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This weekend is non stop HUSTLE! Filming with my boy @jaydenhoskin to relaunch my YOUTUBE! 😊

Learn that limitations are only mental. If you wholeheartedly invest your time and effort toward achieving what you see as great, nothing can stop you. People don't remember those who give up, people remember those who persevere through adversity and are HUNGRY to attain success. These people will always leave a legacy. Leave yours. .
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Sometimes as you may know, people say derogatory or hateful things on my posts sometimes. I just want to make it abundantly clear that if I had listened to people who wanted to judge me and disrespect me when I first started out in this industry with nothing but a vision, I would have been doing the same old 9-5 job that I hated, working for someone else's money and then spending it on going out on the weekend to escape my own reality to this day. The fact is though, I blocked out what the naysayers said from the word go and I decided to adopt an attitude that completely disregarded all negativity. Using this mindset I have been able to travel the world doing what I love, and at the same time, been able to help thousands of people who were in exactly the same position as I was only 6 years ago. Remember, #DoWhatEverTheFuckYouWant .

TRY THIS. If you pay attention, this is a variation of flyes that targets the upper chest. With a slight bend in the elbow, pretend you’re trying to hug a tree and then try and touch your pinkies together at the end of the rep to get the best contraction of the pectoral muscles. Want more tips and access to all my workout tutorial videos, click the link in my bio.👇🏽

The 5am starts got me addicted to progress. The progress got me addicted to the process. Put in work. Get shit done. NO EXCUSES. Are YOU in the #5amSquad? .

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Seeing people take control of their lives and make massive physical and mental changes makes me so happy! Go out there and kill it. Just realise that people doing well don’t hate on you for succeeding, they applaud you. Keep your circle tight. 😊

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There have been times recently where I have been laying on the couch feeling sick, tired, run down and sore. I thought about skipping the gym for a while and how easy it would be to just have that one extra day off. Is it significant? Should I feel guilty? Will it make a difference? I remember one of my first real goals when I started in the fitness industry was to get paid to train and help other people achieve their goals. Essentially, this is what I have achieved over the past 6 years. I quickly answered my previous questions by snapping out of it, getting the fuck up and going to the gym, my work. Progression doesn't happen by waiting. It doesn't happen by chance. It certainly doesn't come about by making excuses. A great physique can't be bought, it can't be borrowed, it can't be traded. It has to be earned. But as we are all becoming more and more aware, a great physique doesn't mean much to anyone unless it's coupled with a personality. Be humble, work hard and do not demand respect, earn it.

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2018 IS YOUR YEAR! 👊💢

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