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Stephen and John, as you begin your 8th and 6th grade years of school and 3rd year of education, may your eyes be fixed on Jesus so that you might see each person the LORD brings your way as precious, loved, and created in the very image of God.

God is Love.

You are loved completely by Jesus.

Live as loved and love others unconditionally, by the power of God.

Keep in step with the Spirit and listen to your Shepherd. He leads you step by step.

He is your Father and you are His sons.
May you delight to learn all He has to teach you through people, in academics, in joy and pain.

He will reveal Himself specifically to you this year so that you may know and believe Him more and more!

I love you more than tasty coffee.

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Meet Sebo (Say-bo). The newest Downs.

Sebo means "sir" in Lusoga, Stephen and John's native language of Uganda. We love their home country and wanted to add a touch of it here in California.

From being petrified of dogs to saving money to buy one, the boys are now "dog people" and Ashlyn has her childhood longing of having a puppy.

#joysofstetsoncourt #creamgoldenretriever

We gained a son in December when he married Julianne and today we celebrate his birthday!

Avery, my heart is so grateful the LORD has given you life and breath. We celebrate you and the 22 years you have had thus far on the earth.

You were created in God's image, all for His renown.

I see Him in you as you display thoughtfulness, intentionality, loyalty, love, authenticity... and so many more traits.

You are a gift to the Downs. We love you deeply!

These two handsome hard working young men would love to do yard work for you. They have been working for hours moving rocks on our property.

Having asked me for months if they could get a job and earn money, so they might Give, Save, and contribute to Living expenses, I thought some of you just might have some work for them before school resumes in August.

These two love learning new skills, so if they don't know a specific job and you are willing to teach them, they'd love that!

Stephen (15) and John (almost 13) know how to mow lawn with a tractor mower, weed eat, push mower, cutting wood...I would bring them to you whether you are in Fresno, Coarsegold, Oakhurst, Mariposa, or surrounding areas.

If you'd like some help on your property, feel free to message me!

Summer Evenings on Stetson Court.

Friendship. Old and new.


Yummy food. BBQ.

Intentional time.

Play. Boats. Swing. Slip n slide.

Rest. Hammock swing.

A place to love and be loved.

Worth the drive for Fresnans.

And easy to get to for Yosemite Lakes Park friends.

You are welcome to come this Wednesday! Just give us a heads up that you will join us and I'll send details your way!

#joysofstetsoncourt #10degreescoolerthanlastsummereveningatstetson

Stephen Kabi Downs, you are 15 years old! We celebrate you and the life the Lord has given you.

As we camped and fished together, a handful of us had the privilege to speak blessing over your life.

Some of the words that were used to describe you:
God has created you in his image, all for His glory. May you live each breath remembering this reality.

Our Texas adventures continue! Best fried chicken I've ever had in my entire life!


Cherished friends through highs and lows for over 20 years ...looking to Jesus together in it all. 8 years since we have been in one place at the same time.

Savoring each moment.

Representing Texas, Washington, and California.

#growingoldertogegther #magnolia

Celebrating your 24 years of life is a joy! I treasure you. Thank you for wanting to spend time with me. Every moment together is a gift. I believe the LORD will reveal Himself to you in specific ways this year so you may believe and adore Him more and more. Love you more than tasty food.

~Mom, today's a special day...so we are going to dress up.

I knew exactly what Stephen was talking about, but never would have considered dressing up in the casual culture in which we live.

This evening we remember Jesus sharing His last Passover meal with His disciples, with our Church Body.

Yes, this is a SPECIAL day.

Jesus, our Passover Lamb.

Jesus, the Bread of Life.

Jesus, the One who would soon have His blood spilled for us so we could enter into New Covenant and have relationship with Him forever.

The LORD has used these two boys to cause us to think differently about the world, people, Jesus, and why we do what we do.

So because of this special day, we will dress up to REMEMBER Jesus... the One who ate dinner while His betrayer dined with Him, washing Judas' feet, and to bring about the healing of Malchus' ear in the very moments of His betrayal later that night.

Jesus, we are in awe of Your matchless LOVE. You pursued, served, and brought healing in the midst of Your own pain.


Will you be our neighbor? The houses on both sides of us are for sale!

It is a dream of mine to share in regular life with others on our cul-de-sac. Summer BBQs. Canoeing on the lake. Laughter. Depth of friendship. Savoring moments. Loving others with intentionality together...

"I will do anything I can to serve the United States of America"- Stephen Kabi Downs

Celebrate with us our newest US citizen!

Belonging is a gift. Citizenship of the USA and heaven are treasured by us!

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