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Liara. My brilliant friend, sex worker, political organizer, and advocate for decriminalization and protection of consensual adult activity including queer and sex worker rights and safety. SEX WORK IS WORK. We must stand strong to protect sex worker’s rights and safety. (Learn more about Liara here: aboutliara.com)

Abu Dhabi, 2015.

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Now live on @NOWNESS.
The importance of geometry, nature, spiritual connectivity, style, meditation and feminine power are components of Islam that the modern media have failed to depict.

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The ultimate and most successful premiere. Thank you @tribeca and all the good folks at @nowness for making this happen in the first place. Live on NOWNESS for your viewing pleasures next month!

A time to celebrate women behind the lens.

Thanks for always making me look fly @alaa_balkhy ❤️

A man once told me that making erotic art was a Western made concept - that I wasn’t respecting my culture and history because of my interests in human sensuality.
I’ve dug up some of my favorite ancient Arabian erotic literature and made accompanying imagery to breathe new life into them.
This is not just for him. It is for every person who might not understand the importance of erotica in Arab and Muslim culture - and the influence it has had around the world. I hope it can shed some light on the histories we were told not to see.
Now live on @topicstories. Happy spring!

“The 99 Names of God” premieres April 19th at Tribeca Film Festival - all screenings are already sold out.
Massive thanks to my incredible team - none of this without your hard work and talent. Shot by @harry__wheeler, edited by @debeka, colour by @josephbicknell @cheat_it.
Big ups to @s.alaulaqi @kodak_shootfilm and @cinelablondon.
See you next week, NYC!

self portrait for @pepejeans

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