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Sasha // Syazana  16•03•98 TP // ZSS // YTP Monochrome at heart

we come from the land of the ice and snow
from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow

immigrant song // Led Zeppelin // 💣💣💣 the marvel exhibit was super dope

Semaye guys 💕💕💕

take me back to the night we met

the night we met // lord huron // 💓💓💓
yesterday was fun guys
lets do it again :')

Last night, i lay in bed so blue
cuz i realise the truth
they can't love me like you

love me like you // little mix

i think i fucked up

Happy Birthday Ba!!
Love you and thank you for everything 💕💕💕

lambat sikit but i know youll forgive me 😙😙😙
congrads kak, love you forever and always 💕💕💕

너 아님 안돼

GOTTA BE YOU // 2ne1 // 💓💓💓 Thanks for today babes 💕💕💕

i think i'm back on the ceiling
it's such a beautiful feeling

up // the score // 🤷🤷🤷.
Such a nice day today, meet up with the babes and @_y4nni helped me take a picture of this. I hate my smile tho

Congraduation abang
Have fun in Ubin
Love youuu 💕💕💕 .
ps. i use your ps4 to main god of war can? kay thankyiu loveyius bye

hi, i graduated
i is the adult now
xiao excited

오늘도 전혀 안 추워 너와 함께한 겨울
내 곁엔 항상 너 내 옆에 있으니

따뜻한 겨울 // 종현 // 🌹🌹🌹 .
Day 3

Easily my favourite day of the trip. The lady who I rented the hanbok from was old and homely. Loved her to bits cuz she was nice and patient with me as I tried to converse with her. I miss her so much :') I really really really liked the hanbok.

내가 웃고 싶을 때마다 넌
나를 울어버리게 만드니까

처음부터 지금까지 // Winter Sonata // ❄❄❄ .
Day 2

We went to Nami Island on the second day. The train ride was pretty long but it was fun eitherway cuz I kindof eavesdropped on the local ahjummas' conversations to pass the time. When we reached, it was pretty cold cuz we were at the rural areas of the country. The wind damn shiok istg. The island was really pretty and we kept on playing Winter Sonata's OST the whole time we were there.
I really really liked the weather there.

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