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Allie Cyyen  full time chemist // part time potter. 🐰🌵 #claytherapyceramics


💭Thoughts// I used to loooove going to consignment stores cause everything there was unique, handmade, truly one-of-a-kind, but it was always so overpriced, and I never really understood why; Until recently, I was offered some opportunity to sell at one, and it baffled me that consignment stores will take a 50/50 or 40/60 cut...leaving the maker with half (or a bit more) as revenue. Sucks for the maker & sucks for the buyer.// then again the stores are displaying & selling your items, and need to make a profit too..//so I don't know what to feel about the consignment store idea, especially for my pottery, where each item I spend so much time and energy into & wouldn't want to raise the prices for potential buyers

🍃Some AM plant love

🍁Fall is beautiful here in Sconnie, and I'm not passing up any photo opportunities✨ (yes-it's my first fall experience)

🔸Assortment of baby scallop planters //

Turning earth✨// my first tiny bowl-super excited to start turning wood- my instructor kept reminding me, pottery is an additive art, but turning wood, that's subtractive.

🔺Evolution of the marbled mug - clay, throw, trim, bisque, glaze 〰

Itsy bitsy expresso mugs✨ Which sunset swirl combination is your favorite?

Some sunset swirls (orange & blue) 💕 can't wait to be back on SD for some clay therapy 🌵

Bottoms up for drying 🖖🏼👽

🌵I've got a tiny shelf in my room where I stock pile all my mugs, and it's almost empty- thank YOU all for the support ♥ // tbh, I spend wayyy too much time quality checking each piece, but that's ok, it's what I love.

First hiking trip and people say you're suppose to feel proud and achieved but I died and can't feel my legs no more- ok hi nature // 4.5 mile hike, 3 day camp, altitude 9500 ft

🌵uber excited to share these baby planters & how freakin cute they are paired with succulents and cacti 🤤🌳find them at @botanica_home #hurry

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