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Zachary🙏🏼백하랑  K타이거즈| Nike프로모델 💯Focus On Me💯 Vlogger Public Figure ________________________________________________ Rest in peace Vika$h❤️

Whether it be babe, sweety, honey, or my queen; It never matters how I call you, no matter what form or fashion, I have the privilege of calling you mine❤️ And I’m lucky enough to have that privilege everyday. From the moment I wake up and look you in the eyes to the moment I fall asleep. Every moment’s worth it. I love you Babe👱🏽‍♀️👑
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Joy and happiness is what we live for. In order to get the full value of joy and happiness you must have someone to divide it with. I’m so happy to be dividing it with you, and I know we’ll share many more happy and joy-full moments together in the decades to come❤️💍
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Year of the pig and year of our daughter’s birth. 2019’s going to be a bumpy ride but we’ll get through it together. Happy New Years and I’d like to give thanks to everyone for all of their support!
#newyears #2019 #babyotw #sunset

Looking forward to celebrating every 23rd of December with you as it’s your birthday, and every 25th with you as it’s Christmas. Yet equally importantly, I am also so happy to have given the 24th of December a special meaning, as it’s the day that we got engaged and promised marriage to each other. You’re the one, you’ve been here all along, and everything that has happened was meant to bring us together as not only a couple, but as best friends too. I’ll continue to always be here for you, I can promise this as it comes from my heart. I love you Jessyca, and you make me so proud. Not only to call you the mother of our child. But to be blessed enough to call you my fiancé, and the love of my life💍
#engaged #inlove #fiancé #christmaseve #merrychristmas #forever💍

I’m so proud of how strong a person you are. How you would tell it how it is. That you are not only able to comfort those but mold and mend the hearts of those who are your loved ones. I speak in present tense because you’ll always live within us. And now while you rest in peace I’m proud of you for proving that death does no more than turn you over from time to eternity. May you rest in the hearts of your loved ones and in unalloyed peace for eternity.

We love you Vikash♥️
Happy 22nd
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Can’t wait to be a father to our beautiful baby 👨🏻👶🏻👩🏻 #happyhalloween🎃

I’m not interested in downgrading my dream just to fit everyone’s reality. I’ve always been interested in upgrading my conviction to match my destiny.
현실에 맞게 꿈을 격하시키지 말고 자신의 운명에 맞게 신념을 업그레이드하십시오.
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Chillin with bae and acting like I need glasses.. 🤓👸🏻👶🏻 family photo
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세상에 제일 이기고싶은거 있으면 어떻게 혼자 익일수있을까 고민중입니다. 같이 모두 이기고싶은것들 이깁시다^^ _______________________________________________________
•What have I learned in the past 3 years of being on the other side of the world? Life. respect. Courage. Most importantly though that life is what it is and to not only accept it but to learn from it and grow from it. •Lately many people are interested in what I’ve done with my life. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, what truly matters is what you do from here. •So what are you doing lately Zack? I’m moving in the same direction I’ve been moving in for the past 3 years. Forward. Move with me or without me, but if you ever stop moving just know where to find me. Forward👉🏻
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Dad I know that you are not the strongest person when on your own. But you become the strongest person when you are around your family. I know you will get through this cancer and at the very minute that you have beaten it, you will say something to the doctors, like, "make up your mind dude, you take Visa or Discovery?" Haha. You will always be the strongest man I have ever known. I love you❤️️ 우리아버지가 수술또 하고있어요. 아버지는 한본 불평 하지않았으니까 내아버지가 세계에서 제일잘나가!!! ㅋㅋ 힘내요 아빠❤️️ 시랑해❤️️
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