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Did you honestly think I was done?
I’ve only just begun! 😤

October 2017 vs September 2018
Constantly learning, constantly improving, never satisfied 👊
I haven’t finished competing this year, I still have one more show to do!!
Now the Olympia weekend is finished, it’s time to work.
Head down, tunnel vision.
Focused 😤
I plan on bringing my best package so far, and I’m excited to see the final outcome.
Who’s with me?
For all training / coaching enquiries email; and start your own transformation today!

Ran into the one and only @wesleyvissers yesterday after shooting for GAT!
I’ve been following Wesley for a long time now, and I have to say he has one of the best physiques (IMO) in the world!
Huge motivation of mine and I strongly believe he’ll be top 3 at the Olympia very soon!
Very humble, amazing work ethic and overall talent.
A very bright future for this amazing athlete!

A LOT of areas to work on and improvements to make.
It’s time to work 👊
My journeys just begun.

Time to see what Vegas is all about 🤑

Don’t give up on your dreams.
Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re being unrealistic, wasting your time and that you’re living in a dream world.
Follow your heart, do what you love, WORK your ass off and NEVER GIVE UP!
One day, it will all pay off 🙏
#Transformation #Physique

Hotel arm workout with my homie @ryanhgraham 💪
20 minutes, in and out. No messing about!

Its great to have the GOAT back that is @jonnybones !
This guy is such an inspiration to me, without doubt one of the strongest and hard working guys I know.
Here’s to the future brother, let’s do this! 🙏

Most people one day after a show literally gain between 5-20lbs depending on how much they eat, drink etc.
I ate like a king last night and drank a tonne of water...
Last year I gained 15lbs overnight doing this!
This year, 1.8.
1.8lbs heavier than show day.
When I said it’s not over, It’s not over.

One day... One day.

Thank you for the love and support ❤️

Check ins with @berrydemey 💪
@mrolympiallc Amateur Men’s Physique

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