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💋 Good night ダーリン。

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This month with normal clothes!! 良かったら〜
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Today I’m going to my favourite idols' concert (CY8BER, Kokigen and Pikarin). Kokigen gave me a guest ticket and I’m so happy!! ;//A//; I’m going alone because I don’t have any friends that like idols in Japan *SOB*
And in the upcoming days…
I want to announce the big change. For this “change” I need to move to another house AGAIN. I’m going crazy trying to find one because I have so much cosplay and I need a lot of space… so… pray for me. I hope to celebrate my birthday too ;___;


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I'm trying on my new wig! The color is amazing ~ Thank you #cosplaybuzz <3

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Today, after a long time, I took a day to take care of myself.
Hair, nails, clothes, eyelashes. It was a long time since I did it to "feel good". First it was a "must". You know that I would go out without make-up, with slippers and a K-ON's shirt... But you can't (almost) if you have a certain job. Despite the exhaustion and the hard initial trial I'm going back to the gym, because I've to have a suitable body. I've to improve so many things that I've no idea where to start. I'm slow and awkward. Often envious and negative (yes, you got it right) but it is "normal" especially if you aren't in a comfortable situation. "It costs too much .. I have to do this .. I can let it go .. ah, another hater .. maybe I will never get there" It's normal. How many people hate me (and for no reason or even if have never seen me)? So many. Often so many and maybe people I loved that still make me feel sad. But I understood by myself that even if you're perfect, when one has a negative impression, it often doesn't change it. Because it's right, we're human. How many have said "I could do her job!... Look at him how much he earns". A few lies, everyone. At least once. Because yes we are human. It is normal to make mistakes, to behave often badly, to have envy, to believe oneself better than others, to be depressed. I've never shown that my life is pink and flowers, who thinks that it's because he doesn't know me. We should all be allowed to "forgive" ourselves. We live only one fucking time. Close your eyes, today you're here and tomorrow you're gone. We get hit by bullshit often, but we keep going. I go forward. And I will go on in this fucking and beautiful dream that I have.

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ピンク🌸💖🇯🇵New hair color!!!

Answer to: What is Yuriko for you? How do you define her?

Lately I've made a drastic decision, in Japan, that I'll keep secret until it'll be official. I'll tell you only that my image, my job and something else might change drastically (maybe) but it'll be a step forward something new and more challenging.

Sometimes I think that I didn't fully succeed my dream.
I came to Japan saying that I wanted to become an Idol, being part of a group and work hard for that...but my personality and my manager took me on another path (that however I don't regret).
But maybe I've left incomplete what I really liked for an image that doesn't suit me.

My job is really difficult because it's like having a huge weight on myself and I did it alone for 5 years.
But you are always "not worth it".
I do a lot of things but I don't "specialize" in anything.
I decided to not give up and to take new chances! If I'll don't find my true self I'll even build it alone. Yuriko was never perfect. She bangs her head on the floor until she doesn't get up again...and that is what I want to share.

Cheer for me ❤
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PANTY from #PantyAndStocking 💋

[release full set HD on my patreon 06.01]
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Okita Soujj 沖田総司 - #SakuraSaber #FGO #ユリコタイガー

露天風呂♨️ Private Onsen

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Un immenso grazie a @lapinadeejay
E a tutto lo staff ❤️❤️❤️ Vi manderò altri bacioni da Tokyo 🇯🇵 #radio #yurikotiger #shioyuri #イタリアン #festivaldelfumetto #animeconvention #cosplay #idol #yuriyurikakumei

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