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Proud of my beautiful sistah @lydiakathleen for launching her calligraphy business today. She’s just getting started but already groovin in a positive flow state. Follow her journey @tobewritten_shop love you Lyddie, few people are willing to share their passion with the world because of the criticism they might receive. I know that as you write inspirational phrases and truthful sayings people are going to feel the impact and be inspired to partner with your faith. You go girl, rah you!



Your life is the outline others will follow. What picture will you paint?

Life is not about what you know, it’s about the community you grow.

It’s only when I look into the light that I see my shadows. What else would reveal the darkness within? What else could rid me of all my sin? Love the light and Live again.

We live in a society where everyone judges everyone else. This type of environment is the product of our collective insecurity. Go get some checkered socks and breakdance on a golf course; we can break the trend. Get it, BREAK ^^^ hahaha I yam fun knee.

We may encounter the same circumstances from time to time, but we are at a higher level of healing. This truth was revealed to me on the day I did this sketch. Many times we look at our lives and compare them to others, wondering why we don’t have this or that. If you compare your circumstances to others, you will always lose. Make the best of where you are. I did this sketch in green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy. Green is also associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, and safety. Look at this sketch and receive the opportunity to see your circumstance in a new way.

A lot of times in life, we see chaos trapping us like a box around our light. We search for an opening, a gap, a window, yet our soul only sees darkness. We are suffocated by confusion and ready to give up. We are bruised at every sight. We question, we question, we question, and then we get trapped in our head.
Look deeper, my friends, at your design. See the chaos around you, and know there is a creation taking place in the midst of it. When you operate from that creation and that design, strength will be released to everyone around you, and they too will be empowered to see the bigger picture.

I'm not here just to entertain you; I'm here to stir up your faith and make you smile at impossibilities. Today is my birthday, so I'll make a commitment to the biggest smiles thus far! Be free to smile with me.

When we see patterns of any kind, we see repetition and uniformity. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we are influenced by pattern. I often wonder if my pattern will match someone else’s pattern, and sometimes that thought can change my design. Be careful what you meditate on. We are created to be uniquely ourselves and cultivate creativity from the innermost being. From this connection, we recognize the good, the bad, the in-between, gifting us the option to be loving human beings. Allow your design to flow through the divine and inspire all people.

Fun editorial yesterday! Swipe left to see full carousel. 2/12 custom Jackets! More complete each week! Thanks for the love @yestheory @seek.discomfort and every other beautiful human. We are all equals.

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