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Marilyn Mayson  Google Me. Better yet, check out my website😏💦 12th Times the charm🤞🏼 👻Preshtilldeath 📍Houston, Tx

I stole this from a shoutout page who stole it from my original account.
So I’ve decided to caption this “What Goes a Round🍑😏Comes back a Round🍑😏”

So, I guess I bought my ex (not the shitty one) a ticket to come see me this weekend two nights ago when I was blackout drunk. The next morning I was like, “wait, did that really happen?” ....And yes, yes it did.
I pick his crazy ass up tomorrow morning. Hahahaha.

This Bitch almost as heavy as my tits😏
I’m a little mixed on my feelings about winning an award from a notoriously hated tube site who promotes the pirating of mine and my friend’s original content... But I see them making an effort to bring revenue back to models and that’s more than can be said for any other tube sites.
What’s touching to me is that my fans voted for me... Every other award I’ve ever been nominated for has been decided by a panel of people who know nothing of me or my work and barely even give a shit about their BBW category.
After years of seeing other model’s go at each other and start Petty drama during award season, I decided I was over it. I stopped giving a shit about any and all of it and it’s been pretty peaceful I must say...
So to get a notification saying I won the first award of my entire career while floating down the Guadalupe river in a tube with my friends, was poetic.
Like I said, I’m mixed on how to feel... Cuz part of me’s like, “Fuck Yeah” and the other part of me wants to break it into pieces and mail them out to all these other models that so desperately need a pat on the back.
Anyways... Thanks? No, really... Thanks, you guys.
The symbolism means more than you know.
(Edit: Yes, that was a mean girls reference)

Happy #NationalCheeseburgerDay

I did a good job of keeping my name a secret from you guys for so many years but then My Sweet Kyle accidentally dropped it in a snap that was way to good not to post and dozens more after that... So I just went with it.
It’s actually been nice tho, especially because of the times when you guys opt to use it☺️💕it’s always followed by something genuine and kind.
Thanks for being so nice to me.
And Thanks to Kyle for doxing me haha.

A. I think I was saying “why don’t you say that to my mouth then!”
B. If felt like we were much closer than this, I felt like I was eating his teeth.
C. Was that as good for y’all as it was for us?
D. Tongue Cred: @williamshakesbeer

Top 10 Disney Channel Original Movies ranked by me💕
•Rip Girls
•Model Behavior
•My Date With The President’s Daughter
•Wish Upon a Star
•Smart House
•Susie Q
Honorable mentions:
•Under Wraps
•Stepsister From Planet Weird
•The Cheetah Girls
•Gotta Kick it Up
Edit: Was Life-Size considered a Disney Channel Original Movie? Cuz I didn’t hate it. (Even though it was a rip off of Mannequin.)
Second edit: Wow apparently 4 out of my top 10 aren’t even technically Disney Channel Original Movies.... Also, remember H-E-Double Hockey Sticks? Toothless? The Paper Brigade? Cuz none of those are DCOM either! Weird, huh?

Moved into my apartment at the U-N-iversity.
The only one who lives here is me. So why's the phone ring all day
long.I got no friends expect Mike and he's gone for the summer.
And I just want some peace and quiet, come to my room and
it's a telephone riot. Ring-a-ling-a-ling,
Every time I take a step, can't sleep, can't eat, can't breath, can't get.
Any of my work done, cuz people keep callin' with the same damn question.
(Hello, is Shaniqua there?)
Nah, Shaniqua moved out last year.
I think you have the wrong number, this is Little T.
(You mean Shaniqua's brother?)
Man, can't you just leave me alone,
this ain't shaniqua's house this ain't her phone.
and don't call back again, cuz if ya
do ya know the answer man. [Chorus:]
Shaniqua don't live here no mo' [3x]
(Is Shaniqua there?) Hell no
Shaniqua don't live here no mo' [3x]
(Is Shaniqua there?) Hell no

I wonder who Shaniqua is. What she does and where she lives.
If she a pothead with too many zits. A movie star with
inflatable tits. Does she take the train, or drive in a car.
Work in the office, or down at the bar. How the hell should I
know she could be Albino for all I care.
(Hello, Is Shaniqua there?)
Yea she is, but she can't talk now.
She's busy milking are purple cow. and talking to the easter bunny.
(Man you think your funny)
Shut up, beavis! I told you six times befo'. Shaniqua don't live here no mo' [Chorus]

Check my machine on Friday, there
were 22 messages. Man I can't win at this. One said:
(this is for the kid livin' with Shaniqua, you want that trick you can keep her)
Will this ever seise, so I can get some sleep.
Shaniqua moved out leave ya message at the beep. (Beep)
(I love you)
(Call me)
(Kiss Kiss)


Happy Birthday to my roommate and MAIN BITCH, Cassie❤️

She is literally the Polaroid of perfection💅🏻

It’s never too late to move to the lone star state🤷🏻‍♀️

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