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Allie Cyyen  Girl going through quarter life crisis of being a full time chemist & part time potter. 🐰🌵 #claytherapyceramics


🌵Desert daze

🌵🌸 New six colored babies.//

🌵Probably two of my favorite marbled mugs to date..// I only had a few days with them, and now they are happily en route to their forever home at @mossnstoneshop 🐰So stoked!!! That's how marbled mugs are, each one different, each one calling to a different person...//

🌵no mas //

Can not wait 🌵

🍧Testing //

Something new 💭 if only I had time to slow down and enjoy myself...

🌵The fun thing about throwing new things (besides my everyday mugs) is trying out different techniques...haven't thrown a proper plate/shallow dish in years..see that big crack down the middle? I aint even mad 🤷🏻‍♀️💕

Enjoying a moment (or five) photographing this pair of his/her mugs that will be sending off to @jarinay_ soon 🎈

Congratulations to my babe @vinkoc for the engagement 💍💎 and happy birthday to our beloved @nicoleliu0522 💕🙋🏻 #美美的姊妹

When you can actually fit 10 mugs in the baby kiln but chose to be generous and only fire 7 💆🏻💕 ahaha @ceramicheights!!!

Life of a chemist- the past few days have been the most difficult I've had in a while// found out last minute that there was a mistake I made in an experiment (soon to be published), and we (the whole team) have to restart. Went to tell my boss, walked back to lab, and just cried my eyes out to @c5_perez // all I want to say is that admitting a mistake is easier said than done, we all know what the RIGHT thing to do is, but when it hits you, ten million thoughts will be crammed into your little brain and all you'll want to do is run and hide- but PLEASE believe in yourself to do the right thing..it'll always work out// after that @hoopydoopy and I went to get tacos, and @ni.0211 announced she got perfect score on her piano test- which makes everything worth it 🐰


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