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Yuniiho  You can send me DM's regarding about Yuniiho still copying other artists. 💬

Part III
@riinakuma said, the original art belongs to Kikkorii but the OC belongs to Abynbyn. So, she also copies Abynbyn's art. (Thank you for the information!)
☑️ You can send me DM's regarding about @yuniiho still copying other artists.
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✖️Part II ✖️
• Here is the "triangle" thingy on the hair or the ends of the hair that @Yuniiho copied from, Yenkoes, as I mentioned on my previous post.
• I a'm not doing this because, I hate @Yuniiho. Her art is amazing, I'm not a hater, what disappoint me is that, she copies other people's art...and I feel bad for the artists that she copies from, she gets more credited than the original one. 😕
☑️ You can send me DM's (don't comment because for some reason, I can't view them I just get notified but, some of the other comments cannot be seen.) regarding about @yuniiho still copying other artists.
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Just stating my opinion here on this one, so, before bashing me and defending your, "idol", "favorite artist", just read this post like for a minute? So, @Yuniiho recently posted a new adaptable and I noticed that they're "some" similarities with Kikkorii's art (and Yenkoes), on your left.
✖️ What she referenced:
• The ruffles of the dress
• The ears of the character
• The ends of the ruffles as you can see.
• The top of the dress
So basically, the design of the DRESS. (Also, in addition, the triangle design of Yenkoes at the ends of the hair. Picture will be shown in the next post.)
☑️ You can send me DM's regarding about @yuniiho still copying other artists. (with evidence please)
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Blocked, right away. ✌🏽️ #yuniiho

Just recently @yuniiho posted a new art of her OC, Konna hours ago as you can see on your right. On the other left, you can see Kikkorii's art that was posted months ago, July 28.
I thought you stopped @yuniiho. But, here you are still heavily referencing other people's art. Please, stop. Try to change. ✖️What she referenced:
• The anatomy/pose of both legs
• The hair
• Colors of the eyes
☑️ YOU CAN SEND ME DM's regarding about @yuniiho still copying. (with evidence please)
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