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Yuuki  Icon by twinsies.

[Attention hogger] He is constsntly trying to get on your nerve. And it works both way. Here's to the pair that keep one another on their feet.

Finally find the motivation to finish this.
Hey there how have you all been? Alhamdulillah I'm doing good💕 lol i am basically counting down my days till i go home but till the last week, i enjoyed korea particularly Gwangju💙 I'd def recommend it to people.

Recently i have been having some art boost whether it be gintama related, doodling or kimetsu no yaiba. So i find it hard to finish one artwork cause the ideas n excitement kept me on the edge of my seat Lol.

But here's an okikagu. Apologies for not tagging anyone tho, it all feels foreign to me.

Hope you all have a greaat day n week. Do take care please.

#okikagu #kagura #okitasougo #gintama

Gift art ft birthdays.

May/June bundles+ doodles.

Its been a while and I still lack words hahaa.
1.For soulmate @/yorozuya_ainchan
2.For beloved Irene @/Tsurprised
3.For imouto @/shizako_on_pantsu
4.For the sweetest @/nayru02
5. For the lovely twins @/guiineung and @/chairwithfeelings
6.For the humble @/Flyingbubbletea
7.For the fluffiest @/yorozuya_daycare + Gintama nursery Au ft Zura doodles lol

P/s i am 100% i missed alot more of amazing people's birthday /cri sobs.
I should ask but too shy to do so///
#art #birthday #giftart

[Thank you]
Heyy there// its been a while since I last posted hasnt it? Hoped you guys had a great June so far.

Alhamdulillah I had a great raya time as well as completing my internship. It was a great experience albeit the stress.
I also havent been drawing much only ink drawing during my break time also before I sleep.
Here are some of the stuffs I did over the two months which i never posted. I made it sort of into a collection sort of thing.
(1)Thank you for 500 follows. Thank you. I can never imagined to have come so far nor did I ever hoped to. I made an ig acc a year ago in hope of finding a fellow gintama fan as well as to grow as a watercolor artist. During that one year, i have met ALOT of great artists (and made) alot of friends💕 for that I thank you guys. And love you.
(2)An alternative design for older gintama cast adapted from [pixiv member id 929914] . Their works are full of yorozuya and are to die for. Go check them out💕
(3)KAGS FANCLUB (which includes me)
(4) A pretty random unplanned okkg comic idea I never finished on Jealousy. Kags saw Sougo with alot of girls when they were at the beach. Gin-san seeing right through kagura even when she lied. Meanwhile unbeknownst to them, Sougo are being jealous of how close the two are. Lol.

I'll also take this opportunity to say that most prolly than not I am going to post less and less and maybe one day I'll stop altogether. For reasons. No worries I'll be here for the friends I've made(there's no way i can leave yall tho thats not a promise //one day there'll be a circumstances where I have to) also maybe post often on my stories insyaAllah. Nevertheless I am glad that I've taken this step and I dont regret it. For being a huge part of this, thank you. For being that someone I can share my ideas and thoughts, thank you. For making me smile. Thank you.
Lots of love💕 and please take care.

#gintama #okikagu #gintoki #kagura #shinpachi #okita #sougo

Actual time taken: 1 hour
Made a random speedpaint video as I recolored an older okikagu drawing.
Its quite.. Boring to watch ahha.
Also kanna is no more.

Song used: Cutlery by uki3 ft Hatsue Miku
#okikagu #kagura #okitasougo #gintama #speedpaint #kanna

A collab with the ever amazing AC @ac_artblog /// if you have no idea who she is, go check her out!! She's a sucker for Kags as much as I am xD and her art is to die for.
Gosh someone teach me how to make fine lineart? Or make dynamic pose? Or make a mature looking kagura. Scratch that, AC just give your skills to mee. I'll trade my soul.

I am unsure if my coloring styles fit this or not cause I was told that my style fit thicker lines but I am quite satisfied with this 💕 even though I was sure the result would not be that good cause I only spent two hours on this (read: how to work with patience?) Gah but thank you for the great opportunity, AC. It was fun working around your lineart. Keep making great artworks💕
The last pic is the one with black line in case its hard to notice.

#kagura #gintama

Two more papers to go, 4 weeks of internship and 5 weeks of studying/ researching abroad. This would explain my inactivity other than having some gintama art block (except for some simple ideas like the ice cream comic ahha which came spontaneously). It's actually been more than a year since I made this account but only in two days will it mark a year since my first post lol.
I initially made an ig account to stalk my favorite artists but after a while I decided to share my love for gintama as well. Truthfully be told, I never thought i could make it this far what with the constant inner struggles lol, but Alhamdulillah I did.

I'm happy to know that people like seeing my art -maybe not as much as I do myself but that's fine.
To the friends I made here and to anyone reading this, thank you and I am really glad to have been made acquaintance with you guys💕 you guys are amazing🎉

And especially to my real life friends who have supported me all this while, it might not seem so obvious but I am always forever grateful. As the people who have watched me grow along with my art, what more can I ask for?
/just last two weeks my friends told me directly that my art improved and they loved it even though the content was sort of a stranger to them and man, honestly i wanted to cry at that spot lol💕
I initially wanted to make a giveaway but unfortunately my keychain design is on hold and I am still waiting for the time and confidence to continue them. There's alot of other plans for you guys but again my time is very limited. But do stay tune insyaAllah.

And lastly, I'm focusing on myself for now and made it as one of the goals for this Ramadhan💕💪 I have so many plans for this too and I am taking a small step but I am hoping I could bring you guys with me in this journey. Hopefully.
Thanks for reading this far.
Have a great week ahead💕

[You'll never know when you will hit your luck when buying ice cream]
Read from left to right. Also you know your numbers ;)
Another long title.

Another Short okikagu comic i made few days ago. It all started with a watercolor drawing during my break time-but you know me (also my brain during exam week). Another watercolor at the end, one of my newer nameless OCs lol.
Gahh sorry if i missed anyone to tag cause its been a while ;0;

Hope you guys have a good week💪🎉 Gintama belongs to Sorachi sensei

#gintama #okikagu #kagura #okitasougo

Hikari and Tailmon from Digimon Adventure💕. Recently the sixth instalment of the Digimon Adventure Tri (a return after 15 years since 01) aired and that concludes the Tri franchise after three years.

Digimon is a huge part of my childhood as it was one of the first series that I've watched.

When the news on Tri came out years ago, I was super excited. The first movie was probably the best out of the six. It brought back memories and it was nice to see the charas again.

However as the story proceeds, it became less of a proper story but alot of fillers, unnecessary dramas and a 20 minutes worth of recap for each movie (thats probably a quarter of the total movie lol). Although we have more "still" pictures towards the end of the instalment, the digimon animation was amazing (we can see where the budget goes lol), the casts are great and the Digimons are just cute although their actions might seems a little too stretched out.

As for the characters, we have most of the 8 digidestined developed at their respective focus movie except for the last three namely Yamato and the Yagami(s). However, due to the inadequate time (poor planning on their side) their development fell short during the last movie. Also having additional characters to the digidestined may also have greatly contribute to this though I would've let it go if the new character developed nicely at the end but she didnt.

Dont be mistaken, some of the charas are greatly written and most are pretty consistent from where they've left off in 01 & 02. Koshiro is def the MVP (the rest need to respect him yo) from the start and Nishijima was an amazing supporting role till the end💕

Tri ends in an unbelievably (and perhaps too easy) simple way. Also Friendship is Magic plays a huge role in Tri. Alot of the things seems too forced and some other stuffs were left loose.

Oh and can i cry for the 02s? Cause they appeared in the first movie (legit the first few scenes) and only brought back up at the last without any significant purpose to the whole movie. Also not a single of their face is shown.

Thanks Toei for this anyway💕 it could've been better-
And thats my hope for the new franchise.

@hicctooth36 asked for an okikagu vampire and i gave her the first pic.

Sorry Suri for trolling you. I had another one in store for you hehe. But i meant it when i said the first pic is a masterpiece ahaha. I hope you like both /// Also sorry for taking such a long time but i was struggling with what i should draw. However i realised the longer i take for a request, the more nice it turns out ahha. So here's to you💙

Kagura is a vampire too in the second pic!

#okikagu #vampire #anime #manga #gintama #okitasougo #kagura

Final's around the corner gasp.

Did this last week. The first pic was a redraw of one of my fav watercolor pieces (2nd pic) which i draw for someone special since she liked my Alice! kagura drawing from last yr sm//sobs (third pic) // glad she liked it💙

I love it so much so i decided to make another one for myself minus megane n stingy dadtoki. We matchy matchy// This wont be my last Alice in wonderland Theme Gintama drawings -that I'm sure. I have a thing for the story after all// I have alot of other gift arts that i lovee and will post insyaAllah// also a long list of people i wanted to give too.

Still worrying if one of them (a big batch in fact) ever did reach the owner /cri.

#kagura #aliceinwonderland #gintama #sakatagintoki #shinpachishimura #yato

Here goes- been a while since my last post and hkkahjzha I'm freaking out. Ive tried posting twice in the last few days but the irrational part of me won.

But here I am back with an Open Collab! Imma give this lineart (sai or png) to those interested ehhehe. So just comment or Dm me your email so i can send it to you.
And when you're done, do tag me cause i frikkin want to see/// ehhe💓

Its a pretty random character tho ahhaha.
So any colors are welcomed!

Mild spoiler from recent chapters.

Sorry for spamming (but my anxiety is acting up and i dont think i could come here anytime soon again so might as well post this than never/ sorry for this again). But here's something sad after the light okikagu comic hahaha. (Who did you say is becoming funny @shizako_on_pantsu ?) Here's the lyric comic based on Kenshi Yonezu's Lemon (my fav songs among the many from him) after ch678.

I believe each of the yorozuya had their fair share of pain (we've yet to see Gin-chan's but based in Sugi's resolve and his parallel ones, there is no doubt that he too is suffering). Kagura's all alone in space in a desperate search for Sadaharu's cure. In the hopelessness, surely she would feel so lonely (this is the girl surrounded by many after all even tho she spent most of her childhood alone). Thank goodness for Sougo for giving her excuse to come home -to which of course, he and not any other welcomed her back. Truly he's a part of her home lol.

Shinpachi's home but there's no one (along with Otae of course). Continuing the yorozuya legacy while finding what he truly wants to do and finally having strength and resolve to do so .However having to lose sight of the back you've always chase and losing the company you've gotten used to nag and take care of would makes you feel alone.

And Ginchan. His motive is unclear but Gintoki is still chasing Shoyo's shadow and I wish for him to grow and be happy more than anyone. He set the resolve this time around to go alone (again/him and shouldering the burden alone). I just hope the resolve of this two idiots (sugi) wont cause the death of either one of them.

I really enjoyed drawing this- the thought process came easy. I made sure to stay consistent with the theme (notice that from kagura to ginchan, there is a lack of facial expression shown. Also the lack of thoughts from gintoki cause we all know gintoki is hard to read most of the time).
Gah thanks for reading// Anyway have a great week ahead.
Lyrics taken from:kpopViral.com
Please do not repost w/o credits.

#gintama #yorozuya #okikagu #kagura #shinpachi #shimura #gintoki #sakata #sadaharu #comicdoodle

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