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Yuzuru Hanyu 羽生結弦  2x Olympic Champion, 4x Grand Prix Final Champion, 2x World Champion. Holder of 15 World Records and historically/current highest scores. ⭐️ [Fanpage]

Pooh will accompany Yuzu through hard times!! 💕 also Brian now refers to pooh as “OUR Pooh” 😭 and second pic shows the moment Yuzu cried and Tat looks so pained 😭 look at how Yagudin and Tat prayed and cheered for Yuzu too!!! All these love and support 😭💕 #羽生結弦 #hanyuyuzuru #figureskating #cute #yuzuruhanyu #figureskater #可愛い #yuzustory c: poohanyuzuru, yurulyly, fgursktt

Press conference. Vid from Olympic channel. So much respect for him!!! Even in such situations, with the pain from the injured leg, the sadness on his face, he was so mature and calm. And he spoke so well in a language his isn’t super comfortable in. He’s really strong... a champion on ice, and as a person. #yuzuruhanyu #羽生結弦 #figureskater #hanyuyuzuru #yuzustory

Yuzu cried...
"I was told I tried my best, but this wasn't "trying my best", and this wasn't the performance that could be called amazing. Today Plu-san wasn't here but there were TAT-san and Yagudin-san, I'm frustrated that I only offered this for Russian people, who inspired me to love skating. Well, I broke my own heart and many's again... I'm so sorry”. NOOOOO 😭 don’t apologise. I really thought that origin today was beautiful and really touching. Yes some mistakes, but it was filled with courage and strength!! And most importantly, the significance of it to you! We know your hard work and the burden you Shoulder, and you got our full respect and admiration. You’re the 2 times Olympic champion, multiple GPF champion, world champion etc etc. You‘ve already given us the best Yuzu, thank you very much. What we want the most is to see you happy and healthy! ❤️
Oh but if this makes anyone feel better, Yuzu also said: I won’t retire! First of all, I need to LAND THE 4A !!! 😆😂
#羽生結弦 #hanyuyuzuru #yuzuruhanyu #figureskater #yuzustory c:juronom

NOOOOO this is so much worse than i thought it is!!!!😱😭😭😭😭 Yuzu was skating on painkillers today, and he said he’s in a lot of pain (twisted ankle), and he doesn't know about Grand Prix Final (the doctor told him to take 3 weeks of rest, so participation in GPF And Nationals might be unlikely). He said it's the ongoing ligament problem - it's not as bad as last year. he thought about withdrawing but “it’s my choice. I really wanted to perform in russia”. “everything i've done up to this point was very significant and weighty. I didn't want to give up here and even a little, you could say I wanted to show the fruits of that training.” Also,”I trained hard to pay tribute to Russian skating and Russian choreography.“ and “even if I’m weak and fragile, I’m still Yuzuru Hanyu.” 😭😭😭AHHHH painful... whyyyyyyy 😭 thought NHK injury was healed and it’s not? And now again??? 😭 and you were trying to be extra careful... please skating gods... praying for a fast and good recovery, and let this be the last time he gets injured 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #羽生結弦 #hanyuyuzuru #yuzustory #figureskater #yuzuruhanyu c:michealjardin, Olympic channel, axelsandwich

Tat said she went to visit Yuzu after competition and his leg was hurting a lot!! 😱😱😱😭Brian also said it was a big question whether they wanted to allow Yuzu to skate today but Yuzu did and it was courageous. 😭 ———(interview)Yuzu: this was a disappointing performance and I’m really sorry. I did try to do my best but my ankle doesn’t feel good. I’m grateful if you could keep cheering on me. (About layout change) Yuzu: I was also confused. I had to do it without a single runthrough due to the fall, and I did what I could. I made some mistakes on jumps I’m good at but in the first half, I feel my training wasn’t in vain. Yuzu also mentioned that he had been training the biellmann spin but couldn’t do it today because of his leg’s condition.
Yuzu don’t be too harsh on yourself! We will support u always 💕. #羽生結弦 #hanyuyuzuru #figureskater #yuzuruhanyu #figureskater c: iron klaus, Olympic channel

Congrats yuzu!! 1st place and winning by 30 points despite the bad fall earlier during practice!!! He did no run through before the free skate because of that fall, and changed the whole layout (except 3lo as seen in last pic). But he still landed 3 quads and 3 triples. Cant believe it!! You‘re so strong Yuzu!! Now go back and rest and heal your ankle!!! 😭💕💕 “We are always together with you!” Yagudin and Tat standing ovation again, and Brian: “You're a real fighter, I'm so proud of you" 💕Also, those flower girls hugging Yuzu 😂 #羽生結弦 #hanyuyuzuru #figureskating #yuzuruhanyu #figureskater

Yuzu: firstly today, my feeling is thankfulness to Tatiana Anatolyevna Tarasova, whom I admire, who helped choreograph my SP and came to watch & commentate on my program, and even stood for me during the stsq. secondly I want to work hard tomorrow, aspiring to plushenko-san. ————
This pic must be when Yuzu saw TAT standing up for him!!! And look at her cheering so happily. So precious!! 💕———
Credit to megchocoholic, pupu11maru, axelsandwich
#yuzuruhanyu #羽生結弦 #hanyuyuzuru #cute #figureskating #figureskater #可愛い

Again!! He broke the world record, HIS world record again!!! Total score 110.53!!! 16 times in total now!!! Also highest TES and PCS!! Congrats Yuzu😭💕💕💕💕 it was so beautiful😭💕 #yuzuruhanyu #羽生結弦 #hanyuyuzuru #cute #figureskating #figureskater #可愛い #yuzustory

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