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Laura  way 🌹201705

i literally don't know why I took those pictures tho ✨
this jacket is not mine, lmao i stole it from my friend, thanks btw boy 🔥

Ça y est, t'es finalement partie. C'est dur de se dire ça alors qu'on a pratiquement toute notre vie ensemble. On a tout fait ensemble, alors maintenant je vais devoir me débrouiller seule, mais je t'en veux pas, loin de la. Tu mérites d'être heureuse en faisant ce que tu aimes, alors réalise tes rêves. Limite t'es ma jumelle, alors je te le dis pour une des rare fois : je t'aime fort 💛 tu vas me manquer, énormément même. Mais mes copines ont dit qu'elles allaient être la pour me soutenir, alors ça va. Ne t'inquiètes pas, papa et maman vont aller bien et moi aussi. Je prendrai soin d'eux, promis.
Je penserai à toi comme toi tu penseras à moi bien évidemment.
Mon âme-sœur, ma soeur jaune, ma tomate, mes go, le bonhomme, ma plante n8 et tous mes chers et tendres amis, me quittez pas maintenant svp ptdrrr :')

me, lost in the jungle of lava

just appreciate this weekend, i feel like i haven't experimented this kind of chill vacations w/ my lovely family since thousands and thousands years now, i'm grateful for everything that my parents have given to me and my sis, now i've learned so many things during the past few days, they allow us to have vacations so rarely, this is kind of like a treasure, they just work rlly hard everyday to give us the best education and life they can afford, that's why, thanks a lot mom and dad 💞

the first time i smile, keep it in mind
who am i smiling to? well who knows
btw, say hi to my new hair actually in process

shooting w/ the gr8 photographer @beyondxchaos ✨ was such a gr8 experience one week ago



gon miss these days sm ✨
see how pretty these girls are? 🌹
btw this weekend was such an amazing one, thanks girls 🙏

Wake me up 🌹
This sunny day was the best way for me to escape from my daily life, it was such a restful day ✨from this gas station, we were able to see the sea 🌊

I'm truely fine I guess🌷

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