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Zainab Can't Sing  but watch her try anyway 🌻 | part of @zainabmsheikh's self-help project

β€’ Aankhon ke Sagar - FuzΓΆn β€’
you know that one video where pre-stardom atif aslam is being interviewed in the streets for some random show, and ends up singing aankhon ke sagar? i came across that today, and the song has been stuck in my head since. interestingly, i've also been experimenting with eyeshadows today, so it guess the theme fits? maybe? not really. but it's okay. just watch my little attempt and try not to question why i always end up trying songs that are way above my vocal level. 😌

β€’ 4 AM Covers β€’
can't help falling in love πŸ’Œ β€’ strangers in the night 🌘 β€’ summer wine πŸ’ β€’ yellow lemon tree πŸ‹
// so i decided to randomly go on a karaoke spree and just sing a bunch of old songs that make me happy. these are all one-take, and not the best, but i enjoyed the spontaneity. if you think i should attempt a more refined cover of any of these, let me know!
please excuse the quality, and have a nice day.

β€’ Naked - James Arthur (@jamesarthurinsta23) β€’
// special feature: a sleeping Luna

β€’ Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo - Farida Khanum β€’
// eid mubarak! i'm alive!
this has probably been my most vocally challenging cover here to date, and it's still far, far from perfect, but i've been wanting to do this for so long so i'm glad i did it. there's only so far my lower range goes but hey, we're getting somewhere. i hope you like it ~

β€’ No.1 Party Anthem - Arctic Monkeys (@arcticmonkeys)β€’
arctic monkeys are coming back this year, posing a stark contrast to the current condition of my will to study for tomorrow's literature exam. goodnight.

p.s. bless my low notes for simply disappearing. perhaps another element to add to the analogy presented above.

β€’ Dil Diyan Gallan - Atif Aslam (@atifaslam) β€’
// i have so far avoided uploading urdu covers because singing without the support of background music makes me feel awkward, and there's nothing we can do about that until i properly learn to play an instrument.
BUT the poll results are in, and most of you voted for urdu covers. so i had to be extra and take it a step further by posting a punjabi~ cover shot spontaneously on a high quality webcam within the very day πŸ’―
out here living the best bollywood life mA 😌
(full disclosure: i owe this extra efficiency to mids' week. i absolutely can't let myself down by not wasting time when the opportunity presents itself)

β€’ Redbone - Childish Gambino (@childishgambino) β€’
// incomplete because memory ran out. this was originally posted on my personal account in october 2017 as a #reject, which i now realise is stupid. the whole point of this account is to allow for a space where i don't impose unnecessary limits or standards on what i put out there.
[the other, slightly less pretentious reason for posting: i haven't touched my camera in over a month, and i can't let this account die ✌]

β€’ How to Save a Life - The Fray (@thefray) β€’
// the pitch change was harder than i thought it'd be. but that's just life, i guess.

β€’ Neptune - Sleeping at Last (@sleepingatlast) β€’
// in memoriam


β€’ The Moon Song - Karen O (@ko) β€’
// in memoriam


β€’ Drew Barrymore - SZA (@sza) β€’
// won't let this account meet the same sad demise as my will to survive the rest of this year. so, here's something before this month ends ~

β€’ Havana - Camila Cabello (@camila_cabello) β€’
// this song keeps running through my head at the oddest of times. a worthy addition to the don't-let-midterms-get-you-down playlist.

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