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L I V E S ☼ L O V E I I I I 🌹  Instagram - evidence of process to promise. The exhibition is coming... 2020 HMITA

Hey guys, is live. Kinda speaking in 3rd person but whatever. This is a site I made so I can show y’all what I’m working on each day. If you wanna check it out just type in and follow along. I am spending 2019 working toward our first exhibition and this is a sneak peek into that. To all the living, stay alive! I know everyone loves these word posts so I’m stoked to see all the likes pouring in.

We have two podcasts coming out soon! I’m thankful for our team and all the support we’ve been given. 2019 is a BIG one, please stay dialed in fam! I may be sitting down but my heart is up as ever! 💥💥💥💥💋

TYLER TRENT 9/7/1998-1/1/2019 If it’s in your heart, click the link in my bio and share it with the world as we honor Tyler’s beautiful life. #tylerstrong or YOUTUBE- Tyler Trent Mural

PASSION KEEPS YOU FOCUSED. I appreciate all the love I’ve been getting on these dudes! We’re officially finishing jackets 97-103 right now. 🤙🏻


Proud of my beautiful sistah @lydiakathleen for launching her calligraphy business today. She’s just getting started but already groovin in a positive flow state. Follow her journey @tobewritten_shop love you Lyddie, few people are willing to share their passion with the world because of the criticism they might receive. I know that as you write inspirational phrases and truthful sayings people are going to feel the impact and be inspired to partner with your faith. You go girl, rah you!



Your life is the outline others will follow. What picture will you paint?

Life is not about what you know, it’s about the community you grow.

It’s only when I look into the light that I see my shadows. What else would reveal the darkness within? What else could rid me of all my sin? Love the light and Live again.

We live in a society where everyone judges everyone else. This type of environment is the product of our collective insecurity. Go get some checkered socks and breakdance on a golf course; we can break the trend. Get it, BREAK ^^^ hahaha I yam fun knee.

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