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Yuzuru Hanyu 羽生結弦  2x Olympic Champion, 4x Grand Prix Final Champion, 2x World Champion. Holder of 12 World Records and current highest scores. ⭐️ [Fanpage]

Updates about the Sendai parade on 22nd April (I will post link to livestream on bio soon).
120,000 people are expected to turn up to see Yuzu’s victory parade. JR Eastern Japan announced that they are going to temporarily run more trains and increase the number, to cope with congestion. The security plan for the parade consist of around 2000 people in total, which is the biggest security ever for the Miyagi Police. It consists of 500 police officers and 1500 non-government security guards and volunteers. Also, Due to the parade, it is assumed that the correspondence network will be congested. In order to maintain the quality of service related to customers' communications, Tohoku branch office will increase the number of base station facilities at and around the parade venue to provide high speed mobile communication etc. Also as I mentioned previously, all hotels in and near the area are fully booked. There were so many people requesting to be volunteers that they had to choose and many more. Yuzu is totally the national treasure haha 😆 and booster of economy 😂. #yuzuruhanyu #hanyuyuzuru #cute #figureskating #figureskater #羽生結弦 #可愛い c: shukodoyle

Then and now XD always no. 1. Plush: What a great adventure to be with one of a kind, skater, human, champion, my good friend Yuzuru, thank you for your hospitality. #yuzuruhanyu #hanyuyuzuru #cute #figureskating #figureskater #羽生結弦 #可愛い #ciontu c:judy711117

Repost Facebook Alexander Smirnov. I didn’t know where to post but here it is, Jeff’s tweet: 6 yrs ago, I was asked to choreograph for Yuzu. I remember being nervous to deliver a worthy program, something that would highlight his incredible talent. Today, we finished the celebration of his TWO Olympic gold medals. I am fortunate to have been a part of both of them. Thank you Yuzu and Brian for believing in me, and for trusting in me. What a ride it has been Yuzu, and I’m looking forward to watching you fly and flourish for years to come. #yuzuruhanyu #hanyuyuzuru #figureskating #figureskater #羽生結弦 #ciontu

Repost @/shaechez. Btw please see my previous posts for translations and clips of Ciontu!! Also I’ll just post some of my thoughts after ciontu here too. Yuzu have been mentioning a lot about haters recently. If he even discusses it with Johnny and plush and talking about dying, you can see how much he is hurt by it. He also said a lot of “its happiness to be alive”. The heaviness of this sentence... As I said in my story, Yuzu always endures the pain and negativity, while the him that is presented to us is always the fighting, inspiring, forward moving person.😭 im thankful he is able to show us his vulnerable side and painful feelings, and how it made him stronger. Being able to be honest like this requires the most courage and strength. also, he is aware of all the support he has that is a million times more than the negative things. He is kind and respectful to everyone, and always grateful of his fans, fellow skaters etc., he deserves all the love and more. ❤️❤️❤️ #yuzuruhanyu #hanyuyuzuru #figureskating #figureskater #羽生結弦 #ciontu #yuzustory

Part 6 closing speech. (Translations by @yukirin1408 tumblr) Yuzu: No matter what I say or do, people will say (negative) things. Things like that don’t just happen to me (other skaters and people too). However, in the midst of all that, everyone here came to watch the show I held like this, I hope the show was able to become a part of everyone’s happiness. That’s why, at one period, when a lot happened including with the weekly magazine, I thought “why am I living” and “I’ll just die” countless times. (😭😭I’m gonna fight people who hurt Yuzu). But, but in the end, everyone gave me lots of support like this, and above all, what made me the happiest was when the people I admire sent messages to me. It happened right after the disaster as well, and everyone gave comments like “Yuzu, you’ll be okay.” I was really thankful, and I thought “I’m happy I’m skating.” Right now, I truly think “I’m happy to be alive.” Truly, thank you very much. 😭😭💕💕💕 Well, here I go. I’m gonna say “thank you very much,” ok? Those at the live viewings might not understand, but when I* say “thank you” please say “thank you very much” together. For today as well, thank you very much!!! (audience: thank you very much!) Truly, thank you very much. Someday, someday, please come watch me again!❤️😢 #yuzustory #yuzuruhanyu #hanyuyuzuru #figureskater #figureskating #羽生結弦 #ciontu

Pause in my translations. Reposting from @plushenkoofficial so precious. “One circle, one family” 😭💕💕 also yuzu’s english 😆💕 #yuzuruhanyu #hanyuyuzuru #cute #figureskating #figureskater #羽生結弦 #可愛い #ciontu

Part 5 closing speech (translations by @yukirin1408 tumblr)
Everyone, thank you very much. Which way’s the camera? Eh. which way is it? I dunno! (You can hear his Miyagi accent here, so cute!) Everyone watching at the live viewing (at theatres and live broadcast) thank you for watching until the end. everyone’s applause and support and cheers reached us, even if you couldn’t come. He also thanked tv Asahi for allowing live recording etc.
And, can you hear me? The person who’s commentating right now, Nobu-kun? I’ve also received a lot from you, thank you. (Nobu: thank you very much) Can you hear me? (Nobu: I can hear you! Yaaay~) Thank you (Nobu: Let me skate a little too~). gathering skaters I love, skaters I love and want to watch, being able to watch them myself and enjoy it - becoming someone who is able to hold an ice show like this really makes me happy. The people who allowed me to become this person are, without a doubt, the people here, and also those who may be frustrated they were unable to come. I really think it’s thanks to those people. Thank you for all your support. Continues ends this year for now, but perhaps, next year or the year after, I might do it again. because I’ll be competing, I might not be able to be involved with producing such a rich three days of show myself. However, someday, when I become a pro skater, I want to do a show even better than this again at Continues. Please Come watch then too! #yuzuruhanyu #hanyuyuzuru #cute #figureskating #figureskater #羽生結弦 #可愛い #ciontu #yuzustory

Part 4. Finale. Yuzu chose this song and shae choreographed it “time to say goodbye”. It’s so beautiful. Did you see him doing his phantom program mask move. These three days, he really revisited a lot of his past programs. Showed his journey and growth towards the person he is today. The second vid shows him hugging all the skater who have influenced him. So heartwarming😭💕💕 #yuzustory #yuzuruhanyu #hanyuyuzuru #cute #figureskating #figureskater #羽生結弦 #可愛い #ciontu

Part 3. Today Yuzu wore r&j1 costume and skated to Sing Sing Sing, r&j1 And Seimei. The first vid shows 16/17 year old Yuzu skating to r&j and now Yuzu doing the same pose XD second vid shows the same murderface he had then and now XD. Yuzu asked the audience whether they have been fans since Sochi, PyeongChang, junior or novice. He thought there will be no one to say novice (earlier than 2007), but someone screamed, and Yuzu was like woahhhh amazing. XD (imagine following Yuzu for more than 10 years tho wow envy Haha). Sing Sing Sing is the first song Yuzu ever requested to skate to, r&j1 is a program skated with thankfulness, and lastly Seimei, Yuzu says this is the true ending.😢 he also said next time he sees us, he’ll be able to jump. #yuzuruhanyu #hanyuyuzuru #cute #figureskater #figureskating #ciontu #羽生結弦 #可愛い

You guys might have seen that viral vid of a Japanese high school dancing to this Song. So of course meme Yuzu needed to join in this meme dance 😂😂 and that towel around is neck is his own merch haha (some other talk corners I’ll post translations on a later date cos I wanna find the corresponding pictures of what Yuzu is talking about first XD) also, full vid of this show is now on YouTube. Link will be on bio. #yuzuruhanyu #hanyuyuzuru #cute #figureskating #figureskater #羽生結弦 #可愛い #ciontu

Sorry Im trying again to upload the vid cos it’s so cute. —— I’m gonna be updating some translation in parts (please go and watch the show, I won’t be posting fully. So they’re not in any order). ————————————-Part 1. So starting with plush and Yuzu talk corner. Yuzu: Can I ask who you look up to? Plush: You are the number 1 skater now in the figure skating world and everyone knows that, so the one I look up to is you. (Look at how shy Yuzu is hereXD). He also said Being number 1 is a heavy burden, but Yuzu can handle it. Plu’s Wife cried while watching the Olympics 😭💕. Also, he said Yuzu has the best skating skills spins etc and hopes he heals asap. “I don’t just praise him, it’s the fact”XD. Plu also said Yuzu can do the 4A, and he should go to the next Olympics in Beijing. (Now that your idol said this, Yuzu you really gotta go ok XD). Next is live stream with Javi: Yuzu is very happy Javi got up at 6am for his show And even skated in a costume XD. Look at Yuzu conducting the birthday song XD. Also Yuzu said Javi worried alot for his injury but Now he’s more worried for Javi (cos javi skated sloppily and seems hungover 😂). #yuzuruhanyu #hanyuyuzuru #cute #figureskating #figureskater #羽生結弦 #可愛い #CIONTU #yuzustory

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