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Zach  FL Funko Pop, Dorbz Collector 🍊 Disney World Annual Passholder 🏰 Film Addict 📽 Nintendo / PC Gamer 🕹

What a fantastic film! Great villain portrayal, costumes were so creative, the character motivations were on point. One of the better marvel movies for sure. What did y’all think?

Hunting for treasure again with Captain Jack Sparrow ☠️

Back to the future! 🤖

Finding myself in the Twilight Zone again 👻

New Magicband!! Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite Disney movie, so this was an instant buy. What’s your favorite Disney movie??

Best girlfriend in the world! Yellow is my favorite color and these joycons make my switch look like my old gameboy color! Love you @brandilynn95 ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day babe!!

Dope mail call! Holo Vader is sick looking. Might have to hunt the rest of the dorbz series this weekend at Disney 😬

Awesome gift from my mom!!Completed the common set of Scooby Doo pops! If only I could have snagged the con exclusive Creeper 👻

Found a league mystery mini for $3 at GameStop. Pulled Nautilus!! Still haven’t gotten any doubles, but haven’t pulled Ahri yet. Do any of you play League of Legends? Who’s your favorite champ??

Target mail call! Wasn’t really planning on getting any of the Minecraft pops but the sculpt on the skeleton is amazing. Open face Young Ford is so cool, straight out of the show!

After $15 of rewards from Best Buy, Chaos and the Nintendo card came out to .50 cents!! They were expiring tonight so had to grab something.

Now this is pod racing!! First time in a while I’ve found something in Walgreens usually they never stock anything.

Finally found this Game of Thrones Sdcc 3-pack at FYE!!! Too cool to pass up, especially after not seeing this in person ever. Fun fact, game of thrones is what got me into pops intially. What was the show, movie, or comic that got you into Funko Pops??

Last thing I picked up yesterday at Booksamillion. After my membership discount, the Hogwarts Express came out to $10!! Long game ftw. 😎

Eh, what's up Doc?? Awesome mail call from Target! 🥕🥕🥕

Awesome pick up at Hot Topic today!! Perfect pop adaptation.

More Westworld finds at Booksamillion! I've completed the regular set, now just need to hunt down the con exclusives.

Currently hunting around Melbourne and found Bernard at Barnes and Noble! Still need to get the comic con exclusives from boxlunch. Anyone see the season 2 trailer?? Looks sooooo good!!

Here's what I pulled from the psh blindbags. E. Honda is sick!! Might have to go back and cop the others 😬

Found some Street Fighter pint sized heroes at Walmart for $1! Never opened these before, hoping to pull Sagat 🤼‍♀️ Who's your go-to fighter??

Here are the rare pulls from the packs I got earlier. Nothing too crazy, but the artwork in this set is really nice overall. Here's a code too for anyone that plays the online tcg 👌🏻

Had no idea a new Pokemon set was coming out. Figured I'd give it a shot since it features some Eevee evolutions. I'll post any cool pulls later. Any of y'all open packs of the new Pokemon cards set?

Cool Marvel Tsum Advent Calendar find for $5! I've always liked the small tsum tsum figures. This comes with Thanos and the infinity guantlet so I had to cop it. I'll post everything inside later when I open it 👌🏻

I'm Mary Poppins y'all! Definitely a must buy! Which Con exclusives are you excited for??

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