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Yves Leterme  Calligrapher - scribbler - image-maker - traveling and online teacher - lettering artist from Bruges, Belgium.

This is where I spend a good part of the day critiquing Trajan homework. As you can see, I only have to look up from my screen to see the impeccable Trajans of John Stevens. It’s hanging there now for more than 12 years and I can’t think of anything else that has been more inspiring and helpful to me. As it happens, John aka @calligraphile is selling originals like this one to anyone with the good sense to order one. Do yourself this favor, folks, and contact him directly (there’s a link on his IG account) #iftheresonethingyouwontregret #trajansonline #somethingtodrooloverforyears #priceless

Ah please, don’t give me that excuse that you couldn’t practice your Trajans because you needed to cook a Thanksgiving dinner! Look at this... serifs, fillets and all. And I assume quite tasty too. Thank you, Marie Hornback, for setting an example here. #trajansonline #trajansrule #twobirdsonestone

Some weeks ago, a nice, talented young man by the name of Klaas De Buysser came to my house to film me in my habitat. This is the fabulous result. Needless to say, I am beyond happy with it, so I owe him a big thank you and I’m also indebted to the people from @handmadeinbrugge who commissioned him to make such a video of several Brugean artisans. Check them out! And please share. #handmadeinbrugge #calligraphy #makesmefeellikeanartist #brugge #bruges #artsandcrafts

Truly, for a teacher, there’s nothing more energizing than to see how your students dive enthusiastically into whatever it is you’re teaching, and to see how they get rewarded for their efforts. Again I’m blessed with a group of hard working and attentive students. Go to #trajansonline to follow their adventures or better still, join us while you still can - two more days before we close registration. #soproudofthem #feelingprivileged #onlinecourses #happyteacher

Lady and the Tramp go East... After their appearance in Bruges earlier this year, they team up again in Singapore in March 20-24, 2019 for a five day workshop on classic illumination techniques in a modern context. Registration is open - contact @marthadays for more info, or even better, go to her website first (link in profile) Open to all levels! #calligraphy #illumination #amoderntouch #auniqueexperience

You wish you could listen in on that conversation so as to improve yourself? Well, that’s exactly what our forum of the online course is for. Walk with me while I make my round in class and look over my shoulder as I explain and critique all students’ work. We start tomorrow, but as always, we’ll give you a few more days to sign up - don’t postpone any longer though. #onlineclass #thebenefitsofonlineteaching #trajansonline #personaltrainer #learnfromeachother

Two more days before we kick off. The class is filling with palpable excitement and so am I. You can still join us and be part of this worldwide Tramania - see link in profile. #themorethemerrier #trajansonline #romancapitals #onlineclass #trajan #themotherofallcapitals #getseriousaboutthiscalligraphything

We have a winner for the Giveaway!!! Christine Cheung from Hong Kong, on IG aka @calligraphy.dinxdin gets a free seat in the Trajan Online Course that kicks off next week. Congratulations, Christine - we will refund you (as you had registered already). We hope you’ll enjoy the class and we’re looking forward to see your work. For those who want to participate in this class, you can still do so via the link in my profile - don’t postpone much longer, we’ve unlocked the classroom already and students are coming in and introducing themselves - excitement is building up! #giveaway #trajansonline #onlinecourse

In our series “guess that song”, I think this should be fairly easy... #eza-pen #gestural #calligraphy

GIVEAWAY spot in the Trajan Online Course! Here we are less than three weeks out from the start of the Homegrown Trajans online course. This evergreen topic is taught over a six week period and encompasses drawn, penned and brush Roman capitals. Experience it all from that comfortable seat you have in your workplace, any time of the day or night! Follow #trajansonline and gaze in wonder at the work of the students who took the course last Winter.

We have one FREE seat to this amazing course and it can be yours, should be yours!! It's easy to enter:

1) Follow @yves_leterme and @masterpenman
2) Tag 3 friends that you think should know about this opportunity
3) Tell us briefly in the comments below why you want to sign up to this course.
If you're already registered in the class, you're still eligible for the giveaway and your tuition will be refunded if you win!

Winner will be announced Tuesday November 6th, 2018. Good luck!! More info on the class and the registration link can be found in my profile.
#calligraphy #giveaway #trajansonline #romancapitals #backtobasics #flatbrushromans #getthatlifechangingevent

Our Trajan army is marching out again and all recruits are welcome, so why don’t you join us on our mission to spread civilization and happiness all around, more specifically by way of getting a good grasp on the proportions and serifs of the Trajan capital - after all, the bare necessities of life? Grab this opportunity for redemption, become the calligrapher you really want to be and sign up for the Trajan Online course. Follow the link in profile for more info and registration. The cameraderie among our troops is legendary - you’ll love being part of it! #trajan #trajansonline #onlineclass #romancapitals #calligraphy #itsawayoflife

Been doing some diptychs and triptychs lately. I’m happy with the way they turn out, but more importantly, I so enjoy the process of making them #calligraphy #thejoyofexperimenting #gesturalwriting #ezapen

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