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i watched f.r.i.e.n.d.s. growing up and thought how fun it would be to one day have an apt like theirs –friends come and go as they please and make memories along the way. this place started off as sam and kei’s first apt in 2008. kei was a soph and I was a freshy. i was home for the summer and my parents and i flew from LA to help furnish the apt (my mom brought china on her carry-on… and i had to be the one to drag it across the airport). note: the dishes still live on in my new apt so mucho arigatou mom. @spam_on eventually moved out, @paulkyung moved in, i moved to NY shortly after and joined, then @jae.s.lee became one of the roomies, @naryhan put in her time for 2 months, i moved out 5 years later, and @yimmier oh so graciously moved in temporarily after getting married to the bro. i think all of us can agree that when we all look back at our 20’s, this place will always hold a special place in our hearts. yes, we loved to shit on this place – no natural light, looks like a college campus and the list goes on, but it nurtured us through the high and lows. we cried when we felt loss, laughed through every single occasion, crashed the nights before every big trip, celebrated birthdays, prayed for each other through both the good and bad, and just hung out for the sake of enjoying each other’s company. it was our hub. i will forever miss our sunday night dinners, charades / hot kitchen nights, friday night lights marathons, lazy hungover bagel mornings, and just kicking it with my best friends.
14 Stuyvesant Oval Apt 1E, you were the best home to all of us. although we didn’t have the time to throw the ultimate rager like we said we would, i think we would like to raise a toast, near and far, to the ultimate intersection in our own personal NYC – 16th and Ave C (second stop sign). we out. #endofanera 🍻

wedding spam #awinforyu #5thwheel

my forever plus one #awinforyu

new yawk, new york #awinforyu

where u can find me everyday at lunch 🍙

first time using #nofilter

unni taking us children in to cool off 🔥

should've worn shorts today, damnit #muggy

where the hell am i and why dafq am i wearing a hoodie in june 💃🏽#makeupyourmindsummer

snooze (all week). 😴

okies , one more: thank you @g_bang for introducing me to your crazy, type-A maid of honor, @jacklynyang 💫 she's a keeper, this one. LA/TX in NY soon 👯‍♂️ #toocloseforcomfort

cause my week in la deserves another post.

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