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Rachel Emma  🌱#Henna artist in #Calgary Canada🇨🇦 🌱Natural henna only ☀️ 🔶For appointments DM or email: yyc.henna1@gmail.com

Trying out a bit of a different style than I am used to! I love the bold contrast of the reverse henna to the delicate lines here. this layout was inspired by the two incredibly talented ladies of @rosemehndi and @hennabydivya. Next time I try something like this I think I would want to make the lines in the reverse henna more sharp. I did this at 10 pm and by the time I was finished I was sooo sleepy so things got a little sloppy lol ☺️

My first jagua experience! The first picture is with the paste on and the second is the final beautiful blue stain. For people who don’t know jagua is a completely different plant than henna called genipa americana native to South America, the natural dye that comes from the fruit stains the skin blue. As it was my first time using it I was surprised at how different the consistency and texture was to henna. It’s definitely something I am excited to explore more and play with in the future 😊💛

A little messy and rough in some spots but I though I’d still share it because I’m still learning too! Design heavily inspired my the absolutely incredible @hennackg

Video from the leg design 💛

first leg design of the summer season! I’ve been off school and all done exams for a week now and Ive just ordered a bunch more henna powder and some jagua powder! so stay tuned for my first jagua experience post 💛

This is just a short clip showing how I test my paste consistency. If the henna threads don’t ‘melt’ into the paste then I know it’s good! I ALWAYS test my paste even though Ive been making henna for a little over a year now (not super super long still) I always do I test cone and more often then not I will always change my consistency (sometimes even 2 times!) 💛

Henna Freckles! Here is a little how to on how I do mine❤️ Swipe for a stain video and some steps. I felt it was necessary to make this post as I’ve recently been seeing some videos of people doing henna freckles with sad gross chemical cones 🙁. Respect yourself and use natural safe products (especially on your face guys!)

mature stain at 48 hours💛 Swipe for a pic of the fresh stain! (flower elements inspired by @atlantahennaarts )

my peak stain after 48 hours! And I only left the paste on for just shy of 2 hours😱 I’m pretty impressed! Did you know that henna will continue to darken until this point? I don’t know about you guys but I used to think that when henna went from orange to brown that was it, but nope!So if you’re un happy with your initial stain give the henna 2 full days to mature 💛

My practice yesterday. I love the way the golden light dances on the henna. Layout inspired by @atlantahennastudio and vine element inspired by @mehndikajoeyhenna 💛

This was my very first time using paint in a henna cone! First I have to say that the person who I got this idea from is @hennabymaggie ! I first saw her do it a while ago and knew one day I’d have to try it out for myself. She does amazing work with paint so definitely check her work out!The consistency will take some getting used to to work with but I can’t wait to cover my table in beautiful gold henna! 💛

The stain at 24 hours 💛 A little smudgy at some spots but what can ya do 🤷🏽‍♀️

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