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Rachel Emma  🌱Henna artist in Calgary Canada🇨🇦 🌱Natural henna only ☀️🍃

Here is my current hand design after waiting super long for my ghost henna to leave! No, I didn’t do my thumb...just didn’t wanna deal with the awkward angle 🤷🏽‍♀️. This design is inspired by @hennackg and I also get some @atlantahennastudio vibes when I look at it?💛 Also last thing, Just wanted to say that the paste was on for 8 hours and the fresh stain wasn’t as nice and bright as I’d hoped but I think this actually developed quite well 😊

Here is a little palm mandala I did a while back, the stain is faded now. Normally I hate having ghost henna but the stain was talking soo long to leave I just couldn’t wait

little teeny tiny dots!🔷 (design inspired by @atlantahennaarts as mentioned in my last post)

Foot henna! this was heavily inspired by @atlantahennaarts of course! I would always see her do henna on the bottom of the foot and be a little sceptical but, because the bottom of the foot stains so great just an hour with paste on yields and pretty nice stain! I recommend you guys try this out too! (it’s also great practice if you want to work on getting comfortable with smaller sized elements)

Some fancy fingers 💅🏽. Thanks for all the love on my last post 💛

I’m on exam break currently and have no more exams which means I’ve been doing so much henna and have lots to post! so here’s another video 💛

How I fill my cones ✨Leave me a comment if you wanna see more content on how I make henna and how I make cones💛

It was a messy conning day....but I love having my henna artist markings😍💛

I dye released the paste super thickk and I don’t know if they’re related but this batch of henna turned out super creamy and dreamy (totally reminds me of ice cream 🍦)

Little rainbow dancing on my fading stain while I’m studying for exams 💛

Here is the mature stain with my henna stained orange finger tips💛 I love the balance of this design, the thick reverse henna, the delicate lines and the vertical vines to add some pop!

Paste removal video🌀. doing things a little backwards in posting this first but I liked how this video turned out! design inspired and re created from @mehndiseasons and @hennaromka 💛

Here are some pictures from our little henna meet up from Saturday! I’m a little late to post this but here it is anyway🤷🏽‍♀️ The first picture is some fancy fingers I did for @hennayabytara and the secound picture is an AMAZING henna that @glamourstudiosyyc blessed me with💛 Love my henna family @glamourstudiosyyc @hennayabytara @shazma20 @exotichennayyc @ayeshishahenna @nitz_henna_arts @yyjmehndi @abeer_artist_calgary

I love this design💛 I went super super slow and check out those clean lines😱✨

Little video! flower inspired by @atlantahennaarts 💛✨

happy new year everyone💛 Looking forward to another year filled with henna and getting to see everyone’s beautiful art✨

video 2 from my foot design 💛

Here is the fresh stain! check out the colour in this lines 😍 stunning💛 #naturalhennaforthewin

Here is the paste on shot! I love the lines in this design😍

got to do a little foot design last night! It was really my first time actually sitting down and doing a proper henna in a while, I still have the paste on my foot 😅. I’ll post a picture of the design and another video later 💛

Can you see the dye release?😍

Wouldn’t really recommend taking the henna off with a piece of card stalk 😂 I think I need a real pan scrapped...

One up close cause I couldn’t resist 😍

Here’s is a snap of my henna practice last night! The pastes on the bored look different because some of the paste had dried already. My hands have been pretty dirty with little henna for a while and I waited it out and they’re finally clean again yay! I’m thinking of doing something non floral 🤔 any suggestions? For this practice I drew inspiration from @mehndikajoeyhenna @hennackg @atlantahennaarts you guys are queens ❤️🙏🏾

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