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Got some news this week about a guy I knew who left us far too soon. While I wasn’t super close with him, he was still someone who crossed my mind from time to time. He was held in such a high regard by all who knew him, it’s really sad to think that he might not have been able to see that when he made his choice.. Unfortunately this was the third instance in the past month, where people within similar circles had found themselves in a dark place and felt like they only had one option out..

Social media is such a trip. While it might look like someone’s life is all smiles and fun times, often the reality is much different. Go! Find someone you care about and reach out to them! Make it known to them that there’s a lot of love there for them so if they’re ever in a bad place, they can feel comfortable & safe enough to talk & that you’re there to listen. Be kind to each other out there team. Too many good people are leaving us far too soon 💔

#itsnotweaktospeak #wellbeing #bekind

Would have loved to have made it to the Halberg Awards as an athlete.. got there in the end though! Might not have been nominated for anything, but sneaking in as a presenter for @redcarpetnz still counts right?? ✔️😂

Pretty fun night interviewing people I used to train with, but was made better having this pretty girl on my arm who made it all possible🔥🔥😘

This time last week my ears were ringing and I was still drying out from an epic @foofighters set.
This was also the last known snap with my poncho before a wild @lilymcmanus decided I didn’t need it & destroyed it. RIP poncho, you were good while you lasted ✌🏽

Hangry (adj.): A condition that causes irrational behaviour & anger due to a lack of food.

Remedy: @subwaynz Homestyle Chicken foot-long Sub!

Luckily for me (and everyone in my immediate vicinity) I got to test drive this new summer staple made fresh with all the good stuff to avoid a hanger outburst 👌🏽

#subwaynz #sponsored #myrecordisthreefootlongs

Favorite part of my job? The pre-race chats and post race debriefs. Love being there to listen how they want to attack a race or reassure them when things don’t go to plan 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Proud of how they all kept bouncing back, stepping up and were ready for more after three days of hot sun and solid conditions. Weekends like this remind me why I love what I do ☀️🌊🏅

“It’ll be fun” they said.. And they were kinda right 👌🏽 Very stoked I can still catch up with these people and share a couple of quiets, some yarns and a few laughs about the summer so far 🍻☀️✌🏽

Also, Happy born day @mollylittlejohn
#substance #actuallyhassubstance

Summer time=gig season ☀️💥
Hard to beat some time in the sun with mates & live music! •
Auckland City Limits has a killer line-up & I’m fizzing to head along on March 3rd https://www.aucklandcitylimits.com #ACLNZ

Easily one of the better ways to follow a night of good music and a few jars 🌊✔️
ft. A questionably deep scoop neckline 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

Loving the Uncle hangs with this little one over the holidays! She’s now passed calling me “Uncle Ack” and has moved on to Zachary 😂

Time with the cheeky little monkey makes wiping the ice cream and lemonade off the boots worth while ❤️
#merchantmoments #sp #prouduncle

Only pic I could find on my phone from last night but kinda sums up my summer so far: Blurry, loud and filled with good people 🍻💥🔥

Stoked the weathers played its part so far & amped for next few months worth of gigs and adventures ☀️👌🏽

Many miles, yarns and beverages had over the past week with the crew! Keep pouring it on thanks festi season!
☀️🍺🥂🧢🕶 _____________________________________________________________
Shoutout to the bros @badenkerr @_jacoblh for the threads & roof over my head to accommodate spontaneous summer plans 🙌🏽👌🏽❤️
#festi #loudmusic

Causing trouble with the #1 since ages ago 🙌🏽 Didn’t lose my life savings, so a bit unsure if I actually went to the races? 🤔🐴🐴

IS IT CHRISTMAS YET?? Can almost taste the roast meat and veggies 🤤
Merry Christmas peeps, stay safe and I hope you can enjoy the company of your nearest & dearest! 🎅🏼🤶🏼🎄🎄

Ironed shirt: ✔️
Pearly whites: ✔️
Pants short enough to ankle tan: ummm 🤦🏽‍♂️ Thankfully the @merchant1948 team made sure I was well heeled to enjoy the laughs and sunshine with the wedding crew 👌🏽🙌🏽 #merchantmoments #sp

Crazy how fast this year has gone with Christmas nearly here! Stoked on what 2017 had to offer ⚡️A friend recently asked me what I’d tell the 18 year old me and what I landed on was: Be polite and remember your please and thank you’s. It’s funny where the small things will take you 💥💥

Excited to be involved in the December campaign with @voicesofhope My clip is the first to drop and will be released this Wednesday morning around 7.30am on their Facebook page. I speak about my family’s interaction with the suicide of someone close and how it impacted us. I remember before the interview feeling good about speaking.. but quickly felt how raw the issue is for me some 8 years later. Really hope it keeps the momentum going and reminds us all #itsnotweaktospeak ❤️🙌🏼👌🏼❤️

SUMMER = The beach, racing & maaaates ☀️🍺🌊 powered by @jackwilson26 💪🏽👌🏽

Pretty hard not to crack a smile when this guy wanders over with his big goofy grin 🐶 No matter what’s going on, he’ll always make your day a little bit better. Pretty incredible how personable they are and thankful I’m one of the six people he let’s play with him 😂 #doggo

Such a good time last night, appreciating people at the top of their game, showcasing their passion 🎤🎼🎸
Big congrats to all the finalists & winners! But also to me for keeping my eyes open. Just 😂🤞
📸: @carmenbirdphotography

Pretty lucky to have a good group of mates in my life. Especially when things get busy and we don’t see each other as much as we’d like, we can just pick up exactly where we left off. It’s easy to enjoy the simple things when you’re with your ride or dies 👌👊
#merchantmoments #sp

The only thing to do when you come across a beat up old wagon: Shoot an album cover for your fake band 🎤💿📸 #wouldneverbeinarealband #tonedeaf

When you’re not sure what’s next, go back to what you would have done before and start filling your cup back up. Travel locked, adventures set & summers on its waaaay☀️🇯🇵❄️🇺🇸🌊💥

At the start of this year I first laid eyes on someone pretty incredible. I knew quickly that this was the girl I had been searching for. I became a very lucky man in being able call her mine, and count myself fortunate to have held her hand by my side ever since. We’ve had plenty of laughs and have shared some pretty special memories together in that time. However.. in life, some things just aren’t meant to be.. Recently we both decided to continue our relationship just as friends. We’ll always share a lot of mutual love and respect, but felt we just weren’t quite right for each other. It’s not something we took lightly & it’s really tough for the both of us. I know there’s no one else I would have rather embarked on this wild ride with, and can only ever smile when thinking of the time Viarni and I shared. I’ve learnt a lot from her and have had so many good times, for which I’ll always be grateful. We’ve also really appreciated the kind words & messages from everyone throughout. You’ve all helped make this crazy & amazing adventure something we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.
Signing off one last time, Z & V ❤️

It’s hard to not love your job when you get to watch these groms push themselves and grow. They also take better snaps too 📸

Throwback to an epic week of watching them train with the big guns and having them wind me up for 168 hours straight 👌

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