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Y U T A • J A M E S  ☁️ ゆたき ✦ 유타키 ✰ MAIL ✉: Yutakis@hotmail.com ★ Blogger + Photographer ✶ ☾ AROUND THE WORLD 💫


Could be yours. You guys requested for a iPhone X giveaway. HERE YOU GO!
The first giveaway of 2018, I totally let it go big or go home. Lol, This is only the beginning of many more awesome giveaways coming up this year, I will be giveaway even more luxury items/gadgets/skincare/makeup this year!
Since this giveaway is absolutely not sponsored in any way, the rules & regulation will be slightly more strict than previous giveaways! So BE SURE to follow these 2 simple steps closely:
Step 01:
Be sure to follow me, (@yutakis)
Step 02:
Like this photo and comment on this post and tag as many friends of your choice (1x tagged Friend = 1x entry, 1 tag per comment )! With a standard caption of:
“I’ve participated @yutakis’ iPhone X giveaway!!! Join me! ___(* insert tag*)___”
*Optional* Step 03:
Repost this poster on your personal Instagram account with this standard caption:
“Join and follow @yutakis to win this iPhone X NOW!! #yutakisgiveaway”
*Complete this bonus step will give you a slightly higher chance of winning!*
Rules & regulation:
1. (*IMPORTANT*) Any participants that unfollows after the giveaway winner is announced will be banned from ALL future giveaways hosted by me. This regulation will be heavily monitored by a 3rd party software to track and record unfollowers.
2. If your account is private account and still hope to participate, simply take a screen of your poster repost and DM me the screenshot to take part!
3. This is a international giveaway.
4. No giveaway/spam account allowed.
5. Winner will be announced on 18th Feb 2018 via DM & IGS!
6. Keep it nice, polite and civilised, any rude comments on me, my friends or any other influencers will be deleted and immediate disqualify you from this giveaway. PVO. Thank you.
🕊GOOD LUCK☁️ PEOPLE, and please read the rules & regulation CAREFULLY and follow accordingly.
P/s: I swear u guys gonna love the iPhone X’s front camera portrait function selfie quality. It is MINDBLOWINGLY AMAZING!! #fantasyvibesonlystudio #ytkspostcards

🌥🌥🌿🔗I got keys as earrings and locks as necklace and braids in high pony tail. Whoa. I couldn’t believe I could pulled that off. 🗝☁️☁️🌼

☁️🗻🌲🌥 Sweet Escapes, Keep wanderlusting with me. 🗻☁️🌊💫 #ytkspostcards

🕊Daily reminder: To be grateful of little great things in life. Little little joy add up to big big happiness. 🕊 #ytkspostcards

👁 그것은 당신의 눈 속에 있습니다. 👁

🌿🌥☁️Forever summer, Evergreen. 💫Missing you warm little Indonesian babies, Missing Bali. 🍃🌿🐊

☁️☁️☁️ Pack your bag, throw away that insecurity, that self-doubt, see the world and live a dream, you will never be this young again tomorrow. When you’re older, You will only regret not doing so, you never regret of taking that risk. 🌥☁️☁️ shot on film camera, #filmnotdead 📷🎞🎞☁️

⭐️🎁Christmas presents🎄✨ from 2017
Baby, family and friends spoiled me like mad this year, here are some favourites presents.
@Fujifilmsg XT2 + 1.4 & 2.8 lens combo
(special silver edition)
— 2018 will be a shooting year, switched team from DSLR to Mirrorless Digital Professional Camera!! This XT2 is literally voted as the TOP & BEST MDC IN current market! Can’t wait to show u guys more pics taken with this baby!
iPad Pro
— New hands-on gadget for me to doodle and draw on, hopefully this will bring my doodle game to next level, as I’ve been doodling on all of my blogposts entries WITH A MOUSE ALL THESE YEARS!!
Supreme x Mophie 20k power bank
— the most expensive power bank and also the chioest one i ever loved!!! @mykxii bought me the moment I told her I love it!!! Thank you twinnie!
IPhone X
— Couple phone!
Balenciaga mini pouch
@rikeruu is such a baby!!!

🌊🌊🗻☁️Half of my heart is in Emporio, ooh na-na (ayy, ayy) 🌊🌊🌥☁️🇬🇷

🍃🌿🌵温室の花: Delicate, please handle with care. 🌵🌱🌿

☁️🗻☁️ Over the fence 🌥🗻☁️

💭🖤I rarely post iPhone taken photos, but here’s one mirror selfie featuring new short hair, taken by iPhone✖️👁‍🗨

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