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Yuna  A different kind of modern woman. "CHAPTERS" IS OUT ON iTunes | I run a lil fashion thing called @novemberculture

LA im baaack as an engaged woman 💍💍💍 & long flight, even longer line at the immigration. Home now and my plants are alive thanks to plant-fairygodmother @ajarinahitomi 👌🏽now lets get some UDON!! #nikemy

Come and join the Tiny Forest Terrariums team! We are looking for someone who can drive (has their own transportation), hardworking, based in Klang Valley, willing to learn, friendly and loves plants! If you are a student studying close by, this will be perfect for you as we are hiring both part time and full time! so send in your resume to!
@tinyforestsj #tinyforestsj

Thank you @we.the.fest!! ❤️❤️❤️ #jakarta

It's good to be back J-town!! See ya later Jakarta friends! #wethefest2017 @we.the.fest

HOLD ON A MINUTE.. They went and made the new Calpis Strawberry 🍓!! 😍💕Well played #Calpis, well played! My day has been made this is awesome! You guys go try it this weekend alright!

It's someone's birthday tonight! Happy birthday!❤️Everyday you amaze me with your wisdom and hilariousness. Throwback to when we first met I wanted to know who you were but was but too shy to talk to you & finally one of the production guy called out your name "Oi Adam! Faster lah!!" The rest was easy peasy yunalisy. I even found this photo from the internet from the night I first saw you. 🤓
#detectiveyuna #10august

Take a stroll into our engagement ceremony last Saturday.. @rekateemor did a wonderful job turning our home into a secret garden. thank you so much for giving us the best on our special day (making our parents so happy!)❤️❤️

I admit I suck. Haters think I suck. But you suck too. We all suck. My fav thing in the world is iced latte and i used to suck straws to drink it im sorrrryyy 😭😭 Can you imagine in the U.S. 500 million straws are being used everyday! We use any of those plastic straws they end up in our oceans, polluting the water and harming sea life. If we don’t act now, by 2050 plastics in the ocean will outweigh the fish. But you can change that. Challenge your friends and followers to #STOPSUCKING by clicking the link in my profile. Together lets save the ocean and guys.. #stopsucking! #strawlessocean

Last post! Some lovely photos from my talented friend @aimanness.. Then I gotta get back to work😂 Also, in the last 3 days Ive gotten an additional 17k followers. I hope you're all kind-hearted people. Welcome to my lil IG account!
Thank you again for your doas and well wishes. I always believe that your kind words for others will come back to bless you.. Sending you all lots of love and blessings!! Blessings blessings to everybody❤️ Photos by @aimanness
Dress by @hattadolmat_
Makeup by @norianathefacedesigner

When you meet someone, that person opens up a whole new world to you.
A lil snippet of our engagement video by @zulluey @lueymotionlab
Decor by @rekateemor
Dress and Adam's baju melayu by @hattadolmatofficial
Make up by @norianathefacedesigner
Music : Bon Iver - Holoscene

More photos from my engagement:
Thank you Parents and friends. Thank you all who made this an amazing experience. Mom and dad for giving me the best. @bai_juhari for agreeing to be my maid of honor, Hatta for making this beautiful dress. We went fabric shopping together to look for periwinkle lace which is close to impossible. nobody knows what this color is, but i was determined! ("its not blue! its not purple! but its both! but not both?") Thanks Nana for the lovely makeup❤️❤️ Thanks Didi for just being a Didi.. im so blessed to have you in my life. Even when I was alone i was never alone because I have you. Lets do this!! #yunaverwalkalone

💐im gonna be posting a lot of photos from my engagement ceremony so.. sorry in advance for spamming! 😂💍
Photo by @dashdashjump

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