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xenia 🎹 wang  🇨🇳China 🇨🇦 Canada 🇺🇸 United States 🇨🇷Costa Rica 🇨🇺Cuba 🇦🇺Australia 📍Live in Sydney



To achieve your dream could be as easy as you reach the sky. 🙋🏻 #Throwback2014 #TurksAndCaicos

10➡️20➡️31kg for the very first time!

💗It' s never hard to reach your goal when you pay enough effort.

🤔 “无论是婚姻还是爱情,它的真谛只有一个,当我与你在一起的那一刻,我便放弃了其它的可能。”


开始后两分钟就下雨了,剩下的23分钟都是淋着雨看完的…🌚 #FireworksHongKong

👶🏻Laugh like a child

I can never get enough of this view.


👯I used to dream about to study ballet one day in my childhood...but unfortunately, it never happened.


Sunset with Smiles ☺️ #Yatching

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