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Jocelyn  I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. ✈️🏖🌏 BOSTON 🏡 --> SAN DIEGO📍 Currently: LONDON

Contrary to popular belief, we did not flip our bikes over and knock our two front teeth out. #LastStop #WinningLondon 🇬🇧

We learned a great deal about the history of #Berlin this weekend. Also learned that the clubs do not have a closing time here 🤷‍♀️🆘👻 #KaterBlau 🇩🇪

“Anyone wanna book a one-way flight to Europe with me and figure everything else out later?” #CzechYoself #TheySaidYes 🇨🇿

Live footage of my reaction when I woke up alive after the @spartybudapest Bath Party. 🇭🇺

Amsterdam looking like an absolute snack. #GirlsGottaEat 🎂

Gotta risk it all for the Amstergram. 📸

I don’t know Lloyd, the French are assholes. 🍞🍷

If yesterday was any indication of what the rest of your lives together will be like, then you guys are in for one hell of a ride.
Congratulations to the man of the hour @aaron_huntley and to my stunningly flawless friend @lkeaney 👰 Thank you for being my ride or die. Thank you for letting me stand by your side on your special day. And thank you for not letting me burst into flames in that church. But technically, spare me. #HuntleyEverAfter #NotAgain 💕💕

Not every day the basic broad gets to be the minority. #AlbumDroppingSoon #SplashHouseSquad

Did not see fireworks or go on a boat this weekend, but still managed to be basic. #WheresTodd 🇺🇸

Go to #Nashville for @lkeaney’s bachelorette party, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. 💍🎤👮‍♂️🎷💕

If/when I ever move here, perhaps I’ll invest in appropriate hiking shoes. Love you long time, #Menver