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Brian Zach 

Wow! A parade! Hi parade, hi tuba player, hi, drummer, hi, guy with the cymbals, hi, trumpeter, hi tambourine girl, hi, timbale man, hi, didgeridoo player, [didgeridoo player wears a big skirt, hat, sunglasses]hi, triangle player, hi, guy with the kettle drum, hi, pianist, hi, guy with the flute. And heeelllooo, Dolly! @bridgetsoell

ERHMEHGERD mom he waved at me @bridgetsoell MICKEYFREAKINMOUSE


Paint the night parade @bridgetsoell

At Disneyland with my mom @bridgetsoell

That face you make when you realize you're going bald and have a double chin.

Last deadlift before Boss of Bosses V.
Coach @gracievanasse

722lbs followed by 760lbs miss. Thanks @b_dew_powerlifting @timsmithid for spotting, thanks @chrisgordert for the wrap. Coach @gracievanasse

495lbs and then 517lbs off a 2 board with commands from Saturday. Coach @gracievanasse thanks to @b_dew_powerlifting and @ryanrubiocp for the help. @jmfdubbya @timsmithid I'll do whatever I need to grind through a rep even if that means shouting at gravity. #benchpress #heckyourbenchpress #heckgravity

Hit up some incline today trying to be like @chrisgordert 365x5

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