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@natafig was born on Pie Day (3.14) so it’s only fitting that she’s able weave a soigné lattice.

Every once in a while Brody actually feels like listening.

Chef Rich with the high-braid. 💁‍♀️

Demonstrations on point

Vamos Mexico!

“I will decidedly not be regretting missed opportunities for a good time.” A.B.

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous queen. Natalie, you’ve got such an amazing future in front of you and I am so grateful to be there for every part of it. I love you, baby!

In preparation for Next's "World's 50 Best" menu...

Feeling on cloud nine when I'm with @natafig

When I interviewed for the job at @nextchicago chef @jennertomaska told me that it would be like going to school, in that you get out what you put in; as with anything else in life. And what they expect you to put in is consistency. Chef @bornburgundy preaches consistency over everything else because that's what makes a restaurant worth visiting.
After one year in a Chef @grant_achatz style kitchen I've seen more new techniques, service ware ideas, plating ideas, flavor combinations, presentations and opportunities for creativity than I could have ever thought to see. And yet I know there's still so much more learn.

Menu's in order of appearance: Hollywood, Ancient Rome, The French Laundry and South America.

Let's get better with age together. 😘 Happy Birthday Natalie Nicole Figueroa!

🇯🇵 🌴 Found a little paradise on a cold Chicago day.

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