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Zach Kuipers  💯Flannel Power - 🔹BPI Athlete🔹- ☀️🌴Miami FL🌴☀️ 🏈EliteU Sports Academy⚽️ ➡️Strength Coach/Trainer⬅️ The Miami Barbell Club

Double #WCW
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These two make me feel more than just hungry and sleepy. I'm a lucky man 😊 #womancrushwednesday

I don't always drink protein shakes. But when I do, I make sure to photograph it. #ISOHD for when your in a pinch 😎
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🌴☀️ M I A ☀️🌴
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When you're trying to make it through a long week. One step at a time. *** BPI 2-Day site wide sale EVERYTHING 50% off*** get it while you can
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Client programming on a sunny ☀️afternoon. Without a shirt on because I'm a tool 🔧 🔜🔜🔜My Gladiator class will be beta-testing a new 9 week all inclusive training program. If it's good maybe I'll share 😉💀

Who doesn't love a good bench session?
I prefer to take my BCAA pre-workout and in the afternoon to help preserve lean muscle mass. If you are dieting or in a calorie deficit I would recommend this product to help protect that sexy muscle you worked hard to build. Currently 10% off on Amazon right now 👌
#BestBCAA #BPINation #TeamBPI #BPIAmazon @amazon @bpi_sports @bpi_sports_uk #americanbarbellclub @americanbarbellclub wrist wraps keeping these hands tight ✊️🇺🇸

"The best thing about bein a woman.. is knowing when to have a little fun" - Shania Twain
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What's this? Just another over-filtered, over-hash tagged, inspirational quoted, self loving bathroom selfie. Because Instagram doesn't have enough of these already 😉💁🏼‍♂️happy #flexfriday

Throwing it back back to the time I flew United Airlines... jk just the good old college days, drinking green juices and winning an MMA welterweight championship on 10 days notice.
For those of you that don't know that's 170lbs! I'm 225 as of now.
This fight was one of the single hardest things I've done in my life. Broken nose, split eyebrow that needed stitches, a concussion, and a fully ripped off fingernail. I was almost knocked out on several occasions but still managed to keep my composure and bang it out for the entirety of the fight. I won split decision by one point. Mentally I was razor sharp. There are moments in people's lives that will define who they truly are and change their perspectives for eternity. This was one of those times.
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Just Me, a fountain, and some 1.M.R. After this picture was taken I dumped the whole tub in the fountain and swam in it. Typical Wednesday
Get yours on @amazon because actually going to a store is old news 😁
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