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Zainah  ❣️ Toronto, Canada 🇵🇸 💌 Shop My Brand @modest.behaviour ⭐️ Use Code: zainah10 ⬇️

The good people I know are always improving themselves and supporting eachother. The bad people I know are always focused on judging other people and tearing others down💭 @zainah.mb

Ramadan Mubarak!!!🥰 May Allah bless us, protect us and allow us to enjoy many more Ramadan’s Ameen 🤲🏻
What’s your Ramadan goal?

I got exposed to a deeper form of infection
Shoutout “I need acception”
Always lies in your eyes
Settles in your action
Criticize everything that I do
And I will overcome anything that’s in store
Nevermore look up to you and adore 💭 - Ali Tabatabaee

Surround yourself with beautiful people; those with a beautiful character. People who want nothing but the best for you and celebrate with you at the top and lift you up when you’re at the bottom. Love you @m_mayyssa 🥰

At some point in your life you realize the kind of energy you want to keep in your life isn’t the negative energies that drain you and put you in a dark place but the positive energies that fill your heart up with happiness and puts you in a higher place. 💭 @zainah.mb

The word love in the Quran is mentioned in over 90 places. Interestingly, it doesn’t define the word love, but speaks about the very first consequence of love; commitment. If you truly love something or someone you commit. If you don’t commit then your claim of “love” is not real at all. ‏سبحان الله و ‏الحمد لله

In 2016, a few months after my father passed away ‏الله يرحمه, I had performed Omra. I came across this lavender prayer rug in Medina and prayed so much on it, made Duaa and Dhikir my entire pilgrimage to Mecca. Every single prayer was so sincere that Allah answered all my prayers immediately. The same month I met my husband who now also prays on the same prayer mat. I can’t tell you all how blessed we all are to be able to pray everyday and ask God for anything. Prayer is the one thing that connects us to our creator and without it we are dead inside. Never lose hope or give up on your prayers. The moment you stop you’ll find yourself further and further away from Allah that the Shayton makes it feel impossible to come back. It is never too late to go back to Allah and repent. God will always be merciful. Don’t ever question it! ❤️ .
🧕🏻 Lavender Chiffon Hijab

Our prophet PBUH said, “One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of its doer”
So what does that mean for the ones who influence people to do something bad or against Allahs will?
We are constantly surrounded by bad influencers on social media, TV, and in our music.
Instagram, nonetheless, is constantly dictating to us how we should dress to fit into the society’s standards.

When Islam came, woman were beaten, used for sex and babies were killed for being girls. Woman were oppressed of everything till Islam came and liberated them. Allah made it fard upon us to wear hijab for a reason. He wanted the woman of Islam to stand out and be protected from the oppression of the society’s standards. Islam came and uplifted woman, demanded their freedom, their rights, their respect and created morals.

Till this day nothing has changed about the hijab. Woman are still oppressed from society’s standards. The People who think the hijab is outdated have values that are obliterated.

Let’s share some halal pick up lines! I’ll start 😂

I hope everyone knows how hard it is to take pictures with cats. I literally made a video and screenshot 100 times till I was satisfied with my Coco selfies. A Zainah was harmed at the end of this process. 😭 I still love you Coco you fusfus ❤️

September 9th 2017 was the day I married Kusay. I can’t believe it’s been a year now! Happy Anniversary حبي💕

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