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❤️Jessie Bella❤️  Tattoos and Machines Oval Ink Tattoo co. Call (707) 469-1259 or dm. Walk ins always welcome

Cool one on @petefala thanks man!

Available tattoos for real tuff guys or gals

Top guy is healing. Thanks for looking 🇺🇸

Thanks Sam 🇺🇸

Tried targeting common carp for the first time yesterday and it was success. I got ten of em and Kyle got 5. Slimy stinky sumbitches but they fight like crazy.

Here ya go. The sheet for Friday the 13th tomorrow. I will be starting at 11 and going until I can’t. The designs are priced like so: Top layer designs are $40, middle layer designs are $60, and the bottom layer designs are $80. I would prefer to keep them black but color can be added if that’s how you roll, that being said that is the only alteration I will do to these (all designs will be applied the same size as they are on the sheet) And arms and legs only (no necks/faces/hands/sides) If anyone has any questions feel free to shoot me a message! 🤙🏻

Thanks for the postcard @randy_r

New Mexico was real. I had a lot of fun meeting my new family and visiting my grandma. We will definitely be going back soon ❤️

Good first tat 🦅

A couple of this weekends projects. The first one is a small bird and trout knife, the second is a 6 inch chefs knife. Both have a shaving sharp edge and are for sale. Thanks for looking!

Today’s jammer 🤟

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