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Yvonne Wake (BSc MSc RPHNutri)  Wellbeing & Lifestyle Guru. Health Retreats SW France ❤️Nutrition ❤️Exercise ❤️Mindfulness ❤️Wellness ❤️Life Coach ❤️Happy people❤Living every moment.

Eggs. Free range, #organic. A favourite breakfast, two eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, rye bread toast, and of course a coffee! Not everyday though. Today I needed extra energy as was busy preparing for our Yoga Retreat which starts on Thursday. Love eggs! #eggs #breakfast #startthedaywitheggs #ondinecookware #ondinecooking @ondinebymg #yogaretreat

Making tomato sauce could not be easier. Use a good pan, @ondinebymg and stay over it and stir. Takes about 20 minutes, tastes great if you leave it for a further 20 minutes before serving. Ingredients: one leek, one red onion, eight tomatoes, masses of garlic. Herbs and sea salt.to taste. Cut everything up and chuck it all in the pan and watch over it as you stir. That’s it. Enjoy! #tomatosauce #tomato #garlic #leeks #redonion #antioxidants #nutrionrichfood. @ondinebymg

In three days this room will be full of yogis. Our Winter Warmer Yoga Retreat starts on Thursday. It promises to be a wonderful energetic start to 2019, and how could it not be, with @malinsyogaretreats at the helm, and @valerie.cayuela and moi in the kitchen. It’s very peaceful around here right now, so am looking forward to some gentle noise. #yogalife #beintentional #purposedrivenlife #yoga #yogaretreat #mindfulness #meditation #nutrition #organic @ondinebymg making sure we use the safest cooking pots, #massage by Nads, #walks with @cjdlawrence @louisewitter69 @julesmansellgreen

Cooking from scratch seems to be the tune I’m hearing a lot this year and I’m glad! Its all about avoiding #inflammation, an unhealthy #gut, #insulin spikes coming from processed food (especially those contaminated by #Nitrates and #Nitrites), overweightness, #diabetes type 2, and moreover #STRESS reactions that send your #cortisol flying through the roof and totally out of whack! Scary huh! You bet. #beintentional #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthycooking #ondinecookware @ondinebymg #stayhealthy #cookingfromscratch ps incase you are interested this is a rabbit stew!

Ondine cookware ❤️ I dont usually plug products - its just not my style, but sometimes things come along that I feel passionately about and I just want to see them succeed and I also want to share with people I care about and those that I know through my work as a Public Health Nutritionist and Wellbeing & Lifestyle expert.
Of course read on and ignore me if you are not at all interested and I'll never know. It’s about these oh so very beautiful pans that I’ve just unpacked at home! We pay so little attention to our cooking pots. I guess that's because there's more to life! But its an area that we should be paying more attention to. We use them every day of our lives, they sit in used dusty places and they are rarely not scratched and used up because we keep them way too long, and what's more if we've got really old ones, they are likely to be made from the wrong kind of metals. Pots and pans feel a bit like 'out of sight, out of mind' and its an attitude that I have changed overnight after discovering Ondine @ondinebymg . Hand made by artisans, using 316T Titanium grade stainless steel, which is the very best and safest cookware material available, and Titanium is the least toxic material on earth.
I’ve so loved the first pan I bought over Christmas that I went online at the weekend and bought these two! We will be using this cookware at our Health Retreats from now on and I feel pleased that I can do that for our Retreaters. As I am a new customer I was offered a special discount which I have been told I can share with you, so please do spend a few moments looking this product up as its such an important part of our nutritional intake. Its quite an investment, but genius! Here is the code: https://ondine.com/discount/YVONNE15

I've researched this one to the hilt, Look up Perfluorooctanoic acid when you get a moment...nuff said! @ondinebymg #feelsafe #cookware #intelligent #clever #potsandpans #ondinecookware

It’s so easy to just not care. So easy to blame others. So easy to be lazy. So easy to just accept our surroundings. So easy for many to ‘give up’ instead of give out. We all live in situations that challenge us, and daily we feel moments of darkness, be it wondering about where our next pay cheque is coming from to when we might die. We can be put down by this - albeit momentarily. I say click the switch and aim to find solutions. Never think there isn’t one because there is. There is always a solution to everything that happens. There has to be. And even if it sounds silly, at least try it! At least attempt it. What have we got to lose? Click the switch and very soon everything will feel easier, less daunting. It’s all about knowing that there is a solution, we just need to be mindful and believe. A thought for the day based on a conversation I had with a male client yesterday who said he didn’t think his life was worth living. Profound I know, but tough. #beintentional #mindfulness #findyourconfidence #feelsafe #takeeachdayatatime #solutions #beproactive #beproductive #familylove

#10yearchallenge So much has happened! 10 years ago...Completed my Public Health Nutrition Masters, started a PhD, was working as a lecturer at @uni_roehampton, preparing to marry my third husband (dont ask!) and living in London. Presently still married (to the same man 😍), and now living in La belle France. Running successful Health and Yoga Retreats. Enjoying the fruits of the last ten years hard work and determination! Life is good! Happy days...
#mindfulness #beintentional #tenyearsafter #tenyearsagotoday #tenyearson #healthandfamilyfirst

I guess this is not strictly winter warming food. But it’s a fav of mine. Try-colour salad. So quick and easy to make and brimming with healthy fats, vitamins and taste! #mindfuleating #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #easyrecipes #easymeals #antioxidants #vitaminc #vitamine

Just about to chop the carrot tops to smithereens for my vegetable soup and wanted to remind you that you can do that safely. Some think the tops are poisonous because they are slightly bitter. Not the case! In fact contrary to that they are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, especially rich in vitamin K, which is not present in the carrot itself and is extremely beneficial for bone health! The carrot tops contain six times the vitamin C of the root and are a good source of potassium and calcium! So there you go. Always buy the carrots out of the plastic and buy the bunches and use every bit of them. Cook with healthy cookware too, as it’s going to preserve those abundant vitamins. @ondinebymg sell the best non-toxic and very beautiful cookware I’ve ever come across. #healthycooking #ondine #carrottop #vitaminc #bestfood #nontoxicliving #nontoxicpotsandpans #beintentional #mindfulness #mindfuleating

Thé Health Retreat SW France (Le Relais de Roquefereau). The bedrooms are all dreamy. Dates: 26th May - 22nd June 2019. Www.wellbeingandlifestyle.co.uk. #retreatlife #healthycooking #relax #sleep #massage #swfrance #aquitaine #lotetgaronne47 #walking #loveyourself @chade_ja

Feeling psyched and thrilled to have received my new titanium cooking pans today! It’s all very well cooking the best organic products which by the way we definitely should be doing, but to be cooking food in pans that do not taint and bring toxicity to the mix is the best! My new mission is to slowly change all my cookware over to this wonderful array of what can only be described as beautiful, healthy, clean, and intelligent. It seems to be the last thing on our list, but it should be right up there with the health giving food that we are cooking. I purchased these from a company called Ondine @ondinebymg (and this is not a plug for them, more a nudge for you), they sell online, and I will be really showing off with my new gorgeous pots at our Health and Yoga Retreats starting next week, so will post a few more photos. I have well and truly fallen for these pots, they just compliment what I’m trying to achieve at my Health and Yoga Retreats. Pure health, no nonsense! ps: look it up, Titanium is the least toxic metal on the planet, it’s a no brainer. @bakedsalt @marthastewart48 @thedetoxkitchen @andrea_zick @robhobsonnutritionist @agendanutrition @ballymaloe_house @ivyrestaurants #healthycooking #nontoxicliving #ondine

Lemon and Garlic. I think everyone I spoke to this past week had some kind of flu/cold/aches and pains. Lemon and garlic for a 25 day cure is what might help. I do post this every so often, but please just ask if you need the recipe. Im sure its on the internet too ‘Tibetan Remedy’ might get you there. This is actually crucial for prevention, so dont wait until you are ill. Personally, I do the 25 days cure at least once a year and it’s a great injection of health. But apart from that, we should be eating a massive amount of garlic daily anyway and lemon water each morning. Self care is health care. #beintentional #helpyourself #cureyourself #protection #prevention #tibetancure #vitaminc

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