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ユリコ♡タイガー Official Account  🇯🇵Living in TOKYO🗼 ☎️BUSINESS EMAIL: dreamntalent@gmail.com 💌 COSPLAYER, MODEL AND TALENT (Origin🇮🇹) I love pizza.


Blog Up 📖 Today I was in Tokyo to promote Justice League. There was also a Warner Bros Japan red carpet parade and I took part in it as Wonder Woman.
I'm so happy they asked me to join another red carpet parade after Suicide Squad ❤
I didn't expect they spoke my name on stage and I was excited when I left the dressing room.
I walk on the red carpet with this mysterious Batman. He's popular because he lives in Chiba (and therefore he calls himself Chibattoman) and because his girlfriend dumped him.
We were the only ones in costumes. Other people were celebrities such as a woman with a bunch of plastic surgery, a Popteen model, foreign guests and obviously the actors.
Sitting in the audience there were a lot of cosplayers and they were the first to scream my name. And then, out of nowhere, this figure appears with a microphone probably asking me about the movie.
I only told him ''wonder woman desu'' and Batman went along with me.

Go on.
There were too many people and cameras too.
Surprise! My manager was on the red carpet too hahaha I can't believe I've seen Mr. Tanaka in a tuxedo.
I was really upset and it was cold. At least it didn't rain.
There were Flash, Cyborg as special guests. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman was not there..I'd like to meet her.
There was Aquaman and OH MY GOD guys, he's hot! I think Japanese girls don't like him.
About the movie.
It was pretty obvious and there were a lot of jokes. But I really like it!!! I didn't get bored and it was very interesting *^*
One final word. I thought Cyborg was FISHMAN because I've constantly heard people call him in this way.

p.s. Please...can you took Flash fuchsia leggins off?
p.p.s Seriously. I had a nice day ❤

P.p.p.s.Favorite scene:
All life. Forever.
In my bed nnoooooooooooww17/whoshaoquaaa......


#justiceleague #japanpromotion #redcarpet #cosplayer #talent #model #wonderman #flash #cyborg #batman #superman #aquaman #ユリコタイガー #ジャパンプレミア #ジャスティスリーグ #アクアマン #ワンダーウーマン #バットマン #コスプレ #コスプレタレント #外国人モデル #ユリコタイガー

BLONDE (?) Today I worked for #warnerbros japan #justiceleague TvT I'm too happy for this!!!

Yuriko Tiger with @fudegami
Thank you for this wonderful art. Is very precious for me ❤️ ----- TODAY EVENT info:
Eng / 日本語【本日イベントのお知らせ】

Today at 16:00 there's going to be a workshop in collaboration with Copic, the model Yuriko Tiger and the mangaka Yoshiyasu Tamura! There'll be available for sell a set of Copic markers featuring Yuriko Tiger, which has been sold at Lucca Comics and Games. The event is for free! From 16:00 to 18:00.
You too can color a manga version of Yuriko <3
PS: Thank you so much guys for buying the markers at Lucca even if I wasn't there myself T_T I hope I'll be able to attend next year!! 11月19日16:00〜「COPIC ×ユリコタイガー」のイベントが新宿タカシマヤであります!着物で初めてイベントにでま〜す。田村吉康さんの絵画展に私のモデルの作品もあるから見にきてね!
blog-shinjuku.takashimaya.co.jp/art/post/29977 #COPIC #高島屋 #田村吉康 #ユリコタイガー

Ph: Max Gaia

''Goodmorning Master'' 「おはようございますマスター」
My #cosplay of #Saber #Maid from #FATE /hollow
Special Thanks to @glynfordcustodio
#Cosplayer #FGO #コスプル #オシャレ #撮影 #外国人 #モデル #ユリコタイガー #yurikotiger 🇯🇵 Business Email: DreamNTalent@gmail.com

''Goodmorning Master'' 「おはようございますマスター」
My #cosplay of #Saber #Maid from #FATE /hollow
Special Thanks to @glynfordcustodio
#Cosplayer #FGO #コスプル #オシャレ #撮影 #外国人 #モデル #ユリコタイガー #yurikotiger 🇯🇵 Business Email: DreamNTalent@gmail.com

Good morning tigers !
As you can see I moved into a new house. I really love my new house because it's nice, I love colors and it's comfortable to be in.
I live on my own (just sayin')
Before, I used to live in a small house. It was a room basically and it should have been a temporary situation because I was saving money.
Anyway I'll continue tu use my old house for a bit! I don't have problems like stalkers because my new house is near my agency and manager, too.
So, if someone wanted to follow me, I wouldn't recommend it.
Last year, when I often went on Tv I used to live in a small apartment with other people.
I've thought a lot about that and I'm not much for cool stuff, I'm not rich. I prefer a small and welcoming place than a big and shiny new apartment.
And how hard it was to buy what I needed. But japanese second-hand furniture is often, or looks pretty new and I saved money.

I love colored and wood stuff, plushes (and action figure, too).
I'd like to live my life on my terms.
Anyway I will do my best!!!
Bye~ ❤#home #sweethome #tokyoapartment #girl #oldstyle #design #japan #newhouse #引っ越し #デザイン #土屋みよ #女子 #おしゃれ #アパート #ピンク部屋 #yurikosweethome

"La ragazza che non sa fare il sugo"

料理が下手は本当の話です。 @shiorico5

‪What's done is done. ‬
#Tekken7 #NinaWilliams
ニーナ・ウィリアムズ #鉄拳
Official Cosplayer Tekken Series #BandaiNamco Japan

In Design Festa *this wig is a big spoiler of my next Cosplay lol*

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