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Smashed a workout with my bro @tomwade98 🤟
Despite being autistic and having his own personal battles, he’s still in here working hard and pushing himself to make his dreams become a reality!!
#Respect #Motivation

Lmfaooo, had to re-post this 😂😭
Would you do this for $100?!
Well, @jeremy_buendia was a man of his word and paid up!
My excuse was, I had been watching jackass all day... #NeverAgain

Another trailer for my latest video 💪
Link to watch the full video is in my bio!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one 🤟

Caught mid-sneeze 😝
Starting to fill out those XL’s though 🤟

They gave their today for our tomorrow.

The moment I saw my mum after stepping off stage from my first ever competition ❤️
#HappyTears #Family

Bodybuilding isn’t about being better than someone else...
It’s about being better than who you used to be.
The journey I’m on isn’t just about me though, inspiring others along the way is just as important 👊
#Inspire #Dream #Live

The importance of having a spotter!!!
Still managed a few reps before controlling the negatives whilst he helped me get those 55kg dumbbells up on the last 2...
I still slowly controlled them negatives down myself.
Yes, I didn’t do the 55’s for reps by myself, but I definitely done something I wouldn’t have been able to do if I was by myself!
So before you all start skating each other online every time a spotter steps in to assist, just remember they’re doing more than they originally would be able to!

Working on my weaknesses 💪
#Backday #Ratio

Veni vidi vici 🔱

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