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I talk to Brandon Stosuy from @thecreativeindependent about my process, why I didn't go to art school, how trolls are real, the importance of backing off social media, erotica, and why research and experimentation are necessary for creativity. I also curse a lot. Sorry dad. Also this site has the best interviews with major badasses: Bjork, Nikki Giovanni, and so much more. Honored to be alongside them. Link in bio.

Some California nostalgia for today (when is summer, London?)

To two of the most special beings in this universe. Thank you for all that you've done for me and those around you. You are the brightest stars I've ever known. I'm so glad you were born.

Missing Yemen today. Ready to forget about the war and enjoy summer and ocean.

Self, Brooklyn

Been really into tea tree toothpicks these days.

I guess I'm officially living in London now that we match


Dream woman, happy birthday. I've never known a truer, purer heart of gold like yours. Keep shining. Love you.

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