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Zaha Hadid Architects 


#FacadeFriday The Morpheus Hotel, Macau - completion is scheduled for spring 2018.
Designed as two towers connected at their podium and roof levels to create an extruded rectangle carved by a series of voids, the Morpheus Hotel integrates dramatic public spaces and generous guest rooms with innovative engineering and formal cohesion.
The requirements for an expansive podium and rooftop area for guests’ facilities determined connecting the towers at their base and top. This arrangement equally distributes guest rooms in both side towers and maximizes the number of rooms with views across the city. Three sky bridges cross the central voids, creating extraordinary public spaces for guests and visitors.
The hotel’s structural steel exoskeleton frees the interiors from vertical supports, giving maximum flexibility and optimizing space for the many varied guest facilities. Expressive and purposeful, this fantastic structure defines many of the hotel’s public spaces.
Built for Melco Resorts & Entertainment at the City of Dreams, their flagship resort in Macau, the 40-storey Morpheus Hotel accommodates almost 800 guestrooms, suites and sky villas. The hotel also includes a wide variety of event facilities, gaming rooms, lobby atrium, restaurants, spa and sky pool, as well as extensive back-of-house areas and supporting facilities. The tower’s design resolves the hotel’s many complex programs within a single cohesive envelope.
Brilliant photo of the Morpheus Hotel’s façade nearing completion via @archmanesh
#Macau #Macao #architecture #zahahadid #zahahadidarchitects @burohappoldengineering #melco #cityofdreams

The Generali Tower @CityLifeMilano is nearing completion.
The 170m tower is one of the centrepieces to the CityLife redevelopment, opening the old fair grounds to year-round public use with the inclusion of new civic spaces and residential buildings in addition to shopping areas and offices. When complete, CityLife will be the largest new public space created in Milan for over 120 years.
A new public plaza with shops and restaurants forms the base of the tower, with the floors above accommodating more than 3,000 staff to meet Generali’s expansion as the world's second largest insurer.
At the intersection of important routes through the city which converge at its base, the #Generali Tower is aligned at ground level to connect directly with its surrounding public plaza. The realignment of successive floors incrementally twists the tower around its vertical axis. This incremental twisting has been calculated to give each floor a fractionally different relationship to the floors above and below. As the tower rises offering broader views across the city, the twist re-orientates the upper floors to face the Duomo, Milan’s renowned cathedral.
ZHA developed a double-façade system for the Generali Tower with inclined structural columns that increase efficiencies in usable floor areas and contribute to its targeted LEED Gold certification. A system of sun-deflecting louvers flanked by glazing that includes ventilating registers to draw outside air through the cavity provides an extremely efficient environmental control for each floor.
Great photo by @skymino
#Milan #Milano #Italy #Italia #zahahadid #zahahadidarchitects

To celebrate Wallpaper* magazine’s 21st birthday, ZHA created the cover of their anniversary issue.
The cover is an evolution of ZHA's computational design (@ZHCODE) research group’s work on Thallus, an experimental structure named after the Greek word for flora that has no differentiation between stem and leaf.
Thallus is a 3D installation exploring differential growth methods through expansion and diffusion arising from a single continuous seed curve guided iteratively via simulation parameters.
Presented at this year’s Salone del Mobile, Thallus shows how advanced computional methods can open up new possibilities in architecture and engineering.
Happy birthday Wallpaper* - celebrating 21 years of life-enhancing stuff!

ZHA collaborated with leading digital artists and computer science researchers #AndyLomas and #MubbasirKapadia, together with musician @maxcoopermax to create the ‘Behaviour Morphe’ light mapping projection for the 2017 @schlosslichtspielekarlsruhe in #Karlsruhe, #Germany on the 170m façade of the city’s Baroque castle.

Exploring new forms of architecture, the 2017 Schlosslichtspiele connects digital spatial concepts with the 18th century masonry of the castle to explore how living spaces can be designed in the future. ZHA’s projection showcases the latest digital spatial simulation tools the practice applies in the comprehensive analysis and planning of its architecture, and looks further ahead to concepts of spatial design of the future.
The projection on the castle’s façade reveals its interiors as digital laboratories of human behavioural simulation, demonstrating the circulation and congregation of digital actors programmed with artificial intelligence that interact with the spaces of the castle and each other. Dynamic new virtual spaces are defined by using real-time data to interpret the virtual actors’ interactions. These digital spaces are then explored with iterative growth systems that emulate the evolutionary process of nature, demonstrating the potential of metamorphic simulations and digital morphogenetics.

As an architectural interpretation, the projection outlines ZHA’s Computational Design (@zhcode) research group’s work in these iterative systems of development.

Max Cooper said, “ZHA's ideas and work fit well with my musical approach, being based on human/machine boundaries, and emergence of biological forms from simulated systems of behaviour. I drew on a couple of tracks which fit the visual style and the development of the piece, which goes from a playful exploration of human interactions with an architectural space to a barrage of cellular forms and audio-visual intensity. From my perspective, the crux of the piece is in this synchronisation, bringing the sound to life through the painstaking and in-depth simulation and generative computational approaches of the visuals.”

A million visitors have explored Mathematics: The Winton Gallery @ScienceMuseum since its opening last December.

The gallery brings together remarkable stories and historical artefacts, highlighting the central role of mathematical practice in all our lives.

Positioned at the centre of the gallery is the Handley Page ‘Gugnunc’ aeroplane, built in 1929 for a competition to construct safe aircraft. Ground-breaking aerodynamic research influenced the wing design of this experimental aeroplane, helping to shift public opinion about the safety of flying and to secure the future of the aviation industry. This aeroplane encapsulates the gallery’s overarching theme, illustrating how mathematical practice has helped solve real-world problems.

Mathematics defines the gallery’s design. Inspired by the Handley Page aircraft, the design is driven by equations of airflow used in the aviation industry. The layout and lines of the gallery represent the air that would have flowed around this historic aircraft in flight. “This pioneering project has vastly increased visitor numbers to the Mathematics Gallery and is an exemplar project in how architecture can be central to successful curatorial development. The client should be commended for engaging Zaha Hadid Architects as its designers. The project is finished to an exacting standard… the floating pod structure is precisely engineered and the precast concrete benches and new floor surfaces are seamless and refined,” explained the RIBA jury in May.

Curator Dr David Rooney said, “Mathematical practice underpins so many aspects of our lives and work. Bringing together these remarkable stories, people and exhibits in this new gallery is inspiring visitors to think about the role of mathematics in a new light.” The Sunday Times concurred, describing the new gallery as “an environment that fills you with wonder… I found myself uplifted by something pure, floaty and mysterious: the beauty of maths.” Brilliant photo by @hipster.grammer

#Mathematics #London #architecture #zahahadid #zahahadidarchitects @zhcode

Salerno Maritime Terminal named as a finalist in the 2017 Surface Travel Awards.
The Surface Travel Awards recognize the most thoughtfully conceived new projects at the intersection of travel and design, raising awareness of the crucial benefit of design as a means to improve our lives as we explore the world around us.

The Salerno Maritime Terminal is integral to the city’s urban plan. Located on the public quay that extends into Salerno’s working harbour and marina, the terminal continues the city’s relationship with the sea and establishes new links; connecting Salerno’s maritime traditions with its historic urban fabric and beyond to the hills that frame the city.
Like an oyster, the terminal’s hard, asymmetric shell protects the softer elements within; sheltering passengers from the intense Mediterranean sun during the popular tourist season. The new terminal enables the port of Salerno to increase arrivals by 500,000 additional ferry and cruise ship passengers each year, that will create up to 2,000 new jobs in the city.
At its opening, the Italian Prime Minister described the terminal as a masterpiece, explaining: “This extraordinary work adds to everything Salerno is doing to transform itself and I think it is marvellous." The New York Times agreed: “As a matter of urban planning policy, beauty mattered… In this heartland of classicism, settled by the ancient Greeks, this radically contemporary terminal could very well join the temples of Paestum and Roman Pompeii as one of the area’s must-see monuments.” Finalists and winners of the 2017 Surface Travel Awards will be announced in Surface Magazine’s annual Travel Issue and honoured at an awards ceremony in New York City this October.
Photo by #HeleneBinet
@SurfaceMag #SurfaceTravelAwards #Salerno #Italy #Italia #architecture #zahahadid #zahahadidarchitects

Zaha Hadid Architects wins Masterplan 2030 competition for the Old City Harbour in the Port of Tallinn.
Tallinn is one of the fastest growing ports in Europe, meeting an increasing demand for its services due to its success as a growing hub for cruise ship and ferry passengers as well as cargo. The masterplan consolidates and improves all the vital activities of the port while also offering land for civic use and development.
As one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, Tallinn's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while the Estonian capital is a global leader in advanced digital information technology, establishing one of the world’s most connected societies. The new masterplan celebrates this diversity and links together disparate districts of the city, creating a vibrant new community near the city centre that will provide an alternative to the city’s Soviet-era housing stock.
The masterplan re-establishes and reinforces the links with the Port of Tallinn and the Old Town, as well as the links between the city and the sea. It preserves the city’s urban fabric, vistas to historic landmarks and sea views. The new city blocks within the masterplan will continue the existing scale of adjacent districts. The flexibility of the masterplan’s civic zones allows for a rich combination of uses - including culture, entertainment, shopping and hotels - to serve Tallinn’s residents and its growing number of annual visitors (anticipated at over 5 million in 2017). Valdo Kalm, the chairman of the Port of Tallinn, explained: “Zaha Hadid Architects’ masterplan stood out for its innovative and integrated approach to Tallinn’s maritime gateway. They have very skilfully created a balanced connection between urban space and the port area with some carefully considered access roads and traffic solutions.” Render by VA
#Tallinn #Estonia #architecture #zahahadidarchitects

Repost from @OneThousandMuseum in Miami - stunning video of ongoing construction works. The tower's design introduces a fluidity that is both architectural and structural, bringing a continuity between its engineering and architecture. This seamless 66-storey external structure creates generous living areas within the tower that are uninterrupted by internal columns.
#miami #architecture #zahahadid

‘City of Towers’ installation showcased at @IDFFHK, Booth 3B01, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. 25-27 August.

Simon Yu of ZHA will be speaking @IDFFHK on Aug 27, 3:45-4:30pm ‘City of Towers’ presents the research into a new paradigm for the design and construction of high-rise buildings led by Zaha Hadid Architects. The installation outlines the evolution of architectural research and showcases the many possibilities and iterations for a tower, mapping its adaptations and development process.

The installation explores the typology of the tower through the lens of Parametricism, where all elements of the design are integrated and work together as an iterative system of development that emulates the growth processes of nature; embedding a natural fluidity within architecture and engineering.

Conceived in collaboration with @Soho_China for a proposed new business district and urban environment in central Beijing, the design breaks from the typical tower-with-podium typology by redefining the ground surface as a continuous landscape that seamlessly weaves between one tower and the next; creating a new civic centre for Beijing that embodies values of innovation, functionality and coherence.

These 3D printed studies are sculptural in quality, precise in their creation, and convey the design process applied in both ZHA’s research and built projects.

@ZahaHadidDesign #CityOfTowers #HongKong #ZahaHadid #ZahaHadidArchitects www.IDFFHK.com

Great photo reposted from @francisgaerlan of the King Abdullah Financial District Metro Station model currently exhibited at the Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) Global Design Laboratory exhibition until 10 Oct, Taipei.
ZHA transforms notions of what can be achieved in concrete, steel, and glass; combining an unwavering optimism for the future and belief in the power of invention with concepts of urban and social connectivity.
The King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) Metro Station in #Riyadh began construction last year. With multiple platforms over four levels, the station will serve as a key interchange on the city’s new urban rail network and will be wholly integrated within the financial district as a multimodal transport hub for the Riyadh’s 6 million residents.
ZHA Global Design Laboratory exhibition, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, 133 Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District #Taipei #Taiwan #architecture #exhibition #zahahadid #zahahadidarchitects @zahahadiddesign

Port House, #Antwerp shortlisted for #London @DesignMuseum’s Beazley 2017 #DesignsoftheYear.
The new Port House repurposes, renovates and extends a derelict fire station into a new headquarters for Europe’s second busiest shipping port.
An abandoned fire station on the site relied on a change of use to ensure its preservation. This disused fire station has been integrated into the new Port House headquarters.

Working with heritage consultants @Origin_EU, ZHA’s historic analysis of the fire station revealed its unrealised tower. Port House is a composition of a new volume that ‘floats’ above the old building, respecting the existing facades and completing the verticality of the original design’s unrealised tower. The new extension points towards the city, connecting Antwerp with the port and river on which it was founded.

Surrounded by water, the triangular facets of the new extension ripple like waves and reinterpret Antwerp’s moniker as the city of diamonds.
With constant references to the Scheldt River, the city of Antwerp and the dynamics of its port, married with the successful renovation and integration of the abandoned fire station, the new headquarters will serve the port well through its planned expansion over future generations.
All nominated #DesignsoftheYear will be exhibited at the Design Museum, London from 18 Oct – with winners announced in Jan 2018. Now in its 10th year, the award has previously honoured designs such as David Bowie’s Black Star album by Jonathan Barnbrook the Heydar Aliyev Centre by ZHA.
Built on the site of a Soviet munitions factory in Baku, the Heydar Aliyev Centre was described by the 2014 jury as ‘a masterwork of invention and execution'. The centre has hosted exhibitions by artists including Andy Warhol, Tony Cragg & Bernard Buffet, and performances by Alessandro Safina, Deedee Bridgewater and Itzhak Perlman. In October 2016, the centre hosted Pope Francis addressing multi-faith religious leaders and residents of the city.
Great photo by @boriannphoto / www.boriann.be
@PortofAntwerp #havenhuis #belgium #architecture #zahahadid #zahahadidarchitects

Beautiful photo reposted from @caroline_seasoning: “Father and son. Stunned by the incredible vision and ambition of Zaha Hadid architecture exhibition in the heritage conserved cultural hall that I never tire of revisiting each time I go to Taipei.” Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) Global Design Laboratory exhibition: 8 July-10 Oct, Taipei.
ZHA transforms notions of what can be achieved in concrete, steel, and glass; combining an unwavering optimism for the future and belief in the power of invention with concepts of urban and social connectivity.
Zaha Hadid insisted that we expand the boundaries of our discipline, our understanding and our knowledge, while at the same time cultivating humanism.
Our primary focus is on contributing to human well-being while the development of 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the design, construction and operations of our buildings dramatically increases construction certainty and efficiency. (Model: Beijing’s new international airport – currently under-construction, to complete in 2019)
ZHA Global Design Laboratory exhibition, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, 133 Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District #Taipei #Taiwan #architecture #exhibition @zahahadiddesign

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