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Yuuki  No f4f Icon by twinsies. Just a very busy and lazy cabbage. 70%gintama trash30% pure trash. Kagura's M. +Lengthy post


Remember my Okikagu Kid series?

I've actually completed the first part of chapter 1 -and here it is-but still have 25 more panels not yet digitalized.

Most probably than not, I wont be continuing even though I have all 5 chapters written down already OTL (where is my commitment. Oh wait I dont have any). Dadtoki is a bliss.

Gintama rightfully belongs to Sorachi sensei.
Who else is anxious for the next chapter lol. All the hopes I'm building for myself.

#gintama #gintoki #sakata #kagura #manga #digitalart #anime #fancomic

Nobume with her legs on the desk -smoking cigar is my new favorite thing.

Ref used from ch671.
#nobume #imai #chibi #anime #gintama #manga

My icon made by my bro bro using only Microsoft powerpoint . /also literally my face facing life rn.

#icon #myicon #yuuki_cabbage #balloon #powerpoint

Inseparable from my heart is the bitter scent of a lemon,
Until the rain stops falling
I can't go home
Even now you are my light -Lemon,Kenshi Yonezu "The rain wont stop until you come back"-Kagura
A quick doodle cause I've got this sudden realisation that Kagura is following her dad's footstep (in a way). #sadaharu #kagura #gintama #watercolor

Confession part II
--------------read caption later-------------------
Thats it. You can all take turns killing me with Sougo's bazooka. I'd probably be dead at first blow though.

I actually half thought nobody would expect any romantic stuffs (cause when did i ever draw any when it comes to okikagu?) And really the hint of this story's ending is in the title the whole time. Plus Sougo was digging his own graves. But then again we always have hope thus sorry for the false hope.

Another thing I'd like to point out is how I prefer older Kagura when it comes to (almost) romantic comic. Most probably than not it is the phase where Sougo can't deny her beautiful appearances lol.
Also its just me protecting the innocence of the younger Kagura.

Thanks for reading this crap anyway.
Have a great weekend.

#okikagu #kagura #okitaSougo #gintama #traditionalart

A confession Part I

What initially was a 5 panel comic turned into 18 panels so i have to split them but still theres alot of transition gap OTL.
This might be really OOC.

A late okikagu v-day comic.
Note:honmei choco is usually given as a romantic gesture as opposed to giri choco (given to friends or families alike). P/s:Samara, this one is for you💞 I know how much you love five yr skip Okikagu (tho i purposefully made Sougo with his normal hair to retain that innocence, kiddy image)

On a side note, I for one believe in Sorachi's tendency to troll readers (since i fell for it too many times).
Gintama belong to the genius gorilla who writes manga.

#okikagu #okitasougo #kagura #gintama

Today I woke up like this;
Constricted lungs,
Itch on the back of my mind,
Painful chest,
And tasteless tears. +Nothing is how it should be today.
[The body's function gone wrong]

#sorry #watercolor #traditionalart

[Our monster]

The kinomoto siblings usual banter is one of the cutest thing from cardcaptor sakura. Recently me and my sis spent alot of times talking about series- the theories , the difference in manga and the character's relationship with one another (Clamp has alot of weird relationship chart/// i ship TouyaxYuki tho ugh). Touya and Sakura has a pretty much normal sibling relationship with the older sibling constantly taunting the younger one. It goes without saying that Touya cares about Sakura deeply- and due to his sixth sense, he can know when Sakura is in danger.
Things did changed however but he's still the same as alway, protective over her (more noticeable now more than ever). Had fun with one layer painting again.

#cardcaptorsakura #sakura #kinomoto #touya #anime #manga #digital #art #painting

Okikagu Fairytale Series:Snow White

Prince Sougo stumbling upon a greedy gluttonous princess sleeping under the sun one afternoon. He's not going to kiss her whatnot.
I'm tempted to draw it like the funeral scene.
A big thanks for the patience and support.
@tsurprised @shizako_on_pantsu @emiliaprhrs so good at guessing 🙈

Have a great weekend.

Don't repost w/o credits. Gintama rightfully belongs to Gori-sensei

#okikagu #gintama #okitasougo #kagura #snowwhite #digitalart

Quick doodle cause I keep on missing their birthdays lol.

Happy (belated) birthday to my favorite moon,Tsukuyo aka Tsukki (or end with -y)

Tsukuyo is one of the strong female characters (among the many beautiful strong female characters) in gintama.
Being the guard of courtesan raised in a non-exactly humane way, she's known to be an independent selfless character shown from the first arc she appeared on
However Tsukuyo has shown to changed through the series learning to depend on others with the help of Gintoki (due to their somewhat similarities). So why can't i love her. //A really good Tsukuyo's character meta can be found in this one tumblr //its so good. [My pipe isn't a cheap piece of crap. It was made by the name brand b*t*h]-Tsukuyo to Gintoki.

#tsukuyo #gintama #silversoul #anime #manga #anime #digital #art #fanart #girl #tsukki #tsukky

Digitalised version of a doodle from last week.
I need the yorozuya.

#ginchan #sakatagintoki #kagura #gintama #silversoul #dadtoki #yorozuya #digitalart #art

Diamond and Okikagu doodle.

The watercolor that i did during my first live. I shouldnt have used a normal paper, it crumpled.

#diamond #okikagu #housekinokuni #okitasougo #kagura #gintama #watercolor

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