515 to urge him to support Senate Bill 562 SD1 in support of limited liability protection for Hawaii's Ocean Safety Lifeguards and to end the sunset clause to make this permanent. “My partners and I go to work to help people,” Wassel says. “I don’t understand it. If you do CPR on someone, it’s covered under the Good Samaritan Act. If lifeguards do it, they can get sued personally. We’re the City and County of Honolulu’s cheapest insurance policy. We respond to thousands of incidents a year, saving millions in lawsuits. If lifeguards aren’t backed by the city, who’s next? Firemen? Police? First-responders? I really don’t get it”. #protecthawaiilifeguards shot this of @northshorelifeguardassociation legends Kalani & Brian out on patrol protecting everyone in the water shot this using @spl_waterhousing +Canon1DXMarkii+50mmLens. #ZakNoyle

Lyon Farrell(@lyonfarrell ) shot on Big Island for @redbull this past month. Lyon is one of the most prominent young professional snowboarders coming up now in the world and he happens to be raised on Maui. We wanted to show his island vibe to better understand who Lyon is. We ended up hiking up Mauna Kea for him to ride some snow covered slopes in Hawaii. Check out the story through the link in my bio. Shot w/ @spl_waterhousing +Canon1DXMarkii+16-35mmLens. #ZakNoyle

Mexico with the @rvcasurf has been amazing this past week. Time to return home to this amazing place & @vanessafoster_ . Shot from 6,000 feet above Oahu using Canon1DXMarkii+24-105mmLens. #ZakNoyle

Benji Brand(@benjibrand ) Teahupo'o bliss in Tahiti. Shot w/ @spl_waterhousing +Canon1DXMarkii+16-35mmLens. #ZakNoyle

Another pleasant morning today in Mexico. || @rvcasurf || shot w/ @spl_waterhousing +Canon1DXMarkii+70-200mmLensF4 #ZakNoyle

Found some beautiful moments this morning South of the border in Mexico. || @rvcasurf || shot w/ @spl_waterhousing +Canon1DXMarkii+70-200mmLensF4. #ZakNoyle

White and frothy Pipeline. || @livehayn || shot w/ @spl_waterhousing +Canon1DX+50mmLens. #WalkLightly #ZakNoyle

Eli Olson(@eli_olson ) big blue barrel at Kanduis in the Mentawais. Shot w/ @spl_waterhousing +Canon1DX+16-35mmLens. #ZakNoyle

Reef McIntosh(@happyreef76 ) and a moment at Pipeline. Shot w/ @spl_waterhousing +Canon1DXMarkii+50mmLens. #ZakNoyle

Sundays-family & friends. || @livehayn || #iPhone7Plus . #walkLightly

Ok, what happening here? Heavy thick Pipeline with Brett Barely(@brettbarley ) trying to navigate through some obstacles. Shot w/ @spl_waterhousing +Canon1DX+70-200mmLensF4 #ZakNoyle

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