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Wynn Tan  Designer of small things, occasionally quilts.💕 Handsewing & Handquilting.🌷Patchwork & Embroidery.✂️

When in doubt of what binding to use, always choose lace.💕 You will never be wrong. #handsewing

Embracing 2019 with an open heart and a slower easy life. I’m going to be myself and do what I love to do.💝 Hope you are feeling the same way too! Happy new year folks!🎁 Okay I’m still overwhelmed by the fireworks blanket in the sky just now. Thai people really nailed it with their generosity and festive celebrations. So far I’m loving 2019!🙌🏻🎉 *revisiting a really old make because I need to make another one very soon!*❤️

#top9 2018 has been wonderful. Not totally fantastic but still worth to relish every moment. Feeling torn apart and breathless from not being able to handsew fast enough, I felt I was always chasing after time. And yet there were a million other things waiting for me to do everyday. Time to take a rest: my mind told me. No social media no sewing no comparison no forcing myself anymore. So it was a long break. The past months were spent just surrounding myself with love and giving love to my families and friends. The slow days allowed me to live more mindfully and enjoy simple happiness. I even started to enjoy going to the market for groceries! My children had their mom back just being a cool mom. My parents came over and had their daughter completely for two weeks. Those times were so precious to me. I’m grateful for 2018. I’m happy to be myself again. Now I’m feeling recharged to return to my first love. Sewing makes me feel complete. And I’m so ready to take it further next year. Most importantly, I’m very thankful for all of you who are still following me and my makes. And all the crafty friends I made in IG. You are all so very awesome.💕

I think it’s safe to say, Santa loves the stockings!🎉🎁 If you haven’t made one, try this #verylastminutechristmasstocking tutorial. You will have a few pretty patchwork stockings in a jiffy!💝❤️

And then there are three!🎁🎁🎁 Time to shelf the sewing machine (see ya next year!) and chill out this merry season. Endless baking, reading, cozying, tv, out to the parks... whatever makes us all happy and peaceful.💝 #verylastminutechristmasstocking

I made this yesterday just under an hour. It feels so satisfying to whip up something so important in such a short time!🎄 “Very Last Minute Patchwork Christmas Stocking” template and tutorial is up in the blog now. Click link at profile. Very few pins were used here... more of freestyle easy sewing. Enjoy!xx #christmassewing #手芸 #パッチワーク #パッチワークキルト #christmasstocking #verylastminutechristmasstocking

Sorry buddy. You can only appear next year. I promise to get you ready as early as possible so you can join us for the next Christmas. For the time being, please stay inside the drawer and hibernate...😞 Blame myself for being too ambitious. I thought I could complete handsew one #bucilla stocking a week but it seems so impossible now. This little snow friend still looks happy though.❄️☃️

Crocheting zipper pouch is challenging. But I’m happy to omit the lining anytime!🙌🏻 #Christmasgift #crochetaddict

If you are wondering, this is not an accessory, it’s a useful something! And you can make one too!💖 #superzippypouch

Super Zippy Pouch tutorial is up in the blog now. I really only took one hour to write it. It sews up as fast as I wrote.💖 It’s really easy to make this and psst... you don’t need to use a zipper foot if you don’t want to. This pouch makes a wonderful gift definitely! And a great excuse to use up your zipper stash!😆 I would love to see your sewing of this super zipper pouch so keep tagging away!☺️ #superzippypouch #zakkaArt

A picture says a thousand words. My table mess now. It’s so hard to take a good photo of these super zippy pouches on a rainy day. Hopefully I can write the tutorial under one hour and click publish later. It’s a really fun pouch to make.💖 #superzippypouch #zakkahandmade

#missingmarket I thought I might just pop in to join the fun #fivethingsaboutme since I’m sewing again.👍🏻👍🏻
1: Handsewing. Always and forever. Even though my fingers are full of calluses now. Just started on hand creams and I’ve been crazy for them.
2: Never used a quilting hoop. I handquilt on lap.
3: Self taught sewist. Wished there were YouTube sewing videos ten years back so I wouldn’t prick my fingers a million times.
4: Drawing was first love then sewing took over. Now trying to pick up the pencil again but so tough.
5: Feeling so much better with my mind and self at 35 than 25. It’s like living a new life again. With all the flabbiness and face spots. It’s ok really.
Hello if you are reading this!😊 kudos to @gogokim and @misterdomestic for organizing this! It’s so fun reading everyone’s post!💖

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