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Brian Zach 

495lbs against quaded bands for a triple. If you don't have a your favorite song playing just ask @korean_enforcer to be a hype man
@californiaelitetrainingcenter coach @gracievanasse #deadlifts #heckgravity

That face you make when you accidentally sneeze when you're on the toilet

695lbs rack pull. Tried a wider stance and it felt pretty good. #deadlifts #conaventionalisbetterthansumo

@bigburrito303 got really shouty and I didn't know what to do.

My 3rd attempt bench of 496lbs at BOBV. These awesome photos taken by none other than @brettb1973 @gracievanasse @californiaelitetrainingcenter @timsmithid @b_dew_powerlifting

Crossfit! Handstand pushups for 7 whole reps

All it takes is a mental adjustment, some tight clenching and a few back slaps. @brettb1973 @gracievanasse @weak_lil_guy #benchpress #squats #deadlifts #gonnakeepmyheadshavedcauseimslowlylosingmyhair

Awesome photos of my 3rd attempt Squat 733lbs taken by @brettb1973 @bossbarbellclub

733lbs squat thank you @davydoesntdocardio for a wicked awesome knee wrap. I also got really excited about this. Coach @gracievanasse

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