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Zabrena 💋  Beauty & Fashion YouTuber ✉️ 🎥 👻 Snapchat: Zabby.Babe 👇🏻 2,000+ pics of eyeshadow combinations

Happy Friday to you! A new video is live! I’m sharing my top favorite hair products from the drugstore, all under $10! What are some of yours?! Do we have any in common? Have a fabulous weekend 😘❤️

Details on my makeup in today’s video (well, the intro portion, anyway)! I’ll try and do more of these for future videos, too 😉 I used the @toofaced White Chocolate Bar palette for this look:

Sugared Raisin / on lid

Chocolate Syrup / deepen crease
Cake Batter / blend out Chocolate Syrup
Black Sugar / outer third of lid and outer v
Lashes / Eyelure ‘Ashton’

Cheeks / Chanel ‘In Love’

Lips / NYX ‘Pumpkin Pie’

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He’s home. ❤️ We picked up Dad today, Passover of all days! 😍 This beautiful cross I’ll be wearing around my neck from time to time holds some of Dad’s ashes. I’ll treasure it always. A new video is up with a storytime chit chat ... be warned you may cry but I promise you’ll also laugh 😉😘 Thank you all for your support through this difficult time, you are the most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for.

Thank you so much @magiclinks for the gorgeous flowers, they brought me joy today 😍☺️❤️😘

Thank you everyone for you beautiful prayers and kind, warm words at the loss of my Dad. Your support is immeasurable! I’m jumping back into work mode, as that is what Dad would want ☺️ Nothing like putting your makeup on and doing your hair to make you feel like a million bucks. The hair though, didn’t cost me a million and I did it all by myself at home ... if you missed last Frugal Fridayz’s video I did showing how to get rid of my multi-toned dark red hair color with ColorOops, check it out 😉❤️ #ad #developus #coloroops #hairdye #hairdyeremover

Our last picture together 💔 We lost Dad on Wednesday, March 21 at 4:20 am. I was at his bedside, holding his hand. He was there when I took my first breath and I was there when he took his last. I felt his spirit leave, and since then I’ve not been able to feel much else. I’m heartbroken beyond words. I’m trying to stay positive as he would want me to be and looking for strength in God’s word. We did have one last great day together on Friday, March 16 when I took the day off from work and took him out for fun. The next day he fell unconscious and began his descent. Maybe that last day we spent together was all he needed. I’ll never forget that day or this beautiful man. In the days after he fell unconscious, I only got one word answers every now and then from him but he always tried so hard to tell me he loved me. I kept telling him “I know you love me. You don’t have to say it.” Despite his flaws as a Dad, he was still my Dad and I’ll always love him unconditionally. Forgive quickly, love wholeheartedly or you’ll miss out on great experiences and wonderful human beings.

I can’t even begin to tell you HOW many red tones I must’ve had in my hair and getting rid of them on my own was not working at all. If I had known this simple product from ColorOops would’ve fixed it so quickly I would’ve used it sooner! See how I went from the left picture to the right picture using NO harsh chemicals in today’s video! #ad #developus #coloroops #hairdye #hairdyeremover

I promised you a surprise announcement in last week’s Wednesday video ☺️ Jett’s shirt says it all, well what you can read of it 😆 More details in today’s video ... LIVE on YouTube now! ❤️

(Dad and I in 2013) I’ve been absent from YouTube this week for a couple of different reasons: Jett has had an on/off fever since last Friday (he’s doing much better today thankfully!) and my Dad went into the hospital Monday with Ketoacidosis; his blood sugar was at 600. Normal range for a type 2 diabetic is 120-140. The alarm he relies on for one of his insulin shots malfunctioned and he wasn’t taking it for days. His blood sugar has been stabilized, thankfully but Dad developed a blood infection, for which they can’t find the cause. When I called to check on him this morning, they said he was not answering any questions for them today and was mentally incoherent, blood infection isn’t improving. I’ve been asking the nurse for the last few days if I needed to be there and today was the first day she said “I don’t know, that’s up to you” My gut told me to go to GA so I’m on my way there now. Hubby is taking care of Jett for me, thankfully. I’m sharing this from a gas station in southern GA; didn’t want anyone to be left in the dark! For updates, you’re welcome to check my Twitter feed (ZabrenaXO) or my Snapchat (zabby.babe); I’ll be posting them there as it’s easier ... thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers ❤️ #DaddysGirlForever

When you are having a bad day and nothing seems to be going right, reflect on these 10 thoughts ... I know I needed it today ❤️ #grateful #blessed #littlethingsinlife (I can’t relate to number 9 just yet but I know one day I’ll be nodding my head!)

Hey gorgeous friends! I’m sharing six new beauty trends for 2018 in today’s video, one of them being a more natural look; SKIN is in! And what better way to show it off than with great skincare? I’ve always been a fan of Shiseido’s skincare products and I have to take a second to rave about their new Essential Energy line. I’ve been using the Moisturizing Gel Cream day and night and I love it! It’s lightweight, silky smooth and does an amazing job of hydrating day and night. Best part? It doesn’t get greasy under makeup! 🙌🏻 #ad #beauty #beautytrends

One of my favorite breakfast bowls of the moment! 😍 Not exactly ALL Keto (yes, I’m still doing it!); I’ve been adding grains back in slowly to see which ones affect my stomach and which don’t. Quinoa has been pretty nice to me, thankfully! 🙌🏻 Ingredients used are quinoa, kale (sautéed in butter and garlic), handful of cherry tomatoes, avocado and a hard boiled egg. Drizzle with olive oil and sea salt and you’re on your way to YUM! ❤️ (To make it completely Keto, just add another vegetable like broccoli in place of the quinoa, or another protein like smoked salmon or tuna!)

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