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ジョーダン  💙👽 | 21 | Freelance Japanese Voice Actress | Death the Kid Extraordinaire / Cosplayer | 🎤🎧💻 | Character Demo Reel:

I enjoyed cosplaying this character more than I thought I would honestly.

#Kirito a.k.a. Kazuto Kirigaya
(Sword Art Online II)
#ax #sao #saoii #cosplay

#Kirito a.k.a. Kazuto Kirigaya
(Sword Art Online II)
#ax #sao #saoii #cosplay #anime

♡♡ "We will not submit to fear." ♡♡

I dubbed something neat! Consider this a sneak peek of one of my future roles. (Hint: This role may or may not include the savage mascot of a fast food chain.)

I feel like this is an extremely accurate representation of how my life is going right now.

My OC Malachi Perish. He's a jerk, but I love him to bits.

💙💙💙 Back to posting about Kid I go. Really, is it that surprising?

Bear witness to my cat's uncontrollable catnip addiction. 👽 #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #cats🐱 #cats😻 #catnip #catniphigh #catvideos

It's 4am, but what else could I possibly be doing at a time like this? Worrying about the future? Crying over finals? Fretting over voice actor issues? Yes, yes and yes. All correct.

In my world every day is Death the Kid Appreciation Day. ♡

Of course the first picture I upload here is of Kid.

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