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doris  lover of art. fashion. smart design. history. books. films. traveling “keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

look at what’s in your hand—you identity, your influence, your income— and say, it’s not about me. it’s about making the world a better place. -Rick Warren at TedTalk 2006 ‘a life of purpose.’ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=640BQNxB5mc
wanted to share a short ted talk vid by Pastor Rick Warren this week. I listened to this clip for the last six months of 2018 then concluded to pursue masters in fine arts. hope this vid helps or motivates or inspires anyone who’s feeling low, unmotivated, negative or just bleh about lifeeeee.
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이번 lent season에는 왠지 나이땜인지 timing땜인지 많은것을 느끼고 반성하고 감사하다. 정신없이 정말 미친듯이 놀고 마시고 돈벌고 일하고.(공부도하고..) 미련없이 겁도없이 해볼것 안해볼것 다해보고. 보통사람들은 평생살면서 사고못쳐볼것을 혼자서 32년안에 어떻해 살면서 어떻해 넘기고. 도대체 내가 뭐가 예뻐서 이런 마음가짐을 주셨는지. 지금 32살로써 내 인생에서 지금이 제일 즐겁다. 앞으로는 정말 진짜진짜 열심히 똑부러지게 상상할수없는꿈을꾸는사람으로서 상상할수없는노력을하고살겠습니다.
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Your love is devoted like a ring of solid gold.
Like a vow that is tested like a covenant of old.
And your love is enduring through the winter rain.
And beyond the horizon mercy for today. -ever be, song by bethel
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intro for the very first time .! couple of my designs currently being sold @fashionnova & @windsorstore ..
I am not the type to publicly display my designs from work, but the past two weeks have made me rethink about the experience I've gained over the past 10years in fashion industry. I've gotten so burnt out (mostly due to not choosing to rest), i was even thinking about a career change. A while ago, I had a sudden urge to look at how the clothes came out(from my last job) on the models. Then I began to realize how I've forgotten about ... my love for fashion & art. And!! about how .. so many people had to work like a horse likewise to get the final product into the retail store. the reason being- not only for business purposes, but also because they believed in me & my spontaneous artsy brain.
after the realization, I have come to a conclusion. First, learn to rest so I won't lose my passion. Second, learn to fully appreciate the hard work of others. Third, remember I was blessed to bless others. therefore I should not settle for less & fully immerse myself in my gifts. . .
That is all. Thanks for reading 📖 . (Thought I would share as an encouragement for anyone going through similar situation!)

Happy 28th birthday @daisyyoo25 ! there are many many many days when we both wonder how we have the same mother. but we always tend to realize we are related after our dumb and dumber moments. (of course, me being the dumber one) all in all, as a dumber one, thanks for always being understanding with my humors that don't make sense to earthlings, thanks for making me laugh, thanks for bringing 100 different types of chocolate from Belgium just for me after ur Europe trip, thanks for following me around museums & malls, thanks for learning to take my ruthless yet loving critiques, thanks for feeding me & our family, lastly, thanks for being the best sister & the mediator. i am so lucky to have such a bright joyful talented chef as a sister. though i still don't know which city u r working in Texas, hope you come back home soon sister. Love you mucho & happy birthday. 🎂🎁

thanks for introducing me to the world of app 'snow' & going to nrb with me. missed u girls very much. looking forward to our napa & thailand trip this year. love u girls & cheers to 2019 🍾🍻🍸🍷🍹🍶🍺🎉🎊

Since I am cooler than doing just #10yearchallenge, here's #30yearchallenge #20yearchallenge #10yearchallenge

thank youguys for teaching me the definition of family, relationship & acceptance in 2018, tho I was most of the times, literally Mia. 💕
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spent the most productive day of 2018 with sister & padre.
10am: went to Best Buy to buy a new tv for new home.
10:30am: was left behind at Best Buy with dads golf stuff because dads golf stuff & myself was replaced by 65" Samsung tv.
11:30am: chilaquiles for brunch
12:30pm ice cream
1:00pm ikea in search of bathroom shelves
2pm target in search of bathroom shelves
3pm south coast plaza for Christmas gifts
6pm kbbq for dinner .
I guess I am trying to say I've missed spending time with my familia & my sister. Will miss u @daisyyoo25 !! though I rarely show reactions to many of ur thoughts, and am brutally honest in all of my advices, please know that u r very much loved.

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