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Maellys  Call me Mael ~ L'esprit n'est jamais né. L'esprit ne cessera jamais. Et il n'y eu pas de temps où il n'était pas. Fin et commencement sont des rêves.

Oooow I want to participate ! :3 @studio_odin



"J'ai appris que le courage n'est pas l'absence de peur, mais la capacité de vaincre." ~Nelson Mandela

"Take the mirror from the wall so I can't see myself at all
Don't wanna see another damn inch of my skull
Forget the poems of saints and ghosts
I'm the one I fear the most
Little did I know that I was only crying wolf"

What's Wrong ~Pvris

Heuuuuy everybody! Here is my new drawing that I did a week ago her name is Sunsun, she's from Bleach and I'm pretty satisfied from the result :3

I hope you enjoy it and I'm very sorry for my inactivity because I don't have so much time to draw but I'll try to do one every month but it's not a promise 😅

#drawing #draw #sunsun #bleach #bleachbravesouls #anime #manga #girl

"I wouldn't take back a moment
Not one miserable moment
I'll give it all 'til there's nothing
I'd walk into the fire
Into the fire"

Into The Fire ~Asking Alexandria

So first thing, congratulation for your 100k ! I'm very glad for you :) And the second thing, I started following you since almost a year after joining Instagram and I admit that I began following you because you were cosplaying D.Gray-Man 😅And If I stayed it was because all your cosplay were so cool and now I can tell they're awesome! Even if I don't know all the characters you're cosplaying I think they all suit you !
I choose this picture because of your smile, you have a wonderful smile !

I think I've tell everything so continue what you're doing and I hope one day I can meet you in person 😄 (It took me a lot of time to write this 😂😂) #akrcos100k

Golden Freezer comme promis @tristan_huh_38

Sorry if take too much time for all my drawing but I don't really draw so much and I don't know why :/ #drawing #draw #freezer #gold #goldenfreezer #dragonball #dbz #dbs #manga

Now after all this time I finally post this drawing ! I did it for my friend @marcorihara :) I hope you like it !

Bon donc ce dessin est le premier que j'ai fait de type réel et j'en suis plutôt fière enfin voilà x) en tout cas j'ai eu plaisir à le faire !

#drawing #draw #real

And last is Alice, my firts Disney drawing x) it was for @anyone.x.reason 's birthday last year
The only thing I don't like is her right eye

#drawing #drawing #disney #alice #aliceinwonderland #wereallmadhere #birthday

A little Nezumi for @_.nezumi._ 's birthday last year

#drawing #draw #manga #no6 #nezumi #shion #birthday

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