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I just finished meditating for 10 days. It was full of deep releases and purifying insights. Gratitude is what comes to mind as I write this, gratitude for the ability to heal and grow in wisdom, gratitude for the pain that used to control my actions and the ability to let it go, gratitude for my teacher and the purity of the path, gratitude for love and the ability to come out of the cravings that create our misery, gratitude for all of the people who are actively working on releasing everything that stands in the way of their happiness and inner peace, and lastly, gratitude for humanity as a whole and its evolution into global peace. May we all continue healing ourselves and the world. May we all find and use healing techniques that challenge us without overwhelming us. May we all understand that as we grow our inner peace we expand the peace of humanity. May we all be happy and free. Sending love to all beings. If you're interested in Vipassana meditation check out πŸ™πŸ’™πŸŒŽ #yungpueblo

Love cannot cause pain; attachments cause pain. When the attachments that we create in our minds break, we feel their rupture deeply, how deeply depends on how much we identify with the image that we have created. An image or an attachment is a figure we create in our minds of our own idea of how something is, how things should be, or how we want things to be with a particular person. Ultimately, attachments are when we want things to be a certain way. When things happen contrary to these images that we hold dear in our minds we feel pain from these attachments being stretched and broken.

Attachments are not a form of true love. Unconditional love, selfless love, a love without expectations is a higher form of existence that creates no attachments or images, it is a state of profound egolessness. Expectations and judgements are attachments that the untrained mind repeatedly creates, causing more knots and burdens that impede us from happiness. The typical human mind is eclipsed by the delusion of ego, the ego separates, categorizes, and labels everything that it comes across, causing our own discontent and misunderstanding.

To live egolessly is a journey that requires much patience, it is truly a long road, but with training the mind can become more accustomed to existing without creating as many images, attachments, and generally being less inclined to making expectations and judgments. Through the releasing of these attachments the mind becomes less burdened and is able to love more freely and live more happily. This is why so many sages say, if you want to be free, if you want to be happy, one must learn to let go. The attachments we release allow space for wisdom and unconditional love to blossom and flourish. One of the best ways I know of to train the mind and release attachments is through meditation, what are some of the ways you go about releasing attachments?

I will be away at a Vipassana meditation course starting this afternoon until Sunday, July 23rd. I will not be able to post or respond to any messages until I return. Sending much love to all beings! May we all be happy and free. May we all heal ourselves and the world πŸŒŽπŸ™πŸ”₯ #yungpueblo

Sending love to all beings. May we all continue reclaiming our power. May we all heal ourselves and the world πŸ™πŸŒ± #yungpueblo

I write under the name yung pueblo for two reasons. One, because it reminds me of my birthplace Guayaquil, Ecuador and the economic roots of my family. In Guayaquil the word pueblo refers to the great mass of impoverished people. Two, yung pueblo really means young people, and that is in reference to all of humanity, humanity is very young, collectively we are still children slowly growing into young adulthood.

If you think about the things we were taught as children, to not fight or physically hurt one another, to share, to clean up after ourselves, to be kind, to be honest - some of us may be able to do these things as individuals, but as a collective humanity we have not yet mastered these skills, and these are exactly the skills we need to create a better world.

Fortunately, impermanence is the law of the universe, our childhood is coming to an end. We are growing up and coming out of our delusions. People are becoming more conscious of their inner reality, healing themselves, compassionately standing up for themselves and each others right to live, breathe, and exist. More and more of us are creating movements and solutions to build the world we wish our children and their children to live in - a world of balance, cooperation, equality, equity, empowerment, and love.

Sending love to all beings. May we all do the work that our inner peace requires. May we all grow our self love into the unconditional love that can end all harm. May we all be happy and peaceful πŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ’™πŸŒŽ #yungpueblo

This coming Wednesday afternoon I will be entering another 10-day Vipassana meditation course. I will be completely offline during the course, so I won't be able to post or respond until the morning of Sunday the 23rd. When people ask me how I heal myself or what my medicine is, I tell them that it is vipassana and my growth in dhamma. If you're interested or want more information, check out, there are meditation centers all over the world that deliver the same technique. I will be posting regularly until Wednesday. Sending love to all beings! May we all find a healing tool that challenges us, but does not overwhelm us. May we all heal ourselves and the world. May we all understand that the answers we seek are within us πŸ™πŸ’™πŸŒ± #yungpueblo

Sending love to all beings. May we all grow our self love into the unconditional love that can end all harm. May we all be peaceful and free. πŸ™πŸŒ± #yungpueblo

The intrinsic value of being does not fluctuate depending on what we have done or will later do - life itself is a precious miracle. Having our self confidence and happiness be attached to what we produced is bound to cause us misery. This is why so many wise ones have stated that it is best to work selflessly and create in a detached manner. One of the primary goals of the inward journey is to develop our happiness and inner peace to such a high state of clarity that it cannot be shaken by external forces - this is difficult to achieve, but absolutely possible, beings of immeasurable value do not have limits. Sending love to all beings. May we all understand how precious life is. May all grow in love and wisdom. May we all be happy and free. πŸ™πŸ’™ #yungpueblo

When healing and growing into our better selves, it is vital to challenge ourselves, but also not push ourselves so far that we are shocked into no longer continuing the work. Finding a balance, a middle path that we can work in between the two is essential for our future success.

We should not try to change everything at once. It is more productive to focus on a few things, because it increases our likelihood of success. Growing and healing is not about how quickly we do it, but how well we integrate the new lessons and release the old habits that no longer serve us, no matter how long it may take. Sending love to all beings. πŸ™πŸŒŽ #yungpueblo

Sending love to all beings. May we all heal ourselves and the world πŸ™πŸŒ± #yungpueblo

Having a friend or a partner who are strong enough to join you on the path of deep healing, someone who has the courage and honesty to take on the inward journey, someone who can hold space for you during times of vulnerability, someone who can ride the ups and downs of releasing old habits with you is such a great help and blessing. Humans are always stronger in groups. When we come together to heal, we attract the grace and good energy of the universe. Sending love to all beings. πŸ™πŸ’™ #yungpueblo

Sending love to all beings πŸ™πŸ’™πŸŒ± #yungpueblo

The inward movement can be summarized as follows: we observe ourselves, we accept what we find without judgment, we let it go, and the actual release causes our transformation.

One can be successful with simple observation, but greater success and transformation comes when we learn and consistently use a proven healing technique like different forms of meditation, asana practice, prayer, body movement, communion with nature, different forms of energy healing, among many other things. Whatever calms and concentrates the mind causes the purifying releases of old burdens that weigh us down.

Different techniques reach different levels of the mind, but ultimately any practice that you feel is challenging, but not overwhelming and is giving you real results is the right one for you at the moment. As we progress we many need sharper tools for deeper healing. But really, whatever is helping release our patterns of misery and increase our patterns of calmness and clarity is productive. Anything that can heal the subconscious of our mind and create space for love is powerful enough to completely change our lives.

Sending love to all beings. May we all progress in our own inward movement. May we all find and use the tools we need to grow our freedom. May we all understand that great things such as healing ourselves require continuous effort. May we all realize that internal healing is essential to global healing. May we all be happy and free. πŸ™πŸ’™πŸŒ± #yungpueblo

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