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Rachel Emma  🌱#Henna artist in #Calgary Canada🇨🇦 🌱Natural henna only ☀️ 🔶For appointments DM or email: yyc.henna1@gmail.com

Simple and swirly 💛 Inspired by @hennabydivya and @atlantahennaarts

Felt like some fancy feet💅🏽 This definitely took me a few attempts to get right (that’s where those little smudges are from🤭) it’s all about play! and if you don’t like something? don’t be afraid to just start again💛 I know this is quite a simple design but it’s my first time doing my toes, next time I’ll try something a little more skill required ❄️
So, I saw @hennackg do her toes and they looked amazing so go check hers out! my (very simple) design is inspired my hers and @mehndikajoeyhenna

I didn’t get the chance to do any new henna designs this week so I thought I’d share this tape removal video. You can scroll down a bit on my feed to see a better picture of the foot design 👇🏽 inspired by @atlantahennaarts 😊

beginning stages of fading 💛. I can’t decide if I really like this or not, it may be a bit too busy for me.

Here is a video from my latest design. This is kind of how I do my lines, half draping half touching the skin. This way hair isn’t as much of a problem.

I did this tear-drop leaf element last January on my foot and finally remembered to try it out on my hand! I’ll play around with it a little more but I think it looks pretty good. ☀️
I tried to do some nice shading in the middle but I wasn’t a fan, hence the orange stain 🤷🏽‍♀️

Hellooo instagram! It feels like it’s been a while huh? School just started for me about 2 weeks ago, (last year of high school 👏🏾) so it took me a second to get into a good routine and back in the swing of things. 🍁
I’m back now and will start to post more regularly again 😊
Here is a foot design from a week ago that I’m finally getting a chance to post! The fresh stain was drool worthy, and I kinda wanted the henna to not develop so it could just stay this colour. inspired by @atlantahennaarts

Something a little different for me. What do you guys think of the little grassy element? It almost reminds me of fireworks 💥

Just a simple little arm shield I thought I’d share from a few weeks back 💛 It’s pretty small but I liked how minimal it was. Also this layout is pretty basic in the henna world but if you know who did it first comment below so I can give credit!

Some mefix removal I did for some special family💛 Mefix can be pretty iffy to work with. I find that it can irritate the skin if your sensitive and can often pull quite hard when taking the tape off. I can’t say I recommend it for everyone but it’s definitely an option besides sticky lemon sugar seal for keeping henna on for a long period of time (also let’s appreciate those fresh stains😱)

basic everyday hand design 💛

What I’m currently wearing on my hand 💅🏽 🌼When I first put cone to skin and started this design with the little centre flower I really didn’t like it very much and didn’t really know where I was going to take it. But I forced myself to just go with it and I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Not my favourite but still nice and giving off those more fem and elegant vibes

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