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#FrontSquatFriday throwing it back to a 600lbs front squat at the good old Iron Addicts Miami. With @mikeizzolo at my back and @sj_able working the mono. Powered by: @bpi_sports

Learn to trust the process. Success and results don't come over night but if you train yourself to be dedicated to a lifestyle devoted to your own well-being you will seldom be disappointed. And investment in yourself is never a bad one.
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Today is 10/10 so I figured it would only be appropriate to do 10x10 on everything legs this morning... Still walking off that pump😈
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#ZBKperformance #FlannelPower

Columbus Day Vibes

Saturday full of knowledge and lifting. Special thanks to @thebattleaxegym @beardstrongpodcast @ketocounterculture @briancarroll81 @themiamibarbellclub and everyone else who came out to share knowledge, power, and a couple cold ones.
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Here is a fun leg variation to try after some squats. 'Reverse Hack Squat Lunges'. Since these are on a fixed machine you can really focus on blowing up those legs. Typically save until the end of the workout to polish things off.
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Deep down just a corn fed country boy packing a Hemi #americanmuscle #kansasraised

Hoping to turn into a super hero over here lifting with Thor's hammer. Doing a little back accessory after a good leg session.
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Homemade breakfast burritos, and some 🍉 1MR to keep this shoulder workout extra juicy 🌯Burrito Recipe in my Diet plan coming soon. 😋
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Healthcare by: @genteramed
Powered by: @themiamibarbellclub
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Worrying about your followers, you need to get your dollars up. - Meek Mill
Jk #followersarelife

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