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Happy Friday to you beautiful people! Full face of testing TOP RATED makeup from @makeuprevolutionusa is live on the channel! (Details on this full look also included) 😘

It’s ... My ... Birthday! 🎉 I’m currently listening to a toddler throwing a tantrum 🤦🏼‍♀️ At least Gia sleeps through them! Today’s chatty tutorial is live and I also included a small tour of Gia’s room as part of it 😉😘❤️ Hope you have a great day!! P.S. Some people have asked where I got the decor ... Etsy! For the name sign, look up the shop “LesBellesMonogram” and for the flowers/butterflies, look up the shop “MioGallery” ... the other decor (wall hangings) I found at Hobby Lobby 😍

So ... I cleaned out my e.l.f. Drawer in today’s video 😂 Live on YT! If you like declutter videos, let me know! I’m doing Fall cleaning in the studio and wouldn’t mind filming more! PS The giveaway mentioned in the video will be posted later this afternoon when Gia takes her nap 😉

So unbelievably excited for today’s video!!! Huge congrats to one of my favorite peoples on YouTube: @emilynoel83 I reviewed her two new palettes done in collaboration with @makeuprevolutionusa ... included two looks and swatches, also! 😍 P.S. Please excuse my foundation that OXIDIZED towards the end of the video, ugh. #PaleGirlProblems 🤷‍♀️😂

Back to the Keto diet I go! I’ve got 34 pounds to lose ... again. 😂 (Funny how both kids gave me the same amount of weight gain!) Lunch today is canned salmon, avocado, chopped cilantro, 1 teaspoon lime zest with almonds and a squeeze of lime juice. 😋 Not gonna lie though, part of my weight loss this time around may be in part of not finding time to eat during the day with wrangling these two kids 😞 Somehow though I got them BOTH down for their naps at the SAME time 🙌🏻 and I had about 20 mins to myself before Gia woke up 😩 Anyway, a new video will be up later tonight after my husband takes over for the evening 😏😉😆 Hope you’re having a great day!

Meet the newest little member of our family: Giavonna! Her birth story and latest personal update video are now live on the channel! I also shared some new photos not seen here on social media towards the end of the video ☺️ Frugal Fridayz will return next week 😉😘❤️ (Special “thank you!!” To Kerrie @purebloomphoto for the beautiful newborn pictures!)

Hey gorgeous friends! If you missed my video on the @olay Foaming Whip Body Wash, I’m just going to reiterate how much I love this stuff 😍 It doesn’t move once you dispense it in your hand (that means more on your bod and less down the drain!) and it leaves your skin feeling so soft! Hubby told me the other night he really liked my “new perfume” and I had to laugh because it was this body wash he was smelling so if you’re wondering if the scent stays, it DOES! Get yours here: #WillItFlip #Ad #OlayBody #WhipFlipGrow

Happy Monday to you! Today’s video has five eyeshadow/lipstick pairing ideas (including details on how to get the look shown here!) I’m a sucker for copper eyes and wine lips 😏 If you need some inspiration, this video is for you! What’s your go-to eyeshadow/lipstick combination?

We didn’t really get a good picture of Giavonna the first day in all the excitement so I thought I’d share another ☺️ How I captured that little smile, I’ll never know! She’s such an angel 😍 she’s cool, calm, relaxed ... even Jett’s tantrums don’t bother her in the least and she sleeps right through them! (That’s saying a LOT!) 😂 She doesn’t care for pacifiers (thankfully!) but is taking to her thumb we’ve noticed. We are all adjusting well for the most part. First couple of days were rough for Jett but he’s getting better. Each day is an adventure with two now, let me tell you but I wouldn’t have it any other way ☺️😍❤️ #LifeIsComplete

Happy Wednesday to you gorgeous peoples! (It is Wednesday, right? 🤔😆) Each time I wear this neutral look in videos lately I’ve been asked what I used and how to get it so today’s video is a complete tutorial on my neutral go-to look of the moment! 😍 it uses the @toofaced Natural Matte palette by the way, which is a current obsession 😏 Have a fabulous day!

Introducing: Giavonna Skyler ❤️ Gia was born this morning at 5:49 a.m., 8 lbs., 21” long. Quickest labor ever, oh my goodness! 6 hours with 15 minutes spent pushing! Quite a change from my labor with Jett! We are so in love with this beautiful little girl! She barely cries, she’s just so cool, calm and content. 😍 Will have her birth story up on YouTube in about two weeks or so; special “thank you!” To our midwife @cherylmoorelicensedmidwife and dear friend @kashley913 for all their help and support (love you, ladies!)! ❤️ Thank you all for your loving comments, prayers and unwavering support! P.S. Picture #3 was Jett’s reaction to his little sister; how sweet is that?! 😍

Reviewing two of the new Magnif’Eyes palettes from @rimmellondonus in today’s video, live on the channel!! Swipe left for a preview of the purple palette! Have you picked up either of these? (Wanted so badly to review the third one they released with these two but couldn’t find it to save mah life! 😩)

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