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Zach Nelson  1/2 ZINDEE @zindeeofficial / YouNow | zachnelsonmusic Business Inquiries: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE LATEST VIDEO 👇🏼

WE WENT TO HOGWARTS ⚡️ Click the link in my bio to watch our Universal Studios vlog 😄🙈➡️ Be sure to subscribe and turn on post notifications if you haven’t already 🔔♥️
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I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you! I can’t believe in less than 2 weeks I’ll be moving to Nashville. These last few years have been such a blessing and I can’t wait to see where this year takes us. ❤️💍 Pic by: @averylynnphoto

I live stream every day on YouNow and I’d love to start getting to hang out with you guys on there again! I’m on every day at 9am PST and 2pm PST. That’s 12pm EST and 5pm EST! 😄🎉 If you’ve never watched me or if you used to watch me or you still watch me I’d love to start seeing you all here each day! We always have so much fun... Plus you usually get to hear sneak peaks of new music each week! ❤️😄 my username on YouNow is zachnelsonmusic make sure you follow and have notifications turned on 😄

OUR NEW SINGLE “CITY LIGHTS” IS HERE! 🎉🎶 This is the first song we wrote together in person. It’s the song that started it all. So make sure to click the link in my bio and listen to this song on Spotify on repeat 😄 @zindeeofficial

Here’s a short little clip of the first song @lindeelink and I wrote together in person. Also, SURPRISE!!! 🍾🎊😱 It just went up for pre-order on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. It’s linked in my bio and on my story! 🎶 This song means so much to Lindee and I. We wrote it when we first met almost three years ago, and now we’re getting married. If you haven’t checked out our music in a while this is the song to check out! We can’t wait for you to hear the song that started it all “City Lights” 😍💍 (link in bio)

WE WENT CAKE TASTING! 😍Click the link in my bio to see which flavors we tried and watch the whole experience! 🎂💍
(Pic by: @averylynnphoto )

WE GOT OUR FIRST APARTMENT!! 🎉🍾🙈😱 Click the link in my bio to see which one we chose!!! Photo by: @averylynnphoto

OH MY GOSH 😳😂 I can’t believe she said that... click the link in my bio to watch our most likely to challenge on @zindeeofficial 😂

OUR FIRST SINGLE AS @ZindeeOfficial IS HERE!!! 🔥🎉🙌🏼🎶 We’re so excited for you to give it a listen! If you haven’t already go listen to it on Spotify and put it on repeat! (Link in bio)

We just posted a new video of us doing the TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE... 😂💦 🚨spoiler 🚨 it got messy🙄 Give it a watch if you need a good laugh! Leave a like & comment if you enjoyed it! 😂😄 it’s on our channel ZindeeOfficial

NEW VIDEO UP!! We did the “Not My Arms Challenge” and things got a little crazy 😂😂 Click the link in my bio to find out what happens 😂🎉 Make sure to leave a like and a comment we’ll be responding to them all 😄


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