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Celebrating your 24 years of life is a joy! I treasure you. Thank you for wanting to spend time with me. Every moment together is a gift. I believe the LORD will reveal Himself to you in specific ways this year so you may believe and adore Him more and more. Love you more than tasty food.

~Mom, today's a special day...so we are going to dress up.

I knew exactly what Stephen was talking about, but never would have considered dressing up in the casual culture in which we live.

This evening we remember Jesus sharing His last Passover meal with His disciples, with our Church Body.

Yes, this is a SPECIAL day.

Jesus, our Passover Lamb.

Jesus, the Bread of Life.

Jesus, the One who would soon have His blood spilled for us so we could enter into New Covenant and have relationship with Him forever.

The LORD has used these two boys to cause us to think differently about the world, people, Jesus, and why we do what we do.

So because of this special day, we will dress up to REMEMBER Jesus... the One who ate dinner while His betrayer dined with Him, washing Judas' feet, and to bring about the healing of Malchus' ear in the very moments of His betrayal later that night.

Jesus, we are in awe of Your matchless LOVE. You pursued, served, and brought healing in the midst of Your own pain.


Will you be our neighbor? The houses on both sides of us are for sale!

It is a dream of mine to share in regular life with others on our cul-de-sac. Summer BBQs. Canoeing on the lake. Laughter. Depth of friendship. Savoring moments. Loving others with intentionality together...

"I will do anything I can to serve the United States of America"- Stephen Kabi Downs

Celebrate with us our newest US citizen!

Belonging is a gift. Citizenship of the USA and heaven are treasured by us!

When friends are family of the heart.

These five share a treasured friendship. What a gift the Schulers are to the Downs. We cherish you!

Lives change around the table. Intentional conversation. Looking into each other's eyes. Listening. Sharing honestly..."when the Jesus in me meets the Jesus in you". If God is real, then how does that affect my every breath?

Who will you invite to coffee? Who can you have over for chocolate chip cookies and open your Bible with?... and give Jesus to in the normal day to day?

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Beautiful moments that change our lives!

Yesterday Julianne and Avery entered into a lifetime marriage covenant!

It was a joy to witness their love expressed and promises made before the LORD, our Covenant Making, Covenant Keeping God, and celebrate with family.

Brian, what a gift to celebrate our 24th anniversary ushering our youngest daughter into a life of being a picture of Christ and the Church to the world.


Disney World with the Downs Family! Grateful for the sweetness of building memories together with people I love so much!

Seeing this "first" through the eyes of Stephen and John is cherished by me.


Two years ago, today, Brian met his new sons and I was reunited with them, but for the first time as their mom.

It was sacred and indescribable, when, before my eyes I witnessed the beginnings of restoration from pain and brokenness.

The 3 hour ride I sat in wonder as we held our newest precious children, only communicating with smiles and touch...stopping along the way to grab chicken on a stick, not knowing what the days ahead would hold but believing God each step of the way because He was and is and will always be faithful.


It goes beyond language and color. There is a heart language between parent and child that bridges the gap of Lusoga and English.


We know Jesus more because of these joyfilled sons.

But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

His matchless love compels us to love.

Today is a big deal in the Downs Home. We celebrate and remember Christ in it all!

We are family because the LORD gave us to one another and because YOU prayed for, gave generously, cheered on, walked with, and welcomed all of us into your hearts and lives!

One year ago today we sat before a judge who declared Stephen and John have full rights of sons of the Downs family.

We cut a covenant as we signed our full names on the page that that held their new names.

Grace. Adoption is a gift.

Stephen drew this a couple of days ago. We were sitting together coloring in the evening and of all things he could draw this is what he chose.

I'm not sure he, or we, can fully grasp the significance of wholeness, the continued healing of deep pain, this picture holds.

Family. Those are beautiful and weighty words.

Hands held. We are not in this alone but walk together in Christ through the highs and lows and mundane.

The sun. Jesus is the Light of the World. Such brilliance. Joy. Warmth. Beauty.

A rainbow. God's promise. He keeps covenant. We are in His family forever!

Hearts. We live in the love of Jesus and get to give Him to all people!

John is a citizen of the United States of America as of today!

What a privilege. What a responsibility.

He is a citizen of heaven, too, and loves His King deeply. He has full rights in the Kingdom of God!

We celebrate together!

Tears pooled in my eyes as I reflected on the kindness of the LORD as I watched our son with his hand raised and speaking an oath for the good of our country and amazed with how God has used this young man already to share the love of Jesus with Americans.

When Stephen's paperwork comes in, he will be a citizen, as well.

ENGAGED to be married! Our daughter, Julianne said, "Yes" to marrying Avery Austin!

Brian and I are thrilled for the two of you. We believe that you will paint a beautiful picture of Christ and the Church to a world who desperately needs the Savior. We love how the Creator has fashioned you both uniquely to give Jesus to people!

We love you and are excited to watch you make a marriage covenant in the months to come!


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