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Za  Travelling yogi. Acroyogi. Mover. . Currently in North America. Hong Kong in Oct/Nov. Bali in Nov/Dec/Jan. Australia Jan/Feb. hello@zayoga.com.au

This experience is humbling.
Hold up self before holding up others.
#pitchcatchcircus #acro #acrobatics

As soon as I opened my eyes
To the strength I possessed
That is fed from the molten core
Of this earthy feminine nature
I saw women all around me
Cut from the same cloth
Sewn into the rich tapestry of womanhood.
These are women who breathe fire
Move mountains
Weave fierce nurturance into everything they do,
Connected by the common thread
The bloodline
Of what it means to be here
On this earth
Products and creators of history.
I didn't see them
Until I became them.
Open your eyes, now
To your own wild
Blessed nature
And rest into your power.
See us
Come with us
You've been one of us all along.
#women #femininity #strongwomen #girlswholiftgirls #feminism #acro #standingacro @trianglespiralmix #badassmujeresfuertes

Where are your edges?⠀
Do you impose your own limits?⠀
Do you create the container⠀
And then hesitate to get in it?⠀
Facilitate your own way down into the well⠀
Expand your own boundaries ⠀
Past self-imposed shells.⠀
Breathe out from your centre⠀
And into your core ⠀
Find it,⠀
Find flow- ⠀
Go beyond it, ⠀
Feel more.⠀
#yoga #embodiedflow #yogateacher #sheungwan #hkphotography
Photo by @violajgaskell

I started pitch catch circus school on Monday, and my mind is already jammed full of brilliant teachings from our coaches. I've been sleeping 12 hours a night so far and it's nice to just let my body do its thing- it feels like there's a *lot* of bodily and mental processes that need down time to settle in.⠀
I feel so unbelievably lucky to be here. I am doing the thing I love most in the world every day with a bunch of other people who love it just as much as I do. I'm learning to use my strength to its fullest and also to have such sensitivity to technique so that I can stay grounded in my abilities. Our coaches have already been beyond impressive. If there ever was a time to feel like I'm about to level up, this is it.⠀
#acro #acroyoga #acrobatics #partneracro #pitchcatchcircus2017 #pitchcatch

This photograph epitomises a thread of experience that has been my summer. Although I don't have a photo of it, this particular photo represents for me a really significant moment during Acro Camp in Illinois, when I was put up into extended foot to hand by @acroavengers. It had been pretty clear that I was nervous to fly the high stuff, so Jason quietly came over to me, said we were going up into extended, and got me up there as easefully and solidly as I could have imagined. Then from his basing position he talked me through going up into liberty- with one knee raised and standing only on one foot, which was a shape I'd never made before! Nevertheless he was so calm in his instruction and imparted to me such an assurance that we were capable of hitting it that I tried it - and immediately fell out.
Now, why this is so special and so significant for me? Jason and I hadn't explicitly asked for anyone to spot, but we were in the middle of a group of tall standing acrobats and the moment he asked me to try coming onto one leg, I glanced down and saw a swarm of faces directed upward, and arms outstretched. Of course I was going to try it. I had some of the most badass spotters around, just *there*. Because there is this unspoken thing where you spot if you see it's needed and you're capable.
Another mother-flipping translation of Rules Of Acro As Rules Of Life, this moment, where I tried a trick I was destined to fail, because I saw that the support was there and I rested into it.
Fast forward a week to the Central Park jam at NY Acro fest, and @themojoshow says he wants to put me up into extended f2h. Do I say yes? First, get spotters. Then yes.
#standingacro #acrocamp2017 #nyacrofest2017 #acrobatics #acroyoga #acro thanks @homelessyogi and ? Second spotter? ❤️

Eyes opened.

I'm going out into the desert today.
Wonder muscles flexing,
Curiosity reserves full.
I'm bathing in the unknowing⠀
before I'm baptised by the unknowable.
Heart open, eyes clear⠀
Virgin lungs,
Both unprepared and ready.
#burningman2017 #burningman #yoga #acroyoga @deepglenn ❤️

This past week in Kansas City has been amazing! I taught 5 classes over the weekend, and I've fallen totally in love with this community. .
This photo was taken at @voleraerial during the final class of the weekend, and it's a special moment because it's with my friends @justinpgardner and @playacrosarah. These two have been my hosts, guides and organisational wizards during my time here in KC, and the weekend's magic couldn't have happened without them! A toast to acro and its power to bring people together.
#acro #acroyoga #acroyogakc #acrolove #communityinacro

"I will not die an unlived life.
I will not live in fear
of falling or catching fire.
I choose to inhabit my days,
to allow my living to open me,
to make me less afraid,
more accessible;
to loosen my heart
until it becomes a wing,
a torch, a promise.
I choose to risk my significance,
to live so that which came to me as seed
goes to the next as blossom,
and that which came to me as blossom,
goes on as fruit."
~Dawn Markova
#yoga #embodiedflow #live @violajgaskell thanks for sharing your talents 📸

"I have no elbows" flow. .
@reno.gorman is the funnest most awesome strongest flyer to base! I can't wait to see you next at burning man!
Goodbyes in this community aren't goodbyes. They're see you next times.
Reno, what's this one called?
#acroyoga #acro #ihavenoelbows #newyork #nycacro #nyacrofest2017

Fempower acro challenge day 3.
Share what Fempower means to you.
It means the possibility of being judged by actions instead of looks, by ability instead of perceived limitation. To lead by setting an example of strength and inclusivity. To have the uncomfortable conversations, and look assumptions in the face and question their necessity.
#fempoweracro #fempoweracro2017 #nyacrofest2017 #nyaf2017 #acroyoga #acro @fempoweracro @acroyoga thanks @missdominicana10 for the shot 😘 @schnuthmeister for basing

Fempower acro challenge day 2!
Share a story of disempowerment in acro and how you overcame it.
My stories of disempowerment are small, almost insignificant, but persistent. The woman who looks at our group at acrolove, one man and 4 women, and says "don't we need another base?" The tone of surprise "wow, you're actually strong!" The flyers who are reluctant to try things with me until they see proof of my capability with others, but who will jump on a "big base", no questions asked. As my friend Melissa says, the constant need to prove yourself, as either a base or a flyer, because you're a mid.
How do I overcome it? By doing it more. Flying, basing, being a badass. Setting an example. Communicating. Being supportive of others who don't fit perfectly into base/flyer categories. By seeing the analogy to gender as a spectrum. Acro role is a spectrum too!
#fempoweracro #fempoweracro2017 #nyacrofest2017 #divineplay @acroyoga @fempoweracro

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