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Zara ✨  events@stemsbrooklyn.com 🌿

Stems Brooklyn 2018 ✨

Last weekend in South Florida and it’s been beautiful 🌴

First bouquet of 2018 for @francisdalena 🌿🍊☀️

Missing jasmine vine right now 🌿
Photo perfection by @brklynview

Plans for this year include lots of flowers and so much more that I can’t wait to share with you all 🌟

2017, it’s been a weird one. I think this might be the year I really started living authentically and unapologetically as myself. No regrets, only lessons learned and risks taken.

This is what relief looks like! Thanks to the efforts of @suzifromaroundtheblock this smilax vine made it overnight from Brooklyn and arrived with only two hours to spare before set-up. I’m so lucky to have such supportive people around me who will wait at a FedEx for an hour, or drive across town (my mom) to look for backup vines. Even when the anxiety is so real you might vomit, floral design is still the BEST and I love it so much.

Really soaking in the Miami warmth yet counting down the days till I’m back at @stemsbrooklyn in the New York tundra ☀️❄️

Bouquet for Heather 🌟Photo by @llstylephoto

So much love and gratitude to all the freelancers, wholesalers, farmers, and boss ladies and gents who make @stemsbrooklyn so great! See you all next year! 😘 @adithree @katiesokolowski_floral @suzifromaroundtheblock @shannon.cowan @claybutt @isthatyoupizza @yaymieyamz @rocksteadyfarm @tinyheartsfarm @madineyah @jrosewholesaleflowers and many more

it really was a nice day for a white wedding

Last Stems Brooklyn wedding of the year today! ❄️

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