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Wynn Tan  I handsew small things, occasionally quilts.πŸ’• Loves patchwork and flowers.🌹 Singapore wife & mama living in Thailand. β˜€οΈ

Look what came into the mail today!πŸ’–πŸ’–What a perfect timing that this book arrived just in time for me to make something for my only sister who's having her first baby soon!😚 Ayda wrote this book in a really beautiful and calming way with many eye-candy pictures. It's hard to describe the happy feeling when you hold the book and admire the wonderfully crafted projects. I seriously love this book so much!!❀️❀️❀️ Thank you Ayda @cafenohut and @tuvapublishing for gifting this book!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #madeforbabybook #tuvapublishing #cafenohut

I have not done anonymous swaps for many many years. 10 years so long! This time (2nd time perhaps?), I thought perhaps it's good to join one like #tinyfloralsanonymousswap just because I have too many tiny floral fabrics.🌼 So this is my mosaic (first time making!) for my partner. Am I doing it the right way? I hope to make something nice for my partner too.πŸ’• click picture to see the makers tagged.😊 @coleandtaffy

I couldn't be happier with this #happyflowerqalblock81 !😍 Definitely one of the easiest appliquΓ© block if you wish to try.❀️ You can do needle turn for the circles but I used the easiest way by gathering the stitches on the template glued on a cardboard. Then use simple whip stitch to sew down the circles. Swipe left to see how I did it!πŸ˜„ I'll try to include pictures of the back of the blocks since some of you asked to see how I pressed my seams for handsewing. I truly appreciate neat and pretty stitches on the back as well as the front. I think it's something i need to get over if I need to sew fast!😜 Are you enjoying our #happyflowerqal sew along so far?πŸ’– @zakkaworkshop @prettybyhand @ohhowsweetco #happyflowerquilts #sunsunsampler #handsewing #松山敦子 #ζ‰‹θŠΈ

#happyflowerqalblock3 hello!πŸ’• Sorry for posting a day late. The endless school activities are driving me crazy travelling to and fro everyday.😭 Adding all the cooking and chores!😡 Anyway, this is my first block for this week and I chose to make it vintage-y!😘 Same trick as the previous block to sew the triangles in opposite directions to have a nice flat block. Oh, I really love the middle flower from a gifted feedsack fabric.🌼 #happyflowerqal #happyflowerquilts #zakkaworkshop #sunsunsampler #松山敦子 #handsewing @prettybyhand @ohhowsweetco @zakkaworkshop

*Sorry previous post deleted by IG??πŸ˜‘ Posting again.* πŸ’ Beautiful Old New 30s 2017 fabrics by #atsukomatsuyama from @lecien_fabrics.❀️ If you are joining us for #happyflowerqal , these pretty bundle will make you very happy.πŸ’– #happyflowerquilts #松山敦子 #lecien_fabrics #sunsunsampler

If finding this cute little thing is my reward to dealing with the messiest sewing room, I'll take it with no whining.πŸ’Œ ps: pretty crochet bias binding from @sunnydaysupplyπŸŽ€ #PennyRoseFabrics #handsewing

Always dreamed of a house with white walls like this... For me to fill up the wall with so many pretty colours.❀️ #happyflowerqal

I chose the easier way out again with this #happyflowerblock97 !πŸ˜† What a fun block with endless possibilities to mix and match so many prints together!πŸ’ Since this block uses triangle #4 , I used my cardboard method to reuse the template again and again. Find this method in my previous blog entries.😊 #zakkaworkshop #sunsunsampler #atsukomatsuyama #happyflowerqal #happyflowerquilts

#happyflowerblock79 is my first block for this week number two of #happyflowerqal !πŸŽ€ A pretty straightforward patchwork for a good fussy cut! The trick here is to sew the opposite half triangle pairs first then the remaining two opposite ones.πŸ’ #sunsunsampler #atsukomatsuyama #zakkaworkshop @prettybyhand @ohhowsweetco @zakkaworkshop #ζ‰‹θŠΈ #松山敦子

Yesterday was a hard one. Hoping today will be a little better. It's a brand new day for giving more love and kindness.πŸ’• #happyflowerqal

Is it still Monday?😚 Here's my second block for #happyflowerqal !πŸ’ It's one of the easiest block definitely! Well, now you should know my strategy for handsewing these blocks... I start from the simpler patchwork ones for motivation!😝 #happyflowerquilts #zakkaworkshop #sunsunsampler #happyflowerqalblock85 #atsukomatsuyama #松山敦子 #lecien_fabrics

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